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  1. This program looks like it's shaping up to be quite the event! Looking forward to it. I had a couple questions about the auction items: will they be auctioned off live over the Twitch stream like pbs telethon? Will the items be up in intervals throughout the show? If so, how do we place a bid?
  2. Yes, these were made by a third party bitd. Forgetting the name right now, but they sometimes pop up on eBay.
  3. Glad this can be found! For awhile, I thought it could be impossible
  4. Wow, I didn't even know this game had one. That's great! Enjoy this game a great deal, usually over the holidays when there's someone to compete against. Much friendly smack talk is shared, centered around "bee" puns.
  5. 394,714 Merry Christmas! Thanks to those that created and worked on this wonderful game!
  6. 389,644 Since there is no pausing during tournament play, rescue a character and you can rest between rounds. Make a sandwich, grab a beer, get some sleep, there is no time limit on how long you can hang with the reindeer, etc.
  7. 93954 Great game all year, just about perfect right now. I recommend playing with the music on.
  8. 3973 Cruising along, lost focus, crash and burn.
  9. That looks like the variation that was just talked about in the 2600 forum a few weeks ago. Apparently, there are a number of differences on the inside, such as seeing more of the wizard, if I remember correctly. edit: Here is the topic: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283819-early-revision-catalog-wpac-man-other-differences/?do=findComment&comment=4130395
  10. Interesting. Thanks for the answer. I asked because I have had this happen with a couple of third party controllers from back in the day. Push a button, a static pattern appears. Thought it might be somewhat useful info to know it has happened with original equipment, albeit 3rd party.
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