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  1. regret dumping my cassette collection. i enjoyed the loader music on a bunch of them.
  2. Jim St. Louis (with Russ Karas) - wrote the famous atari robot / rocketship demos. Jim was also involved with Koronis Rift and Rescue on Fractalus. Regan Cheng - worked at atari 11 years. designed the atari 5200 and 1200xl cases, responsible for the "angular" atari xl look. Kevin Mckinsey - worked at atari 8 years. designed the classic atari 400 and 800 cases. also 810 drive? Tom Palecki - worked for Kevin, designed the atari 1050 drive, 1029 printer, and atari touch tablet regan, kevin, and tom are definitely around and online. might be interesting to get kevin and tom on a dual interview. maybe all three?
  3. it definitely has too much bass. rob is a lot more intelligible with some eq.
  4. really great job done by the interviewer. good research made for good questions. maybe it was mostly rob but the interview felt very natural. one nitpick - this has very bad audio quality. clipping, way too much bass, and bad room echo. have we considered sending proper mics to the interviewees ahead of time?
  5. now i'm not so sure the scp is even writing correctly at all. i can't get the disk archiver to copy a disk properly. looks like writes are writing complete randomness. don't think this is a8rawconv problem.
  6. it seems it cannot read back its own output. a8rawconv writes the disk but reads its own output back as a massive bunch of errors. verified on both drives.
  7. how about philip price gary gilbertson ?
  8. writing seems not to work. tried on two completely different drives, 360k (48tpi) and 1.2m (96tpi). a8rawconv disk.atr scp0:96tpi:com3 a8rawconv disk.atr scp1:48tpi:com3 both drives result in unreadable disks on real atari 800 with atari 1050. i am able to use both drives to read and convert to atr/atx just fine.
  9. the guy you want is michael park, he wrote fujiboink and midimaze. james yee was the owner of xanth and bankrolled the development of midimaze. I think I found daniel berg online somewhere. he was the store manager. i'm pretty sure i'm the one who gave michael park the idea for midimaze
  10. are there any covers for atari 800? not 800xl.
  11. would love to know what he thinks about people making modern reproductions of the happy drive, like the atarimax happy 1050. also would like to know how you manufacture your own silicon, the discovery cart on the Atari st had a custom IC -- no small feat! would like to think the happy drive helped in some small part in preserving Atari software for future generations
  12. yeah, it would be awesome if something like altirra could use sio2pc to directly control e.g. 810 and 1050 drives.
  13. Do any emulators support sio2pc? Would be nice to be able have real peripherals connected to an emulated PC, especially since the working atari800 I have seems to be on its last legs.
  14. how about a setup to let people manufacture them at home? would cast resin cartridges work? silicone molds would be easy to make from 3d prints. all stuff people could easily do at home to make as few or as many cartridge shells as needed. or someone could just create a model and share the STL with the community so people can print their own shells
  15. dang, wish i knew you were going to interview jerome domurat. since he worked with dave staugas, i was hoping he'd be able to explain what the heck is up with the "dave staugas loves bea hablig" hidden message in atari TOS.
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