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  1. Thanks Bob - got it! A very reasonable compromise
  2. Just gave this a spin on the A7800DS emulator and it plays great! The colors look a bit off - maybe it's on my end. In the arcade, the flagship is bright yellow center and blue outline and the guards that go with it are red and blue. Arcade: A7800DS: (sorry, phone screenshot) The play was outstanding - this is really awesome, Bob!
  3. No worries on Simu-Play - given that I have no friends, I'm in favor of it being jettisoned in favor of such a solid port!
  4. No... well, at least not really hacky So there are 2 ways to get Twilight Menu (TWL++) installed. The first is to use a memory exploit - someone discovered that when you take a picture on the DSi (with the worlds worst resolution camera I think), it calls into a file that is located on the SD card which can be replaced to launch TWL++. This does not permanently change your DSi and so it still functions as a stock DSi in every other way. Once Twilight Menu is running, you can launch any DS game and most GBA games from the SD card as well as all of the cool emulators (my contribution is emulators for the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800 and Atari 8-bit but there are others... NES is damn near perfect, SMS, Turbo Grafx, etc). The OTHER way is to install custom firmware called UNLAUNCH - this removes the need for the memory exploit above and runs native custom firmware. This gives you maximum flexibility over the DSi and lets you run everything cleanly. However, this is mostly a one-way ticket - your DSi firmware has been replaced and while it's theoretically possible to restore it, it might not be easily possible. It will still launch and play stock DS games from cartridge of course. I have 4 DSi devices... two are running UNLAUNCH and two are stock DSi running the memory exploit. For the purposes of the emulator, they all behave the same. This is the best guide to installing the memory exploit (called "memory pit") and/or custom firmware for the DSi: https://dsi.cfw.guide/ TWL++ is working with emulation authors to incorporate the emulators into the TWL Menu (all 4 of my Atari emulators are so incorporated as are the more popular non-Atari ones). So all games show up with little icons (though all 8-bit games will show with a stock Atari console icon) which are easy to click and run.
  5. I'm just about ready for version 2.0 of XEGS-DS for the Nintendo DS handhelds. Generally runs the entire Atari 8-bit gaming library at full speed with high compatibility. I'm through testing about 4000 games - which, amazingly enough, isn't much more than half of the rom set I'm working with. If you've got an old DS lying around it can be turned into a serious retro handheld for the want of a $10 flash loader card ... if you're got an old DSi lying around you don't even need that - it will operate from the built-in SD card with a little of magic from Twilight++ Menu (open source menu replacement for the DSi).
  6. I tend to take criticism from posters newer than me on this site with a grain of salt, but your opinion is noted!
  7. Love seeing these!! Sadly, due to some unfortunate events, I don't have many surviving pics of that era. The best I could do is a photo of me opening my Atari VCS and maybe... Video Olympics. But that day shaped my future - here is a before and after
  8. I just released XEGS-DS 1.5 and A5200DS 2.7 both with frameskip implemented for older DS-LITE and DS-PHAT hardware. This will render thousands of 8-bit games fully playable with all the speed/sounds needed to make them fun. This new Frameskip option is defaulted to ON for older DS hardware and OFF for DSi or above. There are a few glitches after playing about 100 of the more popular games - Buried Bucks won't run properly with Frameskip ON (the dollar signs $$$ sink through the background) and there was a very occasional glitch I saw playing Caverns of Mars though I'm not convinced I have a good dump on that one - need to experiment more.
  9. I know on my A7800DS emulator it's one of the "taller" games - utilizing a bit more of the upper and lower screen than most. I had to scale it down slightly to make it all fit.
  10. It's hand-tuned C code. The main issue is that there's so much to emulate - the CPU (6502), the TIA, the RIOT (6532) and then all the different bank-switching for various carts which is not trivial compared to direct memory reads. And on top of that, the sound and video all need to be converted to run in the native DS space (and the sound is tricky on the DS - they have a co-processor which needs to be coordinated with to get the sound output). Add it all up and the original DS hardware running at 67MHz is barely keeping up. The DSi fares much better at twice the CPU speed. The last Intel-based PC that ran at 67 MHz was the venerable x486 which was introduced in 1990 (ish). And I'm sure that might struggle to run some of these emulators too
  11. All 4 of the emulators I've worked on will run in a normal DS (LITE or PHAT) - however, they will, obviously, run with the slower CPU speed (they also have 4MB of memory vs 16MB but that's not an issue for any of these emulators... it starts to become a problem for larger cart systems like the Megadrive/Genesis). The CPU speed on the DS is definitely a problem. The 5200 and Atari 8-bit will run some of the more common games fairly well... close to full speed. The Atari 2600 is hit-or-miss... games like Spider Fighter, Phoenix, Adventure work fine while many other games just come up short (running at about 80% of the full frame rate and sometimes much less). I have a special build of the A7800DS-LITE that is optimized for the older DS hardware and does NOT support bank switching or some of the more "expensive" video modes. It will let you play some great games - but still only a subset of the full library. However, the DSi is the main target for these - with 90+% of all games (2600, 5200, 7800 and 8-bit computer) running properly.
  12. And to add to the lineup... the XEGS-DS has launched. This emulates an XEGS with RAM upgrade to 128KB (so, really the equivalent of a 130XE). It supports .XEX and .ATR formats only so that the user just has to pick and run... no worrying about cart type, banking setup, chip types, etc. This renders about 95% of the 8-bit Atari gaming library playable at full speed, sound, etc.
  13. I agree - so few things took advantage of the DSi extra memory and speed. I think you can count the released cart games that supported it on one hand (and ALL of them ran fine on a stock DS-LITE/PHAT with just a bit of reduced speed/graphics that most people wouldn't even notice). The DSi does have a nice library of DSIWare games that an only be run on a DSi (not the older models) - and all of those games are now playable from SD Card if you install custom firmware (UNLAUNCH is what I use). The Atari 2600 was a beast to emulate properly on the DS. I only ended up getting about 25 or 30 of the simple 4K games running full speed... but on the DSi things are much better with more than 500 games running full speed and most of the rest are close enough to be playable. A few holdouts are some of the Starpath Supercharger games which run in the low 50FPS and Pitfall II with the DPC cart that will only run in upper 40FPS and without proper music support. But the worst offender? Elevators Amiss Yeah, for some reason it's taken me months of tweaks just to get it up near 40FPS (and it's playable at that speed... just barely). It just hits all of the emulation code in exactly the wrong way and it's chewing up a silly amount of DS CPU time. The best part about these emulators on the DSi is not that the DSi's extra speed/memory is being taken advantage of but rather that a really well engineered handheld makes for a really enjoyable play experience. I've tried and seen some other handhelds for the Atari and they are just not as well built. The DSi can take a pounding and still remains responsive and looks great.
  14. llabnip

    Popeye 7800

    This is looking and playing better than ever! As my old mentor would say, "Good software is only late once. Bad software sucks forever!" [not to imply that what you had before sucked... but you get the point - take your time and you're doing great!]
  15. On the Arcade version it happens if you insert coin and start the game before the attract screen gets to the demo of the main maze. I'm guessing Bob made it arcade accurate in that respect?
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