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  1. True about posting throughout the week being more fun, but not knowing what the other person is scoring is it’s own sort of enjoyment. Looking forward to next season!
  2. No time like the present to get some scores in. Asteroids: 26,840 Smurf: 32200 Should have something soon for Stratovox.
  3. Galaxian: 35610 skiing: 1:16:70 super breakout: 1003 + 1264 = 1267
  4. Super Breakout Game 5: 1905 Super Breakout Game 7: 1945
  5. Oh, no, sorry for the confusion. I saw the picture you posted and it said "Press fire" instead of "Game Over" so I assumed you had taken a picture mid game and would keep going with that same game. Great score, by the way!
  6. Ummm, how much higher does this one go? Asking for a friend…
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