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  1. I haven't been on the forums lately but noticed this just looking around. Yeah, I made a few changes to bB to squeeze my changes into 2k, that was mostly the point of making this game and was the challenge that made it fun. The game itself was written completely in bB but the changes I made to bB to make it work were in assembly. I also made a 4k version (Gate Racer 2) that added more options. I haven't made a new bB game for years. I need to come up with a new idea!
  2. I've got the typical excuses for this game and the more recent Legend of Silverpeak not being done, life gets in the way, no time, new job, etc... but I am going to try and get some of my favorite hobby stuff finished this year. On the plus side, my friend and exceptionally awesome artist David Exton finished up some artwork for Death Merchant for a future cartridge release. I'm attaching the lower resolution thumbnail version for all to see. I'm hoping that can happen in the first half of 2019. The last time I played the game I noted a bunch of issues (I directly copied my notes below) and most were related to buying items from the Death Merchant himself, which is going to probably have to be scaled back or removed as I remember the code just about making my head spin with the math involved - and it's now been almost 2 years since I actually wrote the code and it'll be a little harder to remember what I was trying to do. Either way, I'm going to be revisiting this game and hopefully have a final release in the coming months. Bugs in the v1.0 release.... When the death merchant gives you free items, and your backpack is still at 50 slots (before you've bought the expansion), he will still give you over 50 items. If your backpack is still at 50 items max, the max value to buy that's listed on the buy screen should also say 50? A bit more minor... One time, I went to the bank for a withdrawal, and the number started automatically counting down from 999,999. I Left and came back and it was back to normal. Another "Death Merchant" purchase issue again. I Just bought the backpack expansion, then started buying canteens. The left number would count down by threes, and I could seemingly buy as many as I wanted without regard to the size of my backpack. I had $130,000 to spend. I ended up owning hundreds of items. ---again - another death merchant screen, and I could buy as many knives as I wanted, backpack space didn't matter, it just stuck at zero but I could keep buying knives and my total cash would keep dropping. Not sure if knives are even set up to use backpack space, or should be? There were 12 days remaining and I had earned $780,000. I think it's still too easy to make that much money - maybe I'm being too generous with the handouts from the merchant. Your score will roll over 999,999. ---also with 12 days remaining I had yet to have a single enemy encounter. First random enemy encounter with 7 days remaining. Maybe not a big deal, I don't want them happening constantly.
  3. I also released a zip file with 200+ development ROMS. Yes, they were all the WIPs as I was working on the hack. There are also on my website, but you can download them directly here. I honestly don't remember exactly what changed in the 2005 version, I don't think it was very much at all though, probably just some graphical updates. I had called it "Adventure Plus Packrat Edition" as it was going to be released with Packrat Games too (hence the "PE 05' added to the title screen), but that never happened - and I just referred to it as Adventure Plus 2005.
  4. Adventure Plus was the only one. I updated it in 2005 and made an all-invisible version as well, you can grab them on my website. http://www.bjars.com/hacks.html
  5. I thought this might be helpful for common errors when you're first getting started, it's pulled from part 1 of my 7800 basic for newbies thread. Common Compile Errors This is not an exhaustive list, but here are a few errors you might see when compiling your code, and what you can do to resolve them. In many cases the error itself will tell you specifically what the problem is. I figured I'd be revising this list and adding to it as time goes on. The system cannot find the path specified. It’s likely you are running the 7800bas.bat file by itself with no code specified after it. Run “7800bas mycode.bas” instead. 7800basic 0.6 Jul 12 2017 22:46:35, then it hangs If you only see a message similar to the above that shows the version of 7800basic you’re using, you’re probably running 7800basic.exe instead of 7800bas.bat. 7800basic.exe is not intended to be run for compiling, you need to use the batch file. *** (101): ERROR, graphics overrun in bank 1 The error message means you have too many graphics with "incraphic" in bank1. You'll need to shift some of those to another bank. Keep in mind that when you issue "drawscreen" you can only use graphics in the last bank or the same bank with the "drawscreen" command. *** (1667): error: Label mismatch... Unrecoverable error(s) in pass, aborting assembly! There can be a few causes for "label mismatch". General syntax errors or duplicate labels are the common causes. An bank that’s over filled might trigger the error as well. I generated the error above by creating an "if...then" statement and leaving off the "then", an easy syntax error to make. If you can't figure out where the error is, the (1667) refers to the line number in the asm output file. You can open the asm file and look at line 1667 to see what exactly is causing the error. *** (144): ERROR, alphadata character ' ' is missing from alphachars." You defined an alphachars image file that doesn’t contain the character specified in the command. The "144" means the syntax error occurred on line 144. *** (1698): error: Value in 'cmp #257' must be <$100 Somewhere in your code you've called an invalid number. Unresolved symbol List Errors --- Unresolved Symbol List --- USED_ADJUSTVISIBLE 0000 ???? (R ) ROMAT4K 0000 ???? (R ) 0.dsdfff 0000 ???? (R ) The "Unresolved Sybol List" error will give you some clues as to where to look. In this case, I created an invalid goto statment to a non existent label, "dsdfff". Look for items in the list that you recognize that you’ve created yourself – variable names, label names, etc. That’s where to look first.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the kind words about this project. To clarify what gambler172 said, there are some other things that that are incomplete in this release. 1) When you enter and complete each dungeon the crystal is not guarded. It was my original intention to add a boss fight in each dungeon, right now when you get to each last dungeon screen you can simply pick up the crystal with no fight. 2) As gambler172 noted, loading and saving to the AtariVox is not currently functional. You can use save states in emulation on A7800/Mame/Mess, however. 3) There is a slight screen flash when you switch rooms that very briefly shows unintended graphics on the screen. This is likely due to me overrunning the capabilities of MARIA in screen transitions and I have not yet addressed that. 4) In the graveyard area you will be randomly attacked live by skeletons rather than the typical turn based attack. I did notice some strange character movement issues during this attack sequence, in some cases you may not be able to move in areas that you otherwise should be able to. 5) I have a defined level progression in place, but because of the long amount of time it takes to actually play the game it's not well tested for game play balance. Same goes for the progression of how quickly you can earn gold with monster fights vs. how much it costs to continue to purchase health potions and other items, it's not well tested for balance as you progress in the game. 6) Some items you can buy in the marketplace have no actual function in the game. 7) There are no sound effects and there is no music, right now this game is completely devoid of audio. I do appreciate the AA members who offered assistance with that, I just haven't been able to get back to this. That's all I can remember off the top of my head as I haven't played it or modified any code since January '18, there may be some other minor issues. With all those things said, the main storyline of the game was completed and the game can be beaten. It's basically a playable work in progress and I still do not have any defined timeline to get back to it due to personal and family issues. Steve
  7. It's not related to the demo, but I actually have been working with iOS development for a while now and I've created lots of new curse words for XCode. I did finish up a free reference application for my professional blog and it was just approved by Apple. It was added to the app store yesterday. It's nothing special, it's just an alternate way to access my blog content and I expect it'll get a bunch of one star ratings if any at all, but it was a great learning experience to get my feet wet with XCode. I'm going to work on an iOS game of some kind next before I dive back into another new (or unfinished) Atari project.
  8. Mord - thanks for the excellent description of how 320B works. I didn't have a very firm grasp of how it worked when I was working on that demo. I haven't worked on it since sometime last summer so I can't say I'm still having trouble with it... I dug that up just as a sample for Dauber. Either way the info you shared will make it much easier next time, thank you.
  9. Dauber - I found the demo I was playing around with last summer that uses 320B. It's an asteroids-type game based on RevEng's spacephysics sample. I used a 320B title screen graphic, and to get it to display how I wanted I had to split it into left & right sections. I'm attaching the demo files just in case you'd like to take a look at what I did. This was nowhere near complete - I was simply testing the use of 320B with this demo and abandoned the idea. If anyone wants to take this demo code and/or graphics and use them for a project, feel free. I'm not planning on taking it any further. OuterRim-Demo(320B).zip
  10. I understand that, I usually wait on posting about a game until I have a mostly complete playable demo. I've seen that issue you're having before, but I don't remember off the top of my head what the issue is. I have some sample programs on my laptop at home where I was testing 320B in a similar manner, although I can't remember if I was using plotbanner or plotmap. I'll take a look tonight when I get home.
  11. You're welcome! I look forward to seeing what you're working on when you're ready to share.
  12. You've got the sprite using 320B mode which is a little tricky. 320B mode requires pairs of pixels to use the same palette, and it's not a graphics mode I've attempted to use in any of my games. You could try using a different graphics mode, or take a look at the documentation for incgraphic and try swapping the color index values. You can use trial and error to see which combination produces your desired result. Where you have ingraphic testsprite.png 320B in your code, you could try incgraphic testsprite.png 160A 0 2 1 3 instead (swaps the 2nd and 3rd index, as an example). You could also try importing it with a different mode and test the results: ingraphic testsprite.png 160A 0 1 2 3. There's more info on the incgraphic command here. I realize this isn't a very good answer, but I am at work and can't really dive into it right now. If you'd like to post your image files and code I can download it and take a look myself when I get some time and give some better feedback.
  13. I can't remember what the issue was with saving. The AtariVox code for loading/saving is in there, it just doesn't work. Note that you can use save states in Mame, Mess, and A7800 to save your progress, that's what I was doing in my testing and it works fine.
  14. Because it's been 5 months since I posted any actual updates and I have no timeline to get back to this, I thought I'd go ahead and share the source code and all of the files needed for compiling Legend of Silverpeak. Note that there are lots of spoilers here... If you dig into the source code you'll find all the info on the storyline, game events, and exactly how to beat the game, and I have complete game maps of the overworld and the dungeons included in the image files. All I ask is that if you not rip off the graphics and re-use them in your own game, other than that the source code itself is fair game if anyone wants to try their hand at creating an RPG with 7800basic. Hundreds and Hundreds of hours of work have already been poured into this, and I'm still feeling a bit burned out on the project. The source code contains lots of extended ASCII characters and I use Microsoft's free Visual Studio Code as my editor. It all lines up and looks great in VSC, your mileage may vary with how it looks in other editors. Also, I didn't completely clean up all of the graphics files, there are more included than I actually used in the game, many are simply older versions that were later revised and given a different file name. The overworld/dungeon maps I created are slightly outdated. Overall room connections are the same, but some images were altered. This is exactly the same version I released in the first post back in January, I haven't done any development on it since. LoS.zip
  15. I was not contacted, but I presume that's because I never released an infringing game (it was simply a map demo) nor did I ever share any of Nintendo's intellectual property that I re-created for the demo to allow anyone to compile it or use it for something else. I did release a game using the same game "engine" as the demo about 5 months ago titled "Legend of Silverpeak" that is completely original. It's "complete" in that it's playable game that can be played through and beaten, however it's lacking some elements I planned on including and some in-game options remain unimplemented. It's certainly incredibly difficult and time consuming and hard to remain motivated to complete a game in this genre, I really just burned myself out and have been working on other projects - mostly in iOS development.
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