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  1. What type of controller mode are you using the VCS joystick in Windows? I have it as a Bluetooth Gamepad (even though I have it plugged in via USB) and I’ve found it works really well in the latest version of Stella and (with some config adjustments) works great for Bally Astrocade emulation in Retroarch/Mame. The only thing a bit weird about how the joystick appears in Windows in this mode is that the built in paddle presents as a ‘Dial’ that ‘wraps around’.
  2. Have you tried this update to StellaDS? I like it quite a bit on the 3DS XL.
  3. Very interested! Just signed up on waitlist.
  4. Quick thanks @mytek for the pics of the monitor output for the converter. I have had that exact Sony monitor for a long time and always kept it around past its’ original use becuase I always liked it and thought it was a nice display (it came with a Sony computer package a long time ago which i still have but sits in the attic). I’ve tried a few different solutions for getting my 800xl to various monitors/screens but never wholly satisfied with any of them. Just grabbed that converter box off Amazon and hope to have the same experience you’ve shown.
  5. Looks great! Went over to Songbird and created an account to be ready for when this becomes available and just had to grab a few things during the wait. Will there be a JagGD locked rom available as well for those whose purchase the cart? Just curious.
  6. IMHO, Turtles and Killer Bees are cream of the crop for the O2. The Voice module does add a bit of something to both.
  7. mckafka99


    Songbird Productions recently announced availability through their site:
  8. Depending on your needs, the GPD version 1 could fit the bill. Keep an eye on eBay. For my needs, GPD1 is sufficient and I picked one up for $300 a little over a year ago. If you havent already seen the site, https://liliputing.com/ is a good place to keep tabs on 'mini-computing' devices in general.
  9. After mustering the patience to grow used to the controls (which admittedly took some effort), I really liked Highlander.
  10. Any estimate what the cost might be to send in a controller to have it modded?
  11. Is this in reference to things like 'Toy Shock Taiyo 12-in-1' and was this a hint that you know of similar items yet to be announced?
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