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  1. Hello, everyone. I was searching Google for some leader boards with higher scores I should attempt to beat, and I found your forum. I figured I'd drop in and give you some tips. First, you should know that the scores at Twin Galaxies are very outdated. For some reason there's not a lot of competition on this title even though it was a pretty popular game back in the day. So with a little practice, my records should be a cinch to beat. The main tip I can leave you with would be that combos are key. On the lower levels, it pays to go out of your way to get multi-virus combos, since you will probably be more focused on not losing when you get to the higher levels. Also, the game has predefined virus and pill sets. This means that if you reset the game a few times you can eventually get a set of viruses that you've seen before. (When I say a "set of viruses" I mean all the viruses in all the levels, not each individual level). Take note of the arrangement of viruses on level 0, so if you find it easy to get a good score on one virus set, you can find that set again pretty quickly (by resetting and viewing level 0 multiple times). *NOTE: A+B+Start+Select = Reset. This way you don't have to walk over to your console and press the button every time you want to reset. I would suggest that you get used to destroying viruses from the side as well as from the top. This can make combos easier to produce, and practicing making combos in general will definitely help as well. Lastly, here's the instruction manual if you want to take a look: DrMario.pdf (You can find many other manuals like this one at Vimm.net) Happy gaming everyone!
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