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  1. FYI, for those disinclined to click on the link. Manuals for Breakout 2000, Rayman, and World Tour Racing are in this lot.
  2. Although I haven't signed into AA in ages, I have been reading the forums regularly. I'm signing back on because I'm looking to unload some stuff. All items should be considered in fair, working, condition unless noted. This means scuffed discs, sticker residue on the cases, etc. Prices do not include shipping. US customers only. Payment via PayPal. If you'd like to ask a question about a particular item, make an offer, or getting a shipping quote, please send a PM. 3DO ProPad $15 DVD Mad Men Season 4 SEALED $7 Miami Vice Season 1 $2 Miami Vice Season 2 $2 Natural Born Killers Director's Cut SEALED $5 Intellivision BurgerTime $6 Checkers $3 Chess $3 Dungeons and Dragons Treasure of Tarmin $6 Microsurgeon $6 NBA Basketball $3 Skiing $3 Space Spartans SEALED $9 Tennis $3 Neo-Geo AES Super Famicom Style Controller $24 Nintendo DS Feel the Magic SEALED $8 Nintendo GameCube Animal Crossing w/case $31 NCAA Football 2003 w/case and Manual $5 Rainbow Six 3 w/case and manual $5 Spartan Total Warrior $6 Nintendo Wii Animal Crossing City Folk w/case and manual $25 Brothers in Arms: Double Time w/case and manual $5 Ghost Squad $4 Sega Genesis Rolling Thunder 2 $30 Two Crude Dudes $18 Sega Saturn retro-bit AV Cable $5 Sony PlayStation Assault Rigs $5 Gran Turismo FREE Nightmare Creatures $8 Nyko Classic Trackball $36 PSOne Power Supply $6 Shipwreckers $5 Street Fighter Alpha 3 $10 Tomb Raider 2 $5 Tunnel B1 $5 Sony PlayStation 2 Grand Theft Auto III w/case and manual $5 Zone of the Enders complete with demo disc $8 Sony PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection SEALED $25
  3. Still got some TG-16 and Xbox stuff for sale.
  4. is listening to Paper Lace

    1. Tempest


      Wow, I never thought I'd hear another person say that. The Night Chicago Died just came up on my ipod the other day.

    2. doomwaves


      YEA!! Used to listen to Paper lace on cassette when I was a kid.. Classic Stuff.

  5. Some sealed CDI and Xbox games up for sale along with a War of the North Snow Troll Figurine.
  6. As you can see, I have quite a few PS2 and Xbox demo discs available.
  7. I still have a few Jag games for sale: eBay Seller: pce_collector
  8. If you like puzzles games, try PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient. It's listed for 99 cents at GameStop.
  9. You're lucky. All I ever seem to find is loose and filthy games at my local fleas and thrifts. Except, of course, those countless boxed copies of Madden and Tiger Woods. Yes, those are the ones they saved the cases for.
  10. I don't play much these days, but this is one I might rent.
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