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  1. 23 minutes ago, keithbk said:

    Thanks for clarifying. I love what's happening with this project, and I hope one day we can see some cart technology that works :)

    That already exists - it was demonstrated on the ZPH show, I'm pretty sure.  All the hardware and software is open sourced so there's always the opportunity to build one for yourself.

  2. 1 hour ago, keithbk said:

    So let me ask this, because I haven't done anything with a final file...


    Can a movie file be loaded to my regular Harmony cart and played from my Atari 2600? I would love to see it, just for the sake of playing around with it.

    No, not at this stage. I do not think Harmony currently supports MVC files/format.


    1 hour ago, keithbk said:


    I know "Wizard of Speed and Time" (1988) has Jittlov's approval for sharing, as long as no one is making money from the film.


    That feature-length film can be seen here: https://archive.org/details/WizardSpeedTime

    TY I will have a look at it and maybe encode.

    1 hour ago, keithbk said:

    Is the final file a BIN file? Just curious...

    It's effectively a data file with the encoded movie, that is stored on the cart's SD card. This file is effectively a bin that the emulators can load/play, too. Stella and Gopher emulators currently support the moviecart playback. To view on actual hardware you would need an actual MovieCart hardware board at this stage.  I'm hopeful that eventually the PlusCart can have firmware to support, too. But... that's way in the future.





  3. This is so much fun to play with. And it keeps getting better and better. It's astounding how good some of the encodings are. I'm just playing around the edges learning how various tweaks affect the output. Even though I know how it's all encoded, I'm still astounded at the results. So clever. Can't wait to see it as a released product. Video is screen-grabbed from stella playing the MovieCart file. My system can only manage about 35fps.

    The MVC file playing on Stella looks much nicer.







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  4. On 9/21/2021 at 9:19 AM, SteveWright said:

    Hey Dion!

    This is THE Steve Wright that wrote the Stella Programmer's Guide so many years ago. Thanks for formatting my programming guide into a book version. I had no idea that so many people are still interested in programming games for the 2600. There was absolutely no information on programming the chip set when I started at Atari so I decided to sit down and learn everything about the chip and how to program it before I wrote my first game which was Championship Soccer which later was rebranded as Pele's Championship Soccer. Loved my days at Atari! Long live Classic Gaming!!


    Doing another Atari interview next week for the Video Game Newsroom Time Machine. You can check them out at https://videogamenewsroomtimemachine.libsyn.com/


    Good to see you here, Steve.

    So, what do you think of the modern homebrew works like Aardvark, Galagon, and the MovieCart... to name a few?


  5. Some names, to me, defined AtariAge and what community meant. Nukey Shay was one of those. 

    I think we should all be required to post to the forum a "proof of life" photo holding the day's newspaper, at least once a week.

    Two years is way too long for us to have noticed this.



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  6. 11 hours ago, Williamstrock said:


    This is for the sole use of intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential information. If you have received this e-mail in error, please reply to the sender to inform them of the mistake and delete this message without reading the contents.



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  7. 9 minutes ago, -^CrossBow^- said:

    I only mentioned what I did when I noticed it wouldn't fit into the slot of a 4switcher I was servicing at the time I received my cart. Filing down the corners of the cart with about a 45° taper about 2 inches from the bottom up took care of this. It still rubs a little when inserting the cart into my 7800.


    In looking at the dust pegs again and comparing them with other carts, they actually look they are fine on the length. I haven't tried it in a stock 7800 but it did seem to seat all the way down on a 2600jr. Although the corners were still a tad tight when inserting it.


    I believe my cartridge shell is one of the just prior versions where the plus cart symbol is a separate piece from the rest of the cart that is on the back and it has white colored dust door pegs if that helps?



    OK, TY.

    I will send you a replacement, please PM me your address.


  8. Once again I find myself forced to make revisions to the PlusCart shell design.

    In response to...



    I do have one criticism and it does relate to the 3d printed shell. This may have been addressed already so if it has that is great.


    There are specifically 2 issues with it:


    First is that the corners of the cart from the bottom up, need to be tapered at about a 45° for about 2.5". I did this manually with a bar file and dremel because at first my cart would NOT fit into the 4 switcher I had on my bench at the time to test it. If I couldn't get it to fit into a 4switch cart slot, I knew it wasn't going to fit into a 7800 cart slot either so yeah... The DF cart has this done on it and it allows it to fit quite nicely into all variants of the 7800.


    The second issue, is that the dust pegs are too long. Need to trim them up about a .5cm to a full cm back. Because they are static and do not retract, they could cause issues in 7800s. It is a similar issue to the Tigervision carts. 


    Obviously this is the first report I've had of this, so I'd like to get feedback from anyone with a PlusCart shell to review all the changes needed. It's a bit of a problem that there have been quite a few revisions of the shell addressing the various issues that have come up - and I now regret not clearly labelling the shells in some way so that they can be identified.


    Anyway, it is what it is.  I'd like some feedback on the above, specifically...


    1) Do you have a machine in which your PlusCart does not fit properly?  What specifically needs to be adjusted.


    It's a bit of a pain for me, because obviously I like to produce quality product. On the other hand I can't afford to design/print/ship stuff that brings in next to nothing financially and then have to spend money replacing it. I have another batch of 24 cartridges already printed, for example - and will I have to scrap these?  Clearly there's a lot of variation in the dimensions of cartridge slots. I have a version now which fits all my machines, and has wider tolerances than previous efforts. Also, now super-strong. It's a good design. 


    But, the above report distresses me, and I'd like to fix/address the issues ASAP.


    So, if you're a pluscart owner with a 3D shell could you please respond with comments/suggestions.





  9. Blade Runner is a very dark film, in more ways than one. I had my doubts that the visuals would translate well to MovieCart because of the mostly dark scenes in the movie. Surprisingly, though, with a bit of tweaking it has come up OK. Perhaps a bit over-saturated...




    As to saturation, the Kong vs. Rex fight was under-saturated in the original, but I found that colour cues are very important in making the MovieCart visuals work, and in this latest pass at that particular sequence, I have slightly saturated the colours. It looks great...






    It's just a really amazing bit of encoding, given the very limited layout of the colours and resolution. I'd encourage everyone to have a look at TouchDesigner (used to encode these movies) - quite the interesting video/image processing workflow software.




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  10. 3 hours ago, Robsonz said:

    Good Night!!

    Same error on allpcb.com with me.

    And they gave two options to answer what to do.

    These are:


    1:Need to make the slot pointed by the arrow. Accept the plug hole is gong off.
    2:No need to make the slot. ignore the part pointed by the arrow. please choose one.


    Which one should i mark???


    I don't understand the wording totally, but #1 sounds like it.

    You do want to have the hole there.  You do need to make that "slot" pointed to by the arrow.


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  11. Here are some re-encodings. I've been learning how best to tweak the various image parameters. There's a bit of a balance; increased dithering ("blend") reduces the vertical colour bands, but decreases resolution and legibility. These two have blend=0.85 and I think the resultant movies are a bit better than earlier renderings.





    knock on wood...



    Nb: These dropbox files are likely to disappear sooner rather than later so if you want them, make local copies please.




  12. 21 minutes ago, Capellão said:



    Does the position shown in the figure need to be slotted?

    Yes, it is a cutout. It's designed to allow you to place a shunt on those pins, which is removed for manual programming.


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  13. 48 minutes ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

    Good idea! But SECAM movies on an Atari 2600...? :D 

    Here is a short section in SECAM. If I release an actual binary, Stella would be contractually obliged to support :)






  14. 15 hours ago, JetSetIlly said:

    Additional idea: a single bit in the cartridge that indicates the orientation of the encoding. It wouldn't do anything on the hardware (except maybe an LED indicator) but it could be used by emulators to rotate the TV output automatically.


    I'd also like to see the TV format/palette of the encoding included.  That is, perhaps 2 bits which indicate NTSC/PAL/SECAM.  Useless for hardware, of course, but very useful for an emulator to auto-switch the palette when playing a moviecart.

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