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  1. This is just the rendering of OpenSCAD. The colours will be chosen later.
  2. I'm doing some thinking/exploring about options for an eventual cartridge release. One of those is to tag onto the tails of the amazing PlusCart, and implement a "self-updating" binary. That is, allow me (or you) to post-production connect to the "bitChess" online repository and update your cart with a bugfix/new release. Or new speech, new behaviour, whatever. That's one possibility; let's see what happens. Another option is to go for a plain-vanilla cartridge. In that case I'd be looking to see what the cheapest (production-wise) cartridge would be possible for the 3E+ bankswitch scheme, so that I could make the game as cheap as possible, too. I'm scouting around to get some idea of prices for this option. Anyway, all this is to just avoid doing any programming. I've not abandoned the idea of a 3D-printed box (at least for a few made-by-me copies). I have pretty much abandoned trying to embed fine-detail as in the chess pieces worked on earlier. But I can still do fonts. Here are a selection of ones that have caught my eye - rendered by openScad in the available box margin area, and then screen-captured... Let me know which, if any, you like...
  3. Often if there's enough interest, then sharing your code can be beneficial. Others can jump onboard and fix/improve/extend. This is the sort of aplication where the hard part has already been tackled (making a start), and your code could inspire others to add more functionality. Anyway, I'm a big believer in open source and code sharing/collaboration. Something for you to think about. Usually I just plonk my stuff on github - highly recommended - and then tell people where it is, and it goes from there. Of course, some people are very protective and precious about their code - and that's perfectly OK, too.
  4. Might be worth writing a cross-platform version. Python, maybe.
  5. Very clean. Good job. Maybe you could have a good underground creature that you are NOT supposed to tap, which could speedup the mole activity if you get it (everything underground gets more frantic?). Also, what happens if/when you hit on a hole without a mole? A bit activision-like in the graphics - I'm impressed
  6. I'd love to be able to use this, as I am putting a lot of speech into my game. I don't have access to Windows, alas!
  7. Much as I have enjoyed the design/building of a box with a 3D printed chessboard on the front, it's proving way too time-consuming and complex to continue with the graphics part of it. That is; a 3D printed box that folds out is pretty straightforward. But embedding a multi-coloured chessboard and artwork into the surface is just not productive enough to be viable. Each box I've made comes out with significant errors and takes most of a day to print. I'm going to be far better off just printing the box proper in a single-colour, and pasting on a laminated/printed chessboard cover over the top of the outer of the box. It's not going to be as elegant in terms of uniqueness, but will look far better in the final visuals. So, I'll wrap up the 3D box design - single colour - fairly soon.
  8. That's not going to protect you in any courts of law, you know. Allegedly.
  9. I'm not sure if you're getting the point. Would you call your game "Thrust's"? Edit: Perhaps the "joke" wasn't clear enough. It had been common practise for chess programmers to give their programs a "famous" person's name. Such as Belle, Sargon, Houdini, Ikarus. I was just suggesting that a continuation of this might be to call the program "Andrew Davie"
  10. OK, working on the printing of fine detail. It's difficult/complex with such a basic printer. Image shows three generations. The bottom one is not too bad. As to the naming, I'm leaning towards "Royal Bitchess" as the official name.
  11. The suggestion to name it "Andrew Davie" was not to name it something like "Andrew Davie's Chess", but to actually call it "Andrew Davie". As in, I think I'll have a game of "Andrew Davie"
  12. It could startup and say "welcome, bitchess"
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