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  1. When you see this lets do business

  2. As far as I know, it always came with a box. Perhaps 3DO Direct sold it without a box at one point, but I have never heard of the Game Guru being offered without the outer box/sleeve. BTW, this only refers to the US version. The EU release may have been released as a standalone double jewel case without a box.
  3. Here Comes the Judge

    1. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Glad baseball is back. Not sure how much longer it will be though. We'll see. Maybe they will close down a few teams like MLS did.

  4. Funkos or Funyuns?

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    2. adam242
    3. joeatari1


      Funyuns for me.

      Funkos for the wife.

    4. thanatos


      Funyuns.  And years ago they had a Wasabi flavor that was amazing.


      I don't get the walls and shelves of pudgy plastic characters in boxes.

  5. I have loose copies of Iron Soldier and Wolfenstein 3D if you're interested.
  6. I said no, mainly because it looks like the majority of the Xbox next-gen titles won't be released until late 2021 and beyond. There looks to be little or nothing notable to be released in the near-term except for Halo: Grappling Hook Edition and Dragon Quest SSX and you can play those on the current hardware.
  7. Many of the box protector vendors offer oddball sizes like this Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure box protector: https://www.retroprotection.com/Zelda-Four-Swords-Gamecube-Box-Protector-1-NTSC-ONLY-211.htm Limited Run Games also has a number of box protectors: https://limitedrungames.com/products/collectors-edition-protective-case There's likely a custom protector for another title that's close enough in size to fit WMCJ.
  8. My PC is a potato, so I'm looking toward the supposed Xbox One release.
  9. I've been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk because I can pick up and play for short bursts collecting fossils, reorganizing my furniture, and other relaxing stuff. And I can stop or pause while I tend to other garbage in my life without issue unlike the online games my friends and family often play. The GameCube version of AC might be more up your alley since it's technically older and it has retro NES games in the game.
  10. FYI, for those disinclined to click on the link. Manuals for Breakout 2000, Rayman, and World Tour Racing are in this lot.
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