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  1. Well I don't know squat about sound/music. But I do know what tune I want to have playing (softly) in the background of this game. Less background stuff, and that overlaying tune more prominent. Here's a link... does anyone want to be "co-author" in terms of music/sound on this game with me? The music is from the soundtrack of an old Aussie movie from the 80s.. "Malcolm".
  2. While this would work, pretty soon those passwords would be available online to anyone/everyone - defeating the purpose of having them. If it's going to be super-simple to "cheat" then why try to stop cheating. I did have one idea - unique password on every cart; that would require embedding a serial # in the cart to hash against. I'll think about that. It wouldn't work for keeping move/score per-level, though - too many levels for a password. Password would only be useful for unlocking later levels so you can access them.
  3. Here is a *hardwired* NTSC version. I have fixed the screen corruption, hopefully. Also, a different level installed just because it's boring doing the same one again Test levels I am using are downloaded from http://www.sourcecode.se/sokoban/levels for evaluation. Sokoboo.bin
  4. Thanks to those who tested. Try switching the P1 DIFFICULTY switch and reset. Is it now NTSC?
  5. Here's a playable binary for you to have at. It's NTSC-only, runs in the 3E bankswitch scheme if you have any issues there, but stella should auto-detect. If you're not familiar with how to play - use the yellow + to move the brown blocks onto the jiggling white squares. Another way of saying the same thing: reduce the number at top left to zero. This is pretty basic; I've removed the player graphic because my dying snowman mutant player blob didn't do it for me. I'll get some nice animations in sometime soon. I think I'll have to write an animation editor or at least a converter, because doing it with a text editor is a nightmare. There's only one level; a random one I found online. The final version will need to chase down copyright owners of the levels used, I think. Hold the button down and use a direction to "look around". There's no "take-back" yet, so you stuff it up, you press reset. Give me some feedback, if you would be so kind. I haven't "solved" this level yet so if you manage to do that, post a video Sokoboo.bin
  6. Well, I'm having a bit of fun implementing a circular screen erase. The video shows work in progress. Basically it's flickering all over the place because the code isn't timed out properly. Rather than one monolithic routine, using the tile engine you need to think about how to break down tasks into much smaller tasks that can run one after the other. But first you do a monolithic to see if it works. So, I present... circular screen erase version 0. I plan to use it at the end of each level when you complete the puzzle. The circle is calculated in real-time (i.e., it's not hardwired into tables). That may seem kind of expensive - but here's the pretty cool little algorithm I'm using - in particular the pseudo-code at the bottom of page... worked first time. https://www.cs.helsinki.fi/group/goa/mallinnus/ympyrat/ymp1.html circular.mp4
  7. Here's my regular update. A bit of progress. I have made a character set so it no longer has BD digits. The screen unpacking is now working perfectly, and I have a few levels in. But no way to select them, so it's all hardwired in code at the moment. I have implemented the move count (top right), and the "target count" (top left). The target count goes up and down - it counts the number of targets which do NOT have a box on them. When it gets to 0, then the level is complete. I've changed the man a little bit - this is still just crappy graphics. Well, that's about it. A new colour scheme for you to enjoy. I like this one. Seems I suck at Sokoban because I find all the levels I import from online way, way too tricky for me. My current thinking is you start at level 0. when you complete the level, that's marked in savekey. Next time you play, you start at level 1 you can still go back and select/do level 0 again. Why? Because you might want to beat your "best score" on that level. What's a best score? That would be a level completed in fewer moves, or the same # moves but less time. If you don't have a savekey, well that would suck, wouldn't it. You'd have to start from level 0 all the time. sok.mp4
  8. Well the engine is pretty clean now - no BD content. I've just got to change the tile graphics to something different and we're set to go. I had a play with the colours - will have different colour schemes on each level... this one looks quite pretty. You can see the crap graphic replacement for the man - I'll get something reasonable done tomorrow; this is just a placeholder "blobby thing". Game is essentially "complete" now I need to just put sounds in, "take-back", scoring, savekey, title screen... lots of levels...and we're done. Give me a couple of days. col.mp4
  9. Probably. Too much work; can't be stuffed!
  10. I've now completed the level unpacking code that works with compressed XSB data. XSB is a Sokoban level exchange format designed to allow levels to be shared by email as simple text. It's pretty simple, but opens up the thousands of pre-built online levels with a simple cut/paste. I did a short video showing a random level being grabbed from a list, put through a converter to RLE encode it, then cut/pasted directly into the source code and run on Stella. It just took a few seconds. These online levels can be quite small in dimension but fiendishly tricky in solving. You can also see that I've done a little bit of graphics tweaking - you now see when a box is over a target. I'm working on getting the purple area to correctly surround the generated 'board', and also need to get that board centered. So, next I think I'll put in a bunch of levels, and a selector to allow you to choose. Then, maybe, scoring and keeping track of your best efforts on each level. This is probably a good use for savekey, I think. sokoboo.mp4
  11. The screen with a voiceover commentary of me swearing.
  12. I wonder if there would be any interest in an "over the shoulder" twitch streaming of a bit of '2600 programming. For those who don't know how the process goes, just me and my editor doing a bit of work on Sokoban. I don't expect any interest but there would be no real drama having it running every now and then.
  13. There is a brilliant youtube 'series' I've been following over the past few weeks showing the restoration of an Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC). Aside from the amazingly brilliant guys doing this restoration, it's really interesting to learn about the computer technology and how it worked. Artefacts from the moon program like the AGC are still around and functional today (they ran code on it from the Apollo program of 1960s, including - and this is the amazing bit - recovering from core memory what the display was showing when it was last switched off probably in the early 1970s). The amount of work involved in developing this stuff back in the 1960s is staggering.
  14. I've been "un-programming" the engine - removing anything and everything that is related to BD, but also removing systems that make no sense in a generic tile-scroller. This appears the easiest way as the system is functional at every step of the way. This in turn has given me a significant amount of speed improvement. I upped the frame rate just to see how the system will cope. Very well, as it happens. Video shows the system running at about 75% of full-throttle. speed.mp4
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