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  1. 🤦‍♂️ I didn't notice that. Thanks Trebor. I'll make that change and post another update soon. Edit: I am working on a solution for the rollover problem. Once I get that tackled and thoroughly test it I'll post an update with that change and the fixed "Copyright" text.
  2. No new bugs discovered, but after playing some more I decided to make a few improvements. There is now a message displayed on the Death Merchant screen when you can't afford something. One of the messages was being displayed on the wrong line, purely cosmetic. Adjusted requirements for achieving some rankings based on changes I made earlier today. "This is your last day" warning message now displays when your days remaining is 1. DeathMerchant_1.23.a78 DeathMerchant_1.23.bas DeathMerchant_1.23.bin
  3. I've been playing this game off and on all day and I discovered another bug that is now fixed. It was related to purchase limits and backpack space. I'm going to keep playing it for a few more days just to make sure everything works perfectly. Crossing my fingers that this is the last update! Edit: Sorry, I forgot to make one debugging change before I posted it. One person downloaded it prior to this, same version number. DeathMerchant_1.22.a78 DeathMerchant_1.22.bas DeathMerchant_1.22.bin
  4. That would be fantastic Al! I've been meaning to ask you about ordering a new AtariVox, my original from goldenax stopped working. We can talk about it in a PM.
  5. As a side note, I finally ordered a Concerto Cart. My Cuttle Cart 2 has been indispensable since I bought it about 18 years ago and looking at the cart now it definitely shows how much I've used it. Still works great after all these years.
  6. I tested Death Merchant on real hardware this morning. The game plays fine, but I noticed that the colors are much too dark. I was using a standard RF connection to a modern LCD television and some of the text was borderline unreadable. This version changes the color of the text to brighter, more visible colors on a TV. I also noticed that I had the Blue and Orange colors reversed on the AtariAge logo, I fixed that. I also made a few additional minor tweaks to the gameplay for maximum purchase quantities and maximum prices on certain items. I may make one more update later this week if additional playtesting shows any further tweaks that need to be made. Steve DeathMerchant_1.21.a78 DeathMerchant_1.21.bas DeathMerchant_1.21.bin
  7. I don't remember the score that James got. This seems like a simple issue, but it's really not. It would take a lot of ROM space that I don't have as every transaction that changes your total amount of money would need to be compared to 999,999, both rolling over past 1 million and possibly losing money and going back under 1 million. Lots of current features would need to be removed to free up enough space for the additional code. I'm still play testing the game and I may make a few more simple adjustments here and there to make it nearly impossible to earn more than 1 million (there's enough randomness in the game that it's hard to predict every possible outcome). This basically involves adjusting maximum purchase limits for certain expensive items and tweaking the range of random numbers that items cost when you travel to another city. Right now I know it's theoretically possible to earn about $400,000 for one specific item if you're lucky with timing and inventory management, that's probably too much. There will probably be a version 1.21 with a few tweaks to address this issue.
  8. My best so far. I'm going to keep play testing this week.
  9. Yes, it's been years now, but I can finally call this game complete. Based on my playtesting and feedback from the ZPH show, I've made lots of changes and haven't come across any bugs. I am considering this the final version, the only exception would be bug fixes if any are found. Note that I have not yet tested this on real hardware with my Cuttle Cart 2, I plan on doing that this week. I use A7800 for emulation and it works perfectly with it. Gameplay has been adjusted to make it a little harder to earn money, and much less likely to roll the score over. You can roll over the score if your Credits go above $999,999. The game does not keep track of rollovers, I'm really just out of ROM space to develop a method to deal with that issue, the code is farily well optimized and I have 56 bytes remaining of 48K. Sorry this post is so long, but there were lots of changes and there are a lot of gameplay items to describe. I hope you enjoy it and Let me know if you do! Here are the changes: Intro/AA Logo screen added Title screen changed to use the skull graphic from David Exton's artwork (the old artwork was based on copyrighted work) Going to the Bank will now auto-fill the deposit/withdrawal numbers to the maximum allowed. Adjusting numbers by 100 is time consuming, but it has to stay that way, and this was added to assist with that. Your starting debt has been increased to $35,175. Your starting health has been decreased to 50, you will need to visit the doctor sooner if you get into a lot of fights. Going to the Lender will now auto-fill with a number very close to your total amount owed, again to decrease the time you need to spend adjusting the number. Backpack indicator now represents consumed space. "Backpack 30/50" means you own 30 items and your maximum number is 50. The maximum number of items you can purchase from the marketplace before you travel again has been adjusted, some items have a higher limit than others. Some prices have been adjusted, and some items fluctuate in price much more than others. A final ranking system has been included. It is based on the amount of money you have or the amount of money you have in the bank. You must pay off your debt to get a good ranking. Criminal gang encounters now give you a random amount of cash, rather than the fixed amount of $5000. Gaining Charisma no longer gives you free items from the merchant, however it does still reduce the amount of interest you pay to the Lender. Game Notes: Death Merchant: He randomly appears when travelling, it could be only once per game session, maybe more. He is the only way to purchase the larger backpack (additional 49 slots) and knives. Bank Interest: If you have any amount of money in the bank, you'll earn $500 a day in interest. If you have more than $10,000, you'll earn $1,500 a day in interest. Free Money! As a bonus, you might receive a bank loyalty bonus while travelling, and interest is gained on that same day! Knives: They are only used when fighting, and you may break or drop one. You must have at least 1 to enter a fight. You find them travelling or can purchase them from the Merchant. Dexterity: Dexterity increases your chances to win fights. You gain dexterity with each fight. Food: If it falls to 0, it drops your stamina an additional -1 per day. You can buy more food from the Merchant or rest at the safe house to acquire more food. Food is reduced by 3 every time you travel. Health: Losing all your health ends the game. Restore Health with the doctor Stamina: Restore Stamina and Food with Rest. You lose 2 stamina for travelling, and also in fights. If it reaches 0, you receive an additional health penatly and can't fight. The End: The game ends when you have played all 31 days, or your health reaches 0. Time expiring or death does not affect your final rank, it's based on your score when the game ends. Training: You will gain a +5 Dexterity bonus every time you train. The amount it costs is random, you can visit the trainer multiple times without travelling to try and get a better price. Buying and Selling: The prices are the same for buying and selling in the marketplace on the same day. There is no penalty for selling on the same day. The "Max" number will vary based on the vendor's inventory available, maximum limits on certain items, and the maximum amount of backpack space you have. The Max number is a guideline, in some cases it may represent the max amount you can afford, even if you don't have enough backpack space. You'll still be correctly limited when you attempt to purchase anything. I'm attaching the latest a78 and bin files, as well as the source code and graphics files needed to compile it. I updated the a78, bas, and bin files about 45 minutes after I made this post, and there had only been 2 downloads. I changed only one single graphical character, it was an extremely minor update. I simply forgot to make that little change before posting earlier. Edit: v1.21 makes some color changes to make everything display properly on a real TV with a real Atari 7800, as well as a few minor tweaks to item pricing and purchase limits. Edit: v1.22 fixes a bug I found on the Buy screen with purchase limits and backpack space. Edit: v1.23 fixes: There is now a message displayed on the Death Merchant screen when you can't afford something. One of the messages was being displayed on the wrong line, purely cosmetic. Adjusted requirements for achieving some rankings based on changes I made earlier today. "This is your last day" warning message now displays when your days remaining is 1. dm_gfx.zip DeathMerchant_1.2.a78 DeathMerchant_1.2.bas DeathMerchant_1.2.bin DeathMerchant_1.21.a78 DeathMerchant_1.21.bas DeathMerchant_1.21.bin DeathMerchant_1.22.a78 DeathMerchant_1.22.bas DeathMerchant_1.22.bin DeathMerchant_1.23.a78 DeathMerchant_1.23.bas DeathMerchant_1.23.bin
  10. Ugh. Thanks again for pointing that out. I re-use lots of variables and sprites between the title screen, transition screen, game over screen, and in-game screen, so it's easy to make a mistake at this point when I make changes. I made a few changes and played through it about 25 or so times and the 'OFF' sprite displayed correctly each time. As part of this change, every time the title screen is displayed it will reset the value back to OFF, including when you die and the game is reset. You'll have to reselect ON each time you play if that's your preference. SpaceChaos1.11.bin SpaceChaos1.11.bas
  11. Thanks for noting that, Fort Apocalypse. I think I've got the autofire on/off display fixed on the titlescreen - it now checks the sprite location when you exit the "game over" screen. SpaceChaos1.10.bas SpaceChaos1.10.bin
  12. A few quick updates to address the items you mentioned, ZPH. I changed the auto fire selection completely and removed the difficulty switch, now just push right on the joystick at the title screen to enable auto fire and left on the joystick do disable it. I'd add another sprite to indicate it's off, but I only have 3 bytes free in the graphics bank now. I still don't want it to be possible to change it mid-game, that caused some headaches for me. That should also fix the problem of the "auto" text showing up when it shouldn't. I also changed the oxygen bonus to give you less. It can be reduced even further if needed. I need to play it more myself as well. SpaceChaos1.09.bin SpaceChaos1.09.bas
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I didn't do much playtesting with this one or I likely would have caught those issues. They're all fixable.
  14. This revision addresses some of the items brought up during the ZPH show. I have not done much play testing on this version. It does appear to be stable on real hardware. I tightened up the ship movement control (it's no longer frame based). I added automatic firing as an option. Turn on autofire by moving the left difficulty switch to 'A' on the title screen. In Stella, F5 selects difficulty A and F6 selects difficulty B. You can only select normal or automatic firing from the title screen, you cannot change it mid-game. There is an 'auto' indicator on the titlescreen to let you know when automatic firing is enabled. Your ship is reset to the bottom dock area when it explodes. The astronaut at the top of the screen will now move back and forth and is animated. Bonuses were added. If you rescue at least 4 spacemen on a single ship, you will receive a 300 point bonus after the oxygen is depleted on the ship you're on. If you rescue 8 or more, there is a 600 point bonus. You can still simply wait it out on the bottom of the screen for the oxygen to deplete and to move on to the next ship, however you won't score any points. Rescuing an astronaut (picking him up and taking him to the bottom dock area) will now give you a small oxygen bonus, increasing the time you have available on the ship. The security gate will flash when you are getting low on oxygen, so you have an additional visual indicator when the time is almost up. SpaceChaos1.08.bas SpaceChaos1.08.bin
  15. This game in particular is one I'd like to revisit and finally finish up. David Exton was nice enough to create some fantastic artwork for it so I'd really like to see a release on this one. In final playtesting (years ago now) I hit some bugs that at the time I was really struggling with figuring out. I think a re-write from scratch on a few of those problem areas of code would get me back on track.
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