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  1. McCallister: River Raid, one life to live addition: 43,580
  2. Great write up, as always! I, too, found it very informative, especially about where to purchase good cables. Will have to check them out. In response to Thomas, I've tried those ferrite beads and they provided no active benefit to my Atari's signal. Others around the forum have tried them and liked them, so it might be a case by case basis. With RF, I have had greater success switching out the cable, even if it's for another Atari cable (sometimes they just go bad). For a fun experiment, try out Sheep It Up! on an RF system vs an s-video modded one. I don't know what tricks the programmer used, but the picture over RF shows more detail!
  3. Didn't know there was one there, but I'm still hunting in Boulder Dash.
  4. I actually like real early in the morning time, too, but, weekends usually provide a few more opportunities. 33,460
  5. Right, right, that was my plan, too, just that pesky part about improving my score is holding me back. I kinda wish you were, too.
  6. I have not voted or listed anything, yet, but I cannot imagine anyone even considering for a second of placing Doggone It! as their worst game. It is a fantastic and original game, with all the details sticking tightly to the central premise: deliver packages in the least amount of time. Much care and attention to detail went into making this fun gem and it shows. I am glad that you allowed it to be played here and that Vocelli picked it for the High Score Club, otherwise, I (and I assume others) would not have known about it. Thank you, I had a blast playing Doggone It!
  7. Just a taste of what's to come, humble moderator: 13,960
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