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  1. My choice has to go to the new prince of Persia. I only played the second one all the way through, but it was awesome.
  2. How about just not complaining about the store. Then we can all concentrate on ways of destroying the monster called "Gamestop". They are almost as bad as Starbucks. And they both need to be eradicated from this gamer world quickly and efficiently. No Questions. No mercy. No survivors.
  3. I want to hear Jack Nicholson, Morgan freeman, and Alex Baldwin in one video game. Epic Voice actors, semi good game=*angelic music*
  4. I prefer the controller setup for PS2 and Xbox, but the PS2 was better with the precise movements that I wanted while the xbox was better with the fast response. PS2 handled the fighting games like Guilty Gear better than xbox, and xbox handled the first person shooters better.
  5. If he changes to a rock now at that size.....GOOD GOD.
  6. Agrees with oblivion lovers. But the game(s) I await are Starcraft 2 and KillZone 2. Which one is first is the real question?(for me at least)
  7. DOOM tennis. The suffering: collectible card game. Fatal frame: The playboy mansion. Trauma Center: Silent hill edition. Conker's Relatively uneventful day. Call of Duty: The Battle of 1812. Hot Shot Insurance salesman. Hello kitty:Apocalypse Now. Full metal Jacket: Barny edition(directors cut) GTA 4597: stranded on a island because GTA has already been every where else. 2nd edition.
  8. I don't own one, but I did have to wait on one to update so we could play COD4......almost wish for the old days of regular Nintendo. If the game doesn't work...eject, blow out the imaginary dust, Hold reset 20-30 seconds, insert game, hope for the next gen of games to be faster.
  9. More Zeppelin, Boston, Queen, Van Hallen and Van Hagar, classic blacksabbath, and more classic Metallica. Would also love some more modern Rock/metal too, like KorN, System of a down, Godsmack, Tenacious D. Would like to see how they would do Rammstein.
  10. Well I can tell that everyone here beats me in game collection. T.T (weeps as he looks at his simple collection of PlayStation games that even the twelve disciples couldn't heal.) 'in reference to gamestop' All these thing have happened to me, And the fact that they keep them in a drawer in thin paper sleeves. Do you know what happens when you leave CD's sleeved like that for a while. If any amount of dust reaches the interior of the sleeve, it will gather with other dust particles and unite to destroy the disc. 'random gamestop employee' "Well it is there to save space" FUCK THAT!!!! If you wanted what is best for the gamer, you would A. keep them in there original case or if the original case was damaged, replace it with a case that didn't hold one of those free AOL trial disc. B. Keep it in a normal CD case. When a local wal*mart has better game handling expertise than you, it is in the best interest for the human race that you... 1.Quit your job. 2.Go home. 3.find a near by medical university. 4.Donate your body to science. 5.walk out of the university, and if a fucking meteor hasn't hit you yet, go play in traffic for a bit. (this is only a suggestion, you don't have to play in traffic. You can stick a penny in a light socket, or drink from the pretty bottles under the sink.)
  11. me thinks that this was the answer to the question "what happens if i point the pokeball at myself and AARRGGGAAHHHH..'click'......" Someone else took the murder weapon and found what they suspected to be an unlucky pokemon.
  12. This is my first post so work with me here. It is probably possible through a download that sony is A. Already working on or B. is out on the market now. Through the system itself, it is very possible. I don't have the knowledge to help you there though.
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