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  1. I have already printed 24 new PlusCart shells using the super-sturdy design. Ready to ship, if wanted.
  2. That CRT filter sure seems to over-emphasises the vertical black lines between the sprites. Maybe you could reduce the gap if you know the filter is on?
  3. I'm encoding "Princess Bride" - I thought these were amusing. They're the moviecart rendering of a NES baseball game being played in the movie....
  4. I am not setup with the correct branch of gopher to check/confirm behaviour definitively on that emulator.
  5. If an issue with the encode, then hard to explain why Gopher seems to display OK. Not thoroughly tested, but at least the last frame of kong is confirmed good on kong and bad on stella.
  6. Super-low-priority request, but I'd love it if subtitles could be an optional extra in the encoding. I see them appearing in a scrolling line where the volume/brightness controls are, and toggled on/off by some switch on the console.
  7. I had a look-see. It's a remarkable thing - congratulations! Who woulda thought it would be possible to have such quality.
  8. I must admit to not knowing how to grab that branch. git clone didn't work with that URL.... I can see the branch with the browser. Nevermind.
  9. I suspect a bug in stella implementation...? Late in the "Kong" MVC, the movie starts exhibiting significant corruption. Some stella frames... we're looking at the horizontal lines/corruption The reason I think the MVC file is OK is because Gopher displays the same without corruption (e.g., the last frame of the movie...) stella... gopher...
  10. Here's another test ROM that's much larger... (Kong vs Dinosaurs) https://www.dropbox.com/s/1x4xte4056ulrtb/kong.mvc?dl=0 Edit: and another (Knock on Wood - Amii Stewart) https://www.dropbox.com/s/na24ontc5pfp4mr/knockonwood.mvc?dl=0
  11. Remarkable! Well done.
  12. Could the display be switched to using mirrored playfield? Then you'd keep PF0 and some of PF1 blank, and get rid of the side stuff. The downside would be that the checkerboard pattern in the very middle would be two squares wide, and perhaps noticeable. I think its worth a try, though.
  13. ... compilation of times where the wrong cover/cart art is shown when playing some completely different game Hang on, how long can the show be...?
  14. For the sake of completeness, I had to see what the SECAM version would look like. The algorithm is remarkably robust, given it's just got 8 colours (no shades) to choose from. Unfortunately YouTube feeds this at 30 Hz, but it does look much better at 60 Hz.
  15. Unfortunately for those of us in PAL-land, the range of colours is quite limited, and reds in particular are wanting. The results aren't nearly as good, although with movement/animation it's OK. Not great, but OK.
  16. I thought this would be an excellent contemporary song, with a challenge to render because of the colours. IMHO it came out great! Edit: I just noticed that YouTube is showing this at 30 Hz. The original is better - see the screenshots below...
  17. On another note, how about editing together a "best of" show for the end of the year, where you collate all the interesting/fun bits into a mega-show?
  18. I'm a die-hard who only wants to see '2600 stuff on the show. I have zero interest in the others, and if these show up on the show I switch off, so to speak.
  19. Don't forget to add "no lowball offers, I know what I have!"
  20. Amazing improvement in quality; well done. I would not have thought the left one possible, yet alone the right one! What a huge difference, though.
  21. There's gonna be a market for screen overlays to mask out those left/right edges . Like the Odyssey overlays -- different sizes for your CRT size.
  22. Here's the latest. I've played with saturation and tweaked a few other things. Perhaps too bright. But I have to say I never thought I'd see this sort of quality on the '2600 for video. It's astounding. As an aside: YouTube detected a copyright claim/breach on the Thin Lizzy song "Boys are Back in Town" so I guess that says a bit about the audio quality - at least recognisable to an algorithm
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