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  1. That's probably the best way to do it. I appreciate the advice I've been trying to find something to cover the cartridge slot when I'm not playing the console
  2. How do you clean the Jag's cartridge slot or the connector pins in the cartridge slot?
  3. Sounds like the Connector pins either in the games or the console are corroded or bent. You buy something form someone else over the internet there's always the chance you'll get something that hasn't been properly cared for
  4. The only other thing I can think of that maybe causing my problems is I have a pet cat who loves getting up on my equipment
  5. All used games/consoles I've ever gotten off of ebay have come to me soiled & layered with years of dirt, grime, food, oils, dust bunnies, soot, tar, candy, sticky spilled soda pop and grease. Tell me about it. You can find a few honest people who don't sell you the junk they've kept in their garages for 20 years, but most of the time you're buying consoles and games that have a bad case of the Gremlins. Best way I found to root out the good from the bad is to look at the condition the labels on the games are in any labal that is really well worn is usually the sign of a badly cared for game
  6. snakes3425


    I have two games that have been giving me no end of trouble Raiden: Console won't power on, or will power on and give the Red Screen, sound at times glitches and tonight the graphics glitched and the Jag pulled an NES by giving a blinking power light Club Drive: Game glitches and crashes, gives the red screen on start up or automatically resets My other two games: Wolfenstein 3D and Tempest 2000 work perfectally I wonder is it to take the Jag in for repairs or track down new copies of Raiden and Club Drive or just get a new console (PS: I bought my Jaguar off a friend, who got it off of Ebay)
  7. One thing to remember is that if it wasn't for the VCS/2600 laying the foundations, our modern consoles wouldn't even exist
  8. Sorry but your list is really messed up, i think you should include the Jaguar if you get the 3DO sega cd and 32X on that list. I love the Jaguar , but i love it for what it was , not for what it could have been ( if you get what i mean ) 32X , for its really limited library had a lot of very good titles add to that the fact that it s an ill fated add on that lived for just little more than a year. But the good games / bad games ratio is actually better than the Jaguar , i don't think you should put on the list while avoiding listing the jaguar. Sega CD has a lot of great games , and in my opinion ( and not only mine ) more than the Jaguar . If only for the real gems like Lunar SS and EB , PM , Vay , Snatcher , Final Fight CD , Sonic CD ( and there are a lot more ) and Heart of the Alien. Its only problem is that it has a bad ratio of good bad games , since seems strange but a lot of games were made for it , too bad a large part of those are just souped up md ports or fmv movie games. I can list you all the very very good games if you need me to . 3DO is a console you can't bash if you love the jaguar;) . Now that all is said and done , lets put away our weapons and discuss the jag vs 3DO debate without any bloodshed. Let s face it , 3DO has a LOT of great games if you consider most of the Jaguar games good. It has almost all the games jaguar has coming from the Amiga/PC scene , like Cannon Fodder , Flashback oh..and Out Of This world ( and its a pleasure to play , not like the crappy snes version ) and some more ( its missing Rayman and Nba Jam mostly ) It has a damn solid driving game , which was ahead of anything out there at the time , that is Need for Speed. It has Lufia , at least one jrpg , a genre that is really non existant on the Jaguar ( and i miss very much ) . It has Gex , which if you consider Bubsy decent , you can't say it sucks , it loses any comparation to Rayman however , the armless guy from Ubisoft is just bigger badder better. The 3DO has 2 almost spot on arcade beat em ups ports , one of which remained exclusive to it for like 3 years ( SSF2T/X). And i can go on and list a whole lot of great games on it , you can't really put the 3DO in and leave the Jaguar out , or else you re love blind. I am just replying about that list , i m not saying Jaguar sucks or anything like that. I actually enjoy my new Jaguar collection , i spent almost a year getting most of the commercially released games CIB and i take great pride in owning the cat:D, but let s be honest , you can't bash those 3 above mentioned consoles and leave the jaguar a bunch of roses. It just isn't fair. My complaints about the Sega CD, CDi and 3DO happen to be their game libraries. With the exception of the games you mentioned, I hate the fact that Sega, Phillips,and the 3DO Corrporation flooded their consoles game libraries with Z-Grade FMV based games, that were little more then glorified quick time events. Also I feel that if the Sega CD and 32X had been stand alone consoles, and not add ons, they could've done better. But keep in mind it's just my opinon
  9. As for the Jaguar being the worst console ever made I can think of a few consoles right off the top of my head that are far more deserving of that title. 1. Phillips CD-i 2. Apple Pippin 3. Game.com 4. R-Zone 5. Virtual Boy 6. Gizmondo 7. 32X 8. Sega CD 9. 3DO
  10. Of all the consoles I own, I have to say the Atari VCS/2600 is probably the greatest console ever made, not because of it's game library, or even it's legacy, but because of it's life span: 14 years on the market, a feat which has yet to be equaled. when you think about it people were still buying Atari 2600s and 2600 games at the height of the NES fad, and when the SNES and Sega Genesis were starting to capture the eyes of consumers. Not bad for a console that began it's life in the 1970s
  11. While this is just my opinon here's a list of why I think the Jaguar ultimatly failed 1. The Advertising Campaign was a joke, it was essentually nothing more then grandstanding, with all effort focusing more on the graphics and processors then the actual games 2. Sam Tramiel's bragging, with little to back his claims up, he was relying more on brand loyalty, because of the 2600's legacy. 3. The Jaguar was released too early, the release date should've been delayed a year or two at the least in order to perfect the Jaguar's hardware, as well as perfecting the Jaguar CD's hardware as well. 4. The Jaguar should've been a CD Based Console from the beginning, in the market it was entering into the Jaguar would be facing off with two very powerful CD based Game Systems: The Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation I.
  12. Mine is as follows Jaguar, Two Controllers, Multitab, A/V Cables, AC Adaptor Games Raiden Wolfenstien 3d Tempest 2000 Club Drive Games I'm after Double Dragon V Kasumi Ninja Iron Soldier I and II Alien vs. Preditor Doom Cybermorph Attack of the Mutant Penguins White Men Can't Jump (I already have a copy but it's defective) Jaguar Accessories Six Button Controller
  13. Some of the things I would have done. 1. Fire Sam Tramiel 2. Delay the release of the Jaguar for at least a year until the technology is perfected and a decent launch library is ready, including a Killer App title. 3. Remove the Keypad from the Controller 4. Launch the Jaguar with a six button controller 5. Make sure Game Programmers are taking full advantage of the Jaguar's capabilities 6. Make the Jaguar a CD based console right from the start as opposed to a cartridge based console that requires a CD-Add on (Sega tried the same thing with the Sega CD, and we all know the result of that) 7. Better Advertising
  14. - what does this mean?, good joke there-very funny. To me it means that you think the system and games suck badly. You write what you write dude - stand up and be a man and defend what you wrote. - to me this means if you have a Jaguar and a TV set and you try to play videogames you will soon need a new TV set.....because... you will want to smash your TV set into oblivion by putting your foot through it along with stomping on the Jag because it's so bad. What else could it mean? -The Cave Video explains why the Jaguar and Atari and this infommercial clip sucks and is thus why the Jaguar and Atari failed failed failed miserably. Is this not what you mean by "explains a lot?" Not trying to be a dick here dude really, I'm only going by what you said there, and then here as they are conflicting and I am missing the punchline to your jokes. Do you actually play your Jaguar, truthfully, or is it just part of your collection of obscure and old video game stuff? Everybody is entitled to their OWN opinion and none is better than the other but be consistent, if you like the Jaguar don't try to appease kids over at Utube by bagging on the system also, in order to fit in and not be made fun of because you like old-skool Atari. when I said "explains a lot" yes I was referring to Atari's Advertising campaign for the Jaguar, and when I say "Bad Console" I feel Atari shipped the console before it was ready, in hopes of getting the jump on Sega, Nintendo and Sony, had they taken a few extra months to perfect the Jaguar's technology, and had taken the time to create more games like Tempest 2000, Doom, Wolfenstien 3D, and Iron Soldier, or games that took full advantage of the Jag's capabilities, then the Jaguar could have been a major success. Yes I do play my Jaguar, right now my Jaguar Collection is only 4 games: Tempest 2000, Wolfenstien 3D, Raiden, and Club Drive, I have a copy of white men can't jump, but it's not working (Red Screen of Death) also when I made these comments my Jaguar was giving me no end of problems, I don't know if anyone else has experenced this but my console actually switched itself off while I was playing a game, and a few times it wouldn't even turn on.
  15. The Jaguar isn't a bad console, it was Atari's bad buisness decisions that did it in. One thing I agree with the Nerd on though is that the Jaguar CD should have been it's own individual system, especally if it needed it's own AC Adaptor and cables
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