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  1. This is the board being used in this machine currently: https://www.ultimateretro.net/en/motherboards/2607#downloads Not my first pick, but I got it as new old stock for $60 so the deal was just too good to pass up. It is a very early Pentium motherboard so it does not support those lower voltage MMX processors. I did not realize that initially but whatever. I added a Pentium 200 to this (non-MMX) as I mentioned previously and it is working great. If I did want a CPU with MMX instructions I can always pop in a rare/expensive overdrive CPU, but I see no need. The BIOS (while cool with its mouse driven menus) was severely outdated. It was on v1.01. From the website above it provides AMI's v1.10 which is a huge leap. I used Uniflash to back up the original BIOS (just in case) and flash v1.10. As with most things nowadays I had to use the Wayback Machine in order to obtain the Uniflash software: https://web.archive.org/web/20080610061758/http://www.uniflash.org/download.htm Great tool! Once I saw it was compatible with this chipset and the BIOS chip type I knew I was set...and I was. Gone is the mouse driven BIOS with the neat themes, but at least now the BIOS has larger HDD support and a lot of options the previous did not, not to mention it is a normal traditional BIOS. The mouse driven thing was pretty but pretty lackluster in the options department.
  2. As far as I can tell it is USB 1.0. I am using an 8GB PNY drive. Worked fine for copying the Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 ISO which was like 35MB. That took a few seconds so its not really all that bad.
  3. I found a USB PCI card in my pile of e-waste (I swear that $70 pile I picked up from that seller some time ago has gone a LONG way) and popped it into the Pentium build today to get some USB flash drive functionality in Windows 95. I used "XUSBSUPP" which works great. I actually needed to install that anyway as Daemon Tools (v3.46) complained that USB supplementary support was not installed and would not install without it. I guess the program uses it in some way. But in any case, I wanted to be able to use USB sticks anyway. Swapping out the CF to a modern PC for adding stuff works fine and all, but it means having to shut the machine down to take it out as of course it is not hot swappable. So, USB flash drive support is nice to have. Here's the link to the software. It is equivalent to the Windows 98 "unofficial usb flash drive support" package I am sure everyone has used, but for Windows 95B and 95C: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2018/05/xusbsupp-extended-usb-supplement-for.html
  4. Yep, I know. I do that with all of my system builds and have been doing it on machines since the 90's. Makes it easy also when an application calls for something in a cab file too...no shuffling for a CD or CD image. The thing is I was prelim testing this and I had NO cd drive at all Well, I do in other systems but I was not about to steal one from any of those. I have one on the way, but I was just eager to play around with the system. Since I have the images for the floppy version of Windows 95B I figured I'd just stick them on a flash drive and use the Gotek to at least get the OS installed. It actually worked out great. The install really didn't take long (since disk swapping just consisted of pressing the "next image" button on the Gotek when necessary) and the install really did not take too long. Afterward I was able to install Daemon Tools and launch ISO and BIN/CUE images of the various installers and stuff I have and install all of the drivers for the video, 3dfx and sound...and Plus! for WIndows 95 because you know I need some Dangerous Creatures!
  5. Agreed. Cable management is miles forward in this day and age. There are better versions of the IDE and floppy cables made nowadays (if you look close I have a braided style floppy cable in here that I just used because I had one) but yeah, it is certainly a challenge to stuck em away and make it look presentable.
  6. This is what you want: https://www.serdashop.com/X2GS It took around 2-3 weeks to arrive to me (in NJ)
  7. If you want the GOOD one its more like $100. The X2GS that has the actual Roland SC samples. I have one and it is superb...very superb. I will be purchasing another very soon!
  8. For #2, nothing wrong with that. I find some clones much better than Soundblasters. The card I have in mine is quite rare (Rockwell WaveArtist) and it is *awesome*. It is probably the best ISA sound card I own, and I own a lot including many SB's. I would recommend the Dreamblaster if (hopefully) your clone has a wavetable header.
  9. Very familiar with these emulators. I was there when they were released They won't run on a 486. I don't think proper Genesis emulation is possible on a 486 to be honest. You really don't start seeing proper performance until the late Pentium 1's and then excellent performance in the Pentium II era. But that's OK because emulation is not what I built the 486 for at all. I was just farting around testing a few of Bloodlust's offerings there just to see what happens. I was actually surprised to see Nesticle run perfectly. Remember on a 486 you don't even see proper MP3 decoding until you reach 100MHz I guess you can play around in Dosbox adjusting settings to "make" a computer of any generation and test things to see what works or what does not, but I prefer using actual era machines and being "surprised" at the outcome. I have a 486 DX4-100, P1 200MHz, P3 850MHz, and a P4 2.4GHz. And soon, a PII 400MHz. So I have a good area to work with and mess around. Would I recommend it? No, not unless you are nuts like me! Lol.
  10. I have to say the 800XL and absolutely the original 800 were two of the most solid/sturdy wedge style computers I have ever owned. Oh, and the Apple II's (originals). Those are some tanks!
  11. My plan for this build initially was to obtain a desktop case in nice condition. I wanted a real AT desktop case however (this is a very early i430 based board) and I was not going to settle otherwise. Well, I never did find anything to my liking and some that would have "done the job" were way overpriced. I knew this case as I had used it for the 486 build and it was quite nice. When I checked with the seller he had one left so I took it for $80 (and $40 shipping!) and I am glad I did. New old stock cases are great. I like the fresh start!
  12. I forgot to add that this motherboard has the cool mouse driven AmiBIOS with various themes (Army, Pastel, etc). Overkill for a BIOS but I have to salute them for doing it!
  13. This one is built very well, but I know what you mean. This one slides the top and sides like butter...just a well created case.
  14. Sorry, can't agree. Too many broken wedge cases over the years. Brittle old plastic. Give me METAL!
  15. And so the build has begun as the case finally arrived over the weekend. Currently memtest'ing some random memory I found in my stash for this (32MB of FP and 32MB of EDO). They seem to be working fine together so I dunno... 3DFX and 3DLabs in the house! I have no CD-ROM drive for this (yet, on the way) so for fun I installed Windows 95B from 22 floppy images....if you want to call that fun! Funny that Windows 95B found the Rockwell WaveArtist sound card as a SB Pro 2.0.
  16. I recently tested Genecyst and Nesticle on my 486 DX4/100 and I can tell you that Genecyst with default settings does NOT run good. And this is no slouch of a machine either. Maybe tweaking the settings would gain some better performance but it was just not worth it to me to investigate it further. Back in the day I was running that on I think a P133 or P166 when it started running like a real Genesis in terms of performance. Nesticle on the other hand runs perfectly on the DX4-100.
  17. I just found and picked up a brand new vintage X-Arcade controller. It is not the USB version but rather the model that plugs into the PS2 keyboard port and the keyboard then connects to the back of the controller. So it can grab any keyboard key input and map it to the controller. I don't have it hooked up yet since I have to find the space (thing is huge!) but if it works anything like the good old Hanaho Hot Rod controller I used to have it'll be great. I lost that Hanaho in a flood back in the late 2000's....man I wish I had that thing again. But, the X-Arcade feels just as good...just not in the cool purple of of Hot Rod
  18. I have no Shogun Warriors, but damnit I want one and have for years! I missed out on this not very long ago which sucked...I just did not have the money at the time (it was $275 IIRC)
  19. It began as a sale thread for a Megatron I was selling, which was sold. Now it has taken on different life. Perhaps a mod can move this thread please?
  20. I'm for it if everyone else is I love toys if you could not tell already...lol. Edited the title to well...what it has become now!
  21. Well what do you know. Just checked the mail and the replacement battery for my 8MP Powershot S80 arrived. Old camera that I still say takes better pictures than anything at least I own today (especially cell phones). Here are some better shots, some Starriors, and those little suction cup robots...you know what they are
  22. Hah! Half of my collection is knock-off. The masterpiece figures are legit (Soundwave is behind Megatron as well) and any chance I can get to get legit G1 reissues I do (which is around half of the collection) while the other half are G1 knockoffs that Hasbro or Takara either never reissued or in some rare cases where the official reissue was WORSE than the knockoff...like in the case of the Combaticons set. The Takara reissue is terrible...I had it. That mold is done for. However the knock off is perfect....makes you wonder. And yes, Fitor holds a personal spot for me. That was the first Gobot I ever owned! I am always on the hunt for more but I only accept absolute mint condition. Those are very hard to come by in great shape. On the Transformers side I typically only collect G1. That is what I grew up with and what I have nostalgia for. I do pick up off things like some of the MP figures, a Combiner Wars Devastator, some new figures when they look cool. But, mostly it is G1. But I try for new only if possible. Scorponok is legit but the headmaster is a high quality KO. I found the body and all weapons from a seller that lost the head, so I was able to score that for real cheap. In the case of the Dinobots, the only way to obtain new representations of the G1 figures is to either spend a zillion bucks (if you can find them in that condition) or obtain the KO set for around $150. I opted for the latter and I am glad I did. The only way you can really tell they are KO is the fact that they are just too stiff and "new" to be originals!
  23. Indeed. My mom used to buy them for me since they were a "budget" toy. I currently have a few on card, a few loose, the snake base, and some other Starriors stuff...the four comics that were released too!
  24. Ehh what the hell since I am sharing anyway and nobody but my wife (much to her dismay) and my kids really sees these. Hopefully you guys can see them seeing this phone takes such crap pictures. They look great on the phone, but crap when uploaded. Very frustrating!
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