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  1. I hope to make this round, sorry I keep missing them!
  2. Really sorry I missed out on this one, was away for work and more busy than normal
  3. 38,000 That's the best I could do after a marathon run of it. We just recently got the 7800 hooked back up to the TV so it has been a bit of a re-learning curve back to sticks instead of emulator and keyboard. Try to get a photo next round.
  4. 208,600 Sorry no Screenshot (This is one of the few I play on the actual TV set, my kids love this game.) I seem to remember doing much better last time, but have not had a lot of time to play.
  5. Hey what's this thing?

  6. Hey what's this thing?

  7. Looks like this one is already off to a good start. Last time we played the high score was over 700,000. I hope to break into the 300,000's myself this time.
  8. Figured I go with b*nQ this time since I have never played the 7800 version, though really liked playing it on the 2600. KLAX would have been my second pick (I actually have that cart!)
  9. xZanU

    Water Ski maps

    Nice Job, thanks!
  10. At home it is on the 32 Inch RCA TV using one of those Coxial/RCA connectors. At work it is on the LCD Via Emulator
  11. 329,700 Found sort of a middle ground on gameplay style. I do stick around a bit longer on each level, but not quite as long as I used to. I try to run a zigzag up the middle whenever possible with the occasional side to side when there is a predictable spawn area for soldiers. I managed to get into most of the POW camps this time, but avoided the ones with the arrows in the wall booby trap as I have a hard time with those. I have not ever been able to hit the POW spot by the airplane even with a good deal of effort. Blew up two bunkers this time, that was tricky and I lost a life the first time I tried, but got both of them my second attempt. Found a really good strategy for the final gates at the end of each round, you can either hang out at the top right or left close to the gate opening and just mow everyone down who comes out. This is harder to do on the very last level (for which I lost 4 lives). Made it all the way through the game one time and died in my first few steps at the restart.
  12. 146,600 Got nearly three times as far just running through as quick as possible, it is definitely a bit easier (though not by much) doing it this way. I was only able to open the POW camp on the first level, I checked the map reference and was hitting the right spots, but guess I was not hitting it "just right" as it stayed closed. Lost a life too often trying this, so skip it after one attempt now.
  13. So I see... (now) I kept thinking, what the heck, where do they keep coming from!
  14. Sheesh. I just played another 3 rounds (Did not manage to clear the first level). How on earth anyone can complete all the levels is beyond me. I spend a massive amount of time fighting the bad guys. Is that what everyone else is doing? I am going to try and do a straight run next (avoiding fighting) to see if that is any easier. EDIT :: So I let the game demo run and see that the guy basically just runs right through the game tossing an occasional grenade and shooting at officers. I tried this and finished the first two levels in under five minutes. I died at the beginning of the next level (no lives left) and had almost half the score I normally do when trying to fight everyone. It usually takes me 5 to 10 minutes to finish just one level, so I guess it is a toss on the method of play. I will try to do the run through as fast as possible method some more in order to bring my score up a bit.
  15. 102,600 Getting a little better. That is some nutty action at the end of the level when the gates open up. Finally figured out that in order to free a POW all you need to do is touch them. Still have not been able to blow up a motorcycle, oh and I saw a Jeep on Level 2 I think. Neat stuff. This game has wonderful graphics and action, the number of on-screen enemies seems pretty well balanced, however, it looks like they just keep coming. I got stuck in one spot for like 5 minutes and they never ran out of bad guys.
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