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  1. I think there's "ChronoColor" and "Interleaved ChronoColor".


    "ChronoColor" flickers between 2 colors,with the end result being 3 colors.


    "Interleaved ChronoColor" uses striped RGB and rotates the colors each frame.


    I've dropped Andrew a note asking if he has the time if he'd care to clarify it for us.


    Qb does not use ChronoColour. Qb just flashes two different sprites alternately, each with different colour. ChronoColour is a whole different and much more sophisticated kettle of fish, involving three frames, each of those interleaved with each other into red/green/blue scanlines, and generated as a 1-bit dithered version of the original. No comparison can be made between the techniques - it's like comparing a pushbike and a ferrari and saying they both have wheels so they're essentially the same.

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