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    I was forwarded an email by First Star Software the other day, somebody asking for a copy of Boulder Dash. I wrote back, telling them (and FSS) that Boulder Dash was dead. I hadn't picked it up for almost a year. Anyway, as things happen, I just browsed briefly through the code and played the binary... and was pretty impressed. I found a small bug, fixed that... and next thing you know I've added a look-around scroll... and thinking about a few other things I wanted to complete. So it's not "alive" but it's definitely not "dead" and I'm enjoying dabbling.
    I recently asked a certain AA member do do a review of the game... and he refused! Can you believe that
  2. Andrew Davie
    Not content with fame in 2600 circles, I'm also a "name" in calculator collecting. I appeared on Australian television today, and my brief segment can be seen at http://www.abc.net.au/tv/collectors/segments/s2663201.htm -- so if you wondered what I look/sound like, have a peek at the 3 minute segment on my Soviet Calculator Collection.
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