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  1. I've found that shooting ahead helps this problem. Don't go for bacteria at the bottom; aim for the one that you know will hide in that crevice. Then, come back and shoot the one on the bottom.
  2. When I tried it with a two button controller plugged in, the ship is constantly thrusting. If I push and hold that button, then the rest of the controls work as they normally would with a regular joystick. Also noticed this happens with a couple other homebrews that I can't remember right now.
  3. Better late than never, maybe? Seaweed Assault: 29,669
  4. Good morning! Fun game! I continuously get distracted by the backgrounds and the obstacles, they are quite visually impressive. One question: do we post pictures here to earn the patch?
  5. D'oh! I would have lost that bet, then. I like the good ol CX-40 myself. Will have to try and see if I can get that message up with one as well.
  6. I'd bet that Save2600 has a two button controller plugged in. I just tried it out on my own and it gives the quadtari connected screen every time. When you hit the second button on the controller, it resets or reloads the game. Weird things happen with two button controllers on a few other homebrews, most notably Thrust! Also tried using an Atari with two controller one ports to see if I could get two player going with the Vox, but it did not work. It did let me controller both characters with one controller and the Vox, though, so that is fun. I imagine the same could be done with a y-splitter, too.
  7. Fun looking and sounding game; saw it on the live stream.
  8. Cool stuff! I did not know about those newsletters, but knew there was a club, based on an old shipping box I own.
  9. I know I saw it playing in one of the videos; perhaps the Zeropage home-brew livestream? I think that one is on youtube now.
  10. 39,520 Yeah, the shield controls are too slippery, but like others have said, the game would be too easy otherwise.
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