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  1. How much could design be optimized? E.g. something like atari 1088xel or 576nuc project?
  2. the music doesn't sound like pokey to me at all. and the second song - maple leaf rag -- is clearly FM synthesis. not something pokey could do. the first song looks like modulated triangle wave, again not really a pokey sound.
  3. My first attempt at crosstalk removal and denoising of Zeppelin and Dimension X. Discovered something interesting during the processing. After I removed the crosstalk and cleaned it up a bit, I found that the music sounded like it was fed into the cassette recording from a TV, there was all the classic audio hum and artifacts you would hear on a cheap VHS tape. I removed those artifacts as well. dimension_x_denoised.mp3 zeppelin_denoised.mp3
  4. thanks for uploading the capture of dimension x. i've been looking for this for ages. i grabbed them from atarimania ftp and i'm looking at them now. the azimuth of the recording is off, but not due to your nak or revox. the original recording has horrible alignment. whatever commercial duplicating equipment they used is awful. this is going to be a supreme pain to remove the crosstalk, but i am going to take a stab at it. i will have to manually adjust the phase, invert, match the bleed level, and then mixdown. any chance to capture side a? i might be able to recover some additional s/n from the music by averaging them together.
  5. please don't record in mono. you can't remove the data crosstalk without the data track.
  6. 2% means you have 16 tapes with loader music, can you share them? 😃 your speed run seems to be a separate tape included with the game, and not loader music? my speed run has no music.
  7. So I have captured dozens of mastertronic, firebird, elite systems, atlantis etc. tapes and not a single one has loader music. The UK releases of Synapse games like Dimension X appear to have the loader music removed for no reason. Very sad. The Lone Raider may be the only UK produced tape ever to have loader music.
  8. signed up on the website, but i can't see anywhere to upload dumps.
  9. are .wav needed or would converted .cas be sufficient?
  10. if i get enough tapes with loader music on them, there will be.
  11. Confirmed no loader music on: Zaxxon Juggles House Early Games (counterpoint software) Baa Baa Black Sheep Hickory Dickory Dock
  12. Confirmed no loader music on: Pacific Coast Hwy Juggles Rainbow I now have a really nice Aiwa AD-F800 and ESI U24XL to do captures with.
  13. Confirmed no loader music on: Blue Max Preppie Star League Baseball
  14. regret dumping my cassette collection. i enjoyed the loader music on a bunch of them.
  15. Jim St. Louis (with Russ Karas) - wrote the famous atari robot / rocketship demos. Jim was also involved with Koronis Rift and Rescue on Fractalus. Regan Cheng - worked at atari 11 years. designed the atari 5200 and 1200xl cases, responsible for the "angular" atari xl look. Kevin Mckinsey - worked at atari 8 years. designed the classic atari 400 and 800 cases. also 810 drive? Tom Palecki - worked for Kevin, designed the atari 1050 drive, 1029 printer, and atari touch tablet regan, kevin, and tom are definitely around and online. might be interesting to get kevin and tom on a dual interview. maybe all three?
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