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  1. Thanks for the updates and interest in the game, guys. I appreciate it. I may get back to it. This game just became overwhelming for me in size and scope, and I started to hit a wall with hardware resources. Making changes and additions was starting to require removing existing game features. The Atarivox load/save routines are documented and should work if properly implemented, I’m sure I just made a mistake somewhere.
  2. Well, just to get started I can share a few things that I've posted in the past. I did a basic overview of using GIMP for 7800 graphics here: Random Terrain adapted the above post for his website here: https://www.randomterrain.com/7800basic-graphics.html And I did another one in Part 2 of my 7800 programming tutorial here:
  3. I really just wanted to share how much I LOVE this. Excellent work!
  4. While I’m not an expert, I could contribute. GIMP is an exceptional application and perfect for 7800 development. I’ve used it once or twice.
  5. I had to process this for a little while. Curt was a truly selfless person who gave so much to this community, and he was so kind to me when we corresponded over the years. It’s an immeasurable loss to the Atari community, and of course to his family and friends. My deepest sympathy to his family and everyone who loved him. You will be greatly missed, Curt. Rest In Peace.
  6. I’m so shocked. I don’t even know what to say.
  7. Thanks for featuring Cave Run. I watched most of the broadcast tonight until I was pulled away. I noticed you got stuck on the screen with the pit. To get past that you need to jump and time it so you grab the treasure as you're jumping, if you fall into the pit there is no other option than death. I suppose I shouldn't have designed that screen in such a way that it gives you hope! You have no choice but to fall in and lose a life. You were correct when you mentioned that it uses the same game engine as Gingerbread Man. Fred Quimby released that code and I re-used it for this game. I never did get back around to fixing the scanline issue to make it compatible with real hardware. I'm not sure I will at this point, but you never know. Steve
  8. Thanks fdr4prez! I'll just keep watching his site. I missed that auction as I saw your post after it was already sold.
  9. I am looking for a flash cart / SD Cart for my intellivision, my 2nd favorite childhood console. I did sent a message to intvnut, but I don't believe there are any new ones currently available. If anyone has one they'd like to part with for a reasonable price PM me. Thank you! Steve
  10. I just wanted to chime in and also say I really like this and look forward to seeing where you take it!
  11. I really don't have anything meaningful to add to this post, other than I don't know what poutine and butter tarts are, and I've never seen milk in a bag. Keep it up atari2600land, 160A is probably the best graphics mode to start with.
  12. Haha! Sorry for "stealing" your music. I updated the last binary I made in the first post as you suggested... good idea. I remember reading your 2600 info on alienbill.com quite a bit way back when, it was extremely helpful. Thanks Kirk!
  13. Thanks James! I haven't watched the episode yet, and haven't played the game in a very long time. I remember it being pretty difficult!
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