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  1. just wondering how much they are charging to do the lcd mod
  2. Looking for a skunk board for atari jaguar anyone knows where I can get one
  3. Yes I'm looking to get a manual and box for my Megaman 8 CD for my Saturn if anyone can help me I would appreciate it
  4. i want a wonderwitch so bad i wanted to play some more wonderswan games but dont got the cash for it
  5. need a working atari xe

  6. need a working atari xe

  7. Atari 7800 wont play 2600 games Its plays 7800 great but when I put 2600 games in I great a black screen or color lines and no matter how many times I blow in them still same result
  8. I have a four port 5200 the first porthas a broken pin so the controller wont work unless a put a ghetto ridge pin in there I was wondering if possible to switch the whole port out of a broken one or somehow get a pin to stay in there
  9. yea apparently the gun was broken i just brought the gun made by best electronics it works great
  10. i got that xe light gun but it wont work I opened it up and it looks there should be another wire soldered to the trigger box but i don't see a broken wire does anyone have a picture of a opened xe light gun or specs for it so I can try to fix it
  11. nevermind i fixed it
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