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  1. Do you have the correct "language type" selected in bottom right corner of the bottom status bar? It should be "dasm" - if not, click on it and change...
  2. ... also the Greeting Cart stuff -- free for personal use/copies, but I object to people profiting from my work without having asked me.
  3. ... also Interleaved Chronocolour(TM) demo. Although I release demos freely, they are not for commercial profit by others.
  4. Well, formally and for the record I object to Qb being included. I was not asked.
  5. I love my MBP! Nothing wrong with a vintage computer.
  6. I am selling my only copy of '2600 Boulder Dash.


    1. Karl G

      Karl G

      I'd love to have a copy. I hope you aren't getting rid of it because of anything bad, though. 

    2. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      I have no money.

  7. I am in need of $ and will be selling my only remaining copy of Atari 2600 Boulder Dash. In excellent/near-new condition, it's only been opened once or twice. I am looking for offers by PM, but will be ballpark around others that have sold. However, if you would like, I would be happy to add my signature to this copy, as one of the authors. Sad to see it go. Have to put food on the table, though...
  8. Here are my figures for the display/non-display example above... 38.80 fps (194 frames in 5.00 seconds) 64.7% 46.40 fps (232 frames in 5.00 seconds) 77.3% I'm running on an early 2013 vintage MacBook Pro. As to the new display rendering/mode it doesn't play well at all with my particular game, alas. I get distracting banding down the screen.
  9. I'm itching to have my hands on the Brazillian PlusCart board with the surface mount components. I'd love to be making some stand-alone (auto-boot) carts, and I figure this would only be feasible if I had the boards populated by the manufacturer of the boards themseves. Some offer it as an option. I'm sick of soldering, frankly. So, I'm pretty sure I remember our Brazillian contact promising to make them open source.... any news?
  10. Thanks for the explanation. A tad more capable than my pitiful efforts then!
  11. I'm missing something potentially very useful here! I just wrote my own audio system - 16 "channels" with envelopes, of sorts, priorities and mixing. Hmmm.
  12. <evil laugh>.... bwahahaha my world domination is now assurred!!
  13. It's pretty good now. I'm doing quite a bit of legwork with the ARM during OS and VB, and I'm finding good correlation between Gopher2600 and hardware. It's my "go-to" when I want to see if I have time overruns and more particularly memory access errors. I've found quite a few issues in my code with Gopher that haven't shown up on Stella.
  14. BITD 80-100 hour weeks were common for many of us when facing a deadline. Work... eat... sleep... work....
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