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  1. (Someone has to say it, this is a video game forum after all ....) 'The cake is a lie.'
  2. mckafka99


  3. I am in a similar boat as others with the VecMulti not working well in my Vectrex. I did learn that one must absolutely not format the SD card using the default functionality in Windows 10 (at least for me, it never worked). As suggested elsewhere, the formatter from sdcard.org seems to work best. For me, I can get the cart to boot into the menu, but the bulk of games either wont load (choosing one leads to a blank screen), work maybe for a few seconds before crashing to either a blank screen or some other garbled screen, load but look/behave oddly or in the case of Scramble, some games start but the ship/controlled item immediately explodes/dies so it's impossible to actually play a game. I'm hoping someone figures out a final solution so I am holding onto my cart for now. In the meantime, I have finally gotten around to starting to install my Vectrex Controller kit into the VecJoy case ( https://atariage.com/forums/topic/240542-new-vectrex-joystick-kit-for-sale/page/10/)
  4. Another 'sicko' here - I liked (and completed) Highlander as well. I will admit though, it is a different bird of a game and getting the hang of the controls, while neither ideal nor intuitive, is possible and once one does get used to them, Highlander is pretty playable.
  5. I think this is an expected 'feature'; I think the arcade version has this as well. btw - I am loving this port, great addition to the Lynx library!
  6. Hope that mini Pong makes its' way to the US eventually.
  7. I, Robot always seemed like it belonged on the Jag.
  8. Just bought into batch #5 for the Freckle Shack kit - looking forward to it.
  9. Ditto this! Got my Jag from a small Atari computer store in Denver, CO (or it might have been one of the suburbs) as soon as it became available to buy (and was able to save up the money from my job working up in Summit County at Keystone).
  10. Definitely interested in learning more of pricing and release date for these - sounds interesting!
  11. Rather than re-image my whole SD card, I just swapped out the 'uimage' file and for the brief time I have had so far, it seems to be working great!
  12. Depending on your needs/want/room/available budget (and wife,s/o, etc willingness to go along), an ultra-short throw projector is a really easy, no-fuss way to get into using a projector. I started with a lower end model and it works really well, but after seeing how well it worked even with its' limited specs, I upgraded to one of these with a cheap screen (no longer available but similar can be found) and mounted with this and love it. Only real downside for these is that they work best in a fairly dark room and/or a room where you have good control of the ambient light. After a couple of years with these, I am sold on UST projectors and am just waiting for the right time/projector/budget to upgrade to a 4k model that offers a higher lumen count. I don't know if I could ever see my self going back to fussing with the inconvenience of wrestling with and mounting flat-screens. As boxpressed pointed out, Projector Central is a great resource.
  13. Got my daughter a Samsung Odyssey+ headset for Christmas and get almost all games through Steam. Have been loving a number of different types of VR experiences. Have had no issues with controller tracking or losing connection. The 'Wow!' factor is certainly there for us with a # of games like 'SkyrimVR', 'The Talos Principle', 'Torn', and 'Minecraft'. More 'light hearted' games like 'Fruit Ninja VR', 'The Lab' and 'Badminton Kings VR' are also a lot of fun. On the educational side, things like 'Apollo 11 VR HD', 'Titanic VR' and almost any of the array of other 'Space-Oriented' titles are very entertaining. 'Bigscreen' is definitely very cool and if you have a Blu-Ray player capable of playing 3-D movies in (or attached to your pc/laptop), and care to go through the, yes-somewhat-annoying-cumbersome, process of setting up the necessary components, the 3-D movie experience in a VR head set from a Blu Ray disk is light years beyond watching a 3-D movie in the theater. Definitely a lot of fun to be had in VR!
  14. Interested to know more about this when it becomes available. Are there still any plans for a Nomad screen replacement?
  15. I am happy with the update. It eliminates that 'drift' feature and for me, makes the play-ability much, much better.
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