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  1. I find that to be the case as well, with mine I use older TV's the kind with the VHF/UHF dials, since they have a tuning ring you can almost always bring in a clear picture, then again I use older TV's to make me feel like I am stepping back in time to a simpler era
  2. What channel do you have the Atari set to on the rear of it? 2 or 3? What throws things off on more modern game systems that came after it such as the NES, the channel setting became 3 or 4 instead of 2 or 3
  3. Are you using a TV that has an autoprogram function? Because often if you do that with a game in and the unit powered up with a game insertrd, it gets a positive lock on the system, re-capping should often times be last resort until all other avenues have been exhausted, I can't count how many systems I've had that a simple autoprogramming run has resolved. I even have 2 complete restoration threads on here from several years ago that turned out perfect
  4. Exact replacement for the cable https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-OEM-Atari-2600-RF-Video-Cable-Tested-Cleaned/383498024287?hash=item594a43755f:g:KeUAAOSwJ4xekK~-
  5. Well the jury-rigging usually ends up being the problem more often than not, I'd be glad to direct you to a suitable Atari branded RF cable you can get as a drop-in replacement. Then if you are using a TV with an Autoprogram capability it should pick up the signal of the powered up 2600 with a game in
  6. I forget his name I may have it somewhere on here, but a guy posted pictures of a spot on Atari Kiosk reproduction which he was considering the idea of mass producing and selling, if I can find the thread I'll link it here but it was the closest reproduction I've ever seen attempted
  7. Personally I prefer to just replace the PCB's, it's a much better alternative to trying to not only replacing the contact domes but also having to replace the clear adhesive overlay which is a chore to do as well and involves much more time in getting everything placed right so the domes are correctly placed and do not move from their proper positions
  8. Always ALWAYS troubleshoot the ORIGINAL issue before attempting any kind of modification, see if it is narrowed down to a simple hardware issue that could EASILY be fixed before resorting to an otherwise unneeded modification.
  9. I have 2 pairs of brand new CX-40's complete with the orange trim intact that I built myself using parts that I got a few years back that had previusly untapped screw holes.
  10. To me Seaquest is nothing more than Megamania underwater
  11. When you turn your Atari on the games look exactly like THIS correct? This is how they displayed when I set my Stella emulator to PAL, and as an added FYI Atari 2600 cartridges pre-date region coding, the region coding thing only applies to DVDs:
  12. I just checked the ROMS in my computer of those 3 games against your descriptions of the colors by setting the emulator to PAL for those 3 games, and that confirmed my suspicions. You have 3 PAL cartridges, that's why the colors are off
  13. Well post the 3 cartridges and I'll check the labels against the 3 I have, I have the same titles but the other text on the labels may be different between the NTSC and PAL releases
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