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  1. Thanks for sharing. I wasn't aware the source had been released. Was it part of a JS2 extremist pack? Interesting to see the grenade launcher text, judging by the alpha it would have been an alt-fire for the Pulse Rifle. I wonder if it was ever implemented in one of the unreleased builds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=102&v=47uPhE3c0zM
  2. A definite shame. I think Beej or Ken Rose mentioned a code - a sequence of button presses that could be entered in-game - to play all the FMV; but it's not certain which build it was in. (or if the code actually existed... Foggy memories and all that.)
  3. You can unlock "Smells Like Teen Spirit"? Christ I didn't know that!
  4. Having not played the game in 20 odd years it was nice to see it again, especially now that I can appreciate the inclusion of the psychoactive mushrooms.
  5. Did you own the TRF prototypes and other assets? If so, have you sold those too?
  6. Downfall is fun and addictive; two qualities missing from most games in the Jag's library. As for the backstory, I hear it's being adapted into a film. It should be better than the proposed Tetris movie - which will no doubt focus on 3D effects over narrative - but let's just wait and see.
  7. I voted "Yes". Next up, Should polls be banned for at least a month?
  8. From memory, I'd have to say Highlander and Blue Lightening. I mean I remember Highlander still being hard even using the cheat that gave you a rubber chicken as a weapon.
  9. This pops up occasionally. There's a pretty good guide here. Between them the documents have pretty much all the known content - there's rumoured to be a video unlock code, but this has never been found or confirmed - but it's possible things have been missed. EDIT: I'm still looking forward to the documentary about it, Stillborn (?).
  10. Excellent work,really it's spamtastic.
  11. Wait. There are still newsagents? We have shops that sell booze to the 'unfortunate' but I didn't realise they still sold magazines (excluding ones with "Wives" in the title) and newspapers . Secondly, some of these poor newsagents stock Retro Gamer? F*** me! Maybe that explains the booze part...
  12. Don't be silly Chris, makeup is okay. It's the hair you need to watch out for. 1980's Debbie Harry = Fine. Bon Jovi in leopard skin != Fine. I think this thread is tied with the Jag vs N64 one for usefulness now at least. Oh how I've missed this place.
  13. My post was supposed to be a joke but yours is, unintentionally, a lot funnier. I'm glad this forum dedicated to an old console released 20 years ago has at least one REAL MANTM. The population is safe, for the time being at least... I stand by my original point, i.e., it's hard to sleep with a somebody who looks like they might be a member of Mötley Crüe.
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