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    Not sure myself, but you are probably correct. I do know that at least one light gun works as a passthrough with the Quadtari. At any rate, Quadtari is definitely worth picking up right now with the games that already make use of it.
  2. McCallister


    Just to have an 8 player game would be interesting, but might be an excellent fit for convention tournaments. Even more niche: four player shooting gallery with light guns.
  3. I had this same problem with this game and a couple of others and was also running v1.06. Every other game worked just fine. The solution turned out to be reflashing the bios. Once I did that, this game and all the others worked great with no issues.
  4. I would try it with Wizard of Wor or GORF if you want to hear the AtariVox in all it's glory. If you want to test out the Quadtari and you are playing solo, try out Robotwar with two joysticks.
  5. Interesting project. I just tried it out with a light gun and crt and was able to move the square around the tv, depending on where I was aiming the light gun.
  6. Are there any games that have three players and voices? That would be exciting.
  7. Great idea for a topic, as I have often wondered about this, too. In about a decade of casually looking around, I've only ever seen one homebrew in the wild. At a local game-cd-record store a year and a half ago, I came across a copy of Another Adventure with it's box. I figured it must have come in with someone's collection, as it was sitting in a box with several other boxed games and about 50 loose games. Interestingly enough, given the amount of items with it, that was the only homebrew, as though the original owner just bought that one and was done. The only downside was no instructions, even though there was a huge stack of others.
  8. Yes, there was a huge part of my brain screaming that this answer was too obvious, but I just couldn't let it go. Thanks for letting me know early; I think that will give me a couple more trips to the plate!
  9. "Historical Documentary"* I shall take another stab at it and go with the Oregon Trail.
  10. Sweet room of dials! I can't stop looking. My favorite is the one above pacman, I like how it’s built into the wall.
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