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  1. Thanks fdr4prez! I'll just keep watching his site. I missed that auction as I saw your post after it was already sold.
  2. I am looking for a flash cart / SD Cart for my intellivision, my 2nd favorite childhood console. I did sent a message to intvnut, but I don't believe there are any new ones currently available. If anyone has one they'd like to part with for a reasonable price PM me. Thank you! Steve
  3. I just wanted to chime in and also say I really like this and look forward to seeing where you take it!
  4. I really don't have anything meaningful to add to this post, other than I don't know what poutine and butter tarts are, and I've never seen milk in a bag. Keep it up atari2600land, 160A is probably the best graphics mode to start with.
  5. Haha! Sorry for "stealing" your music. I updated the last binary I made in the first post as you suggested... good idea. I remember reading your 2600 info on alienbill.com quite a bit way back when, it was extremely helpful. Thanks Kirk!
  6. Thanks James! I haven't watched the episode yet, and haven't played the game in a very long time. I remember it being pretty difficult!
  7. Ha. I saw that it was going to be on the show and almost cringed a little. It was a very long time ago and I was still learning, so there are definite flaws. I’m not likely to revisit that game after 14 years, no.
  8. Lots of new homebrews arrived today! Thanks Al! Many thanks to all of the homebrew developers, and I look forward to spending a lot of time playing this weekend! In addition to the new games I haven't opened yet, I pulled out a whole lot I haven't played in a long time. Also a big thanks to Edladdin for the new Super 78 Controller. This is going to be fun! Steve
  9. Wow, blast from the past. I'm pulling out the Harmony cart right now.
  10. Yes, there have been a whole lot of posts about "what are you playing now?" over the years, but thought I'd share just for fun. I've been playing all weekend with just the games stacked on top of my monitor. There's a Harmony and a Cuttle Cart 2 up there too, but there's nothing like using actual carts!
  11. I was having a little fun with some simple Frostbite hacks and thought I'd share them. There are three hacks: Frostbite Trainer Frostbite Fast Frostbite Sadistic The Polar bear appears on the first level in all three hacks. The sky was changed to black in all three hacks. The speed of the game was increased in all three hacks, the "sadistic" hack is very fast. Infinite lives in the Trainer, 8 lives in the "fast" hack, 3 lives in the "sadistic" hack. Starting temperature increased to 55 degrees in the "trainer" and "fast" hacks, remains at 45 degrees for the "sadistic" hack. That's it. Thanks to Dennis Debro's disassembly of the game this was pretty easy. Steve frost_sadistic.bin frost_fast.bin frost_trainer.bin
  12. I got one of the original patches for this game back in 2003, I think my score was 3583. Great game!
  13. Ha. I had to laugh a little bit. I take pride in the games I have put on the forums, but at the same time I don't much care about "bad" reviews and this game was indeed just a learning experience. Dungeon Stalker was the 7800 game I spent a ridiculous amount of time on. Well, Legend of Silverpeak as well but I never finished it. I have fun and if someone enjoys it, all the better. I've never been to that site and not planning on taking a look now.
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