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  1. Depending on your needs, the GPD version 1 could fit the bill. Keep an eye on eBay. For my needs, GPD1 is sufficient and I picked one up for $300 a little over a year ago. If you havent already seen the site, https://liliputing.com/ is a good place to keep tabs on 'mini-computing' devices in general.
  2. After mustering the patience to grow used to the controls (which admittedly took some effort), I really liked Highlander.
  3. Grab yourself a pair of these; they work awesome!
  4. Any estimate what the cost might be to send in a controller to have it modded?
  5. Is this in reference to things like 'Toy Shock Taiyo 12-in-1' and was this a hint that you know of similar items yet to be announced?
  6. Looks awesome! Count me in on any waiting list.
  7. Looks awesome! $$$ burning hole in pocket, 10th cant come soon enough!
  8. Just wanted to chime in as another in the U.S (Scarborough, ME) who has received the cart. This thing rocks!
  9. Just got email confirmation, guess I was #28.
  10. It never ceases to amaze me that many of the rare games and many well known Pinball machines that frequently get mentioned at Atari Age (such as 'I, Robot', 'Spiders'), we got to play at, of all places, the Pittsfield, Maine Bowling Center (the 'Bowling Alley', as we referred to it, which is long since gone). We were quite lucky. Between that place and the LaVerdiere's drug store chain that had arcades in them, for a small town in central Maine, we really saw a great deal of the 'Golden Age' of arcades and machines.
  11. The original PSP sleeve works well for the Flashback Portable.
  12. (Someone has to say it, this is a video game forum after all ....) 'The cake is a lie.'
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