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  2. 322,250 Mission 10 Just a shame I was too late for the High Score Club. I need to work on not letting planes escape...
  3. 190,000 Mission 6, but I hope to improve that before the day is out! Really enjoyed the game, nothing more satisfying than seeing a faller splat on the ground! Edit: 271,500 Mission 7!
  4. Hey guys, sorry for the delay, it's been a while since I've been able to play any games with Bounty Bob, and he only gave me a couple of goes on each game! I played the first four games on PAL, and the last three NTSC Clowns and Balloons - 6020 (Beginner), 2280 (Advanced), 17520 (Expert) I think I had played this game before, it's good fun. Not sure why my Expert score was so much higher than my other two, maybe because it was the first game I played and I needed to limber up with a couple of practice goes Pinhead - 6445 This game is really cool! I'd like to go for a pint with Pinhead, he'd probably need it after a long stressful day of unicycling on a tightrope whilst popping balloons with his head, with help from the occasional spider/crab. Balloonacy - 62 I kind of felt this game was a poor man's Pinhead, the balloons that spontaneously become skulls were just frustrating. Plus the guy is just walking on the floor, which takes nowhere near as much skill as unicycling on a tightrope. Duck Arrow Balloon - 224 This game was pretty fun, although I seemed to finish each level with less points than I started. Should've quit while I was ahead Up Up and Away - 199 What kind of a jerk throws things at a hot air balloon? The kind of jerk that made this game too difficult for me Crazy Clown Jumper - 2600 I don't know what it is about this game but I didn't want to stop playing it! Really fun and addictive, but Bounty Bob interrupted me... Pooyan - 72100 But I'm glad he did! After a couple of frustrating attempts I got the hang of this and had a lot of fun. I kept forgetting to look behind me for the fox biting me in the behind. By the way, BB thought they were crocodiles, but I'm pretty sure they're foxes. Can anyone settle this fierce debate?
  5. I'm a real person! therealbountybob's Atari was struck by lightening and all his creations came to life
  6. Been playing it for the last few hours, really good fun but I think I need to take a break!
  7. 2 Lap Series (NTSC) M 34,150 N 31,250 A 32,450 Total 97,850 Score for young Travlar M 11,200 N 10,000 A 10,350 Total 31,550
  8. Crossfire - 600 Lunar Leeper - 20540 Marauder - 66,500 Threshold - 13500
  9. Well done young Gwobby, that moves Team GOPE up a place, checkout Post 230 Now see if you can all improve your other scores - yes YOU MOPCHOP Don't forget to vote for the Season Finale: Game 21 :!: I have improved a score, d- 59,450, now to try E again e-104,800
  10. WOOHOOO! FINISHED RACE F/G with a score of 102,150
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