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  1. It's both. To comment on the AA vs. JSII crap, it's just that, crap.... I haven't seen any comments in a negative light over at JSII in well over a year related to AA, until this was posted that is. I have nothing against AA or Al. We may not agree on forum managment and things like that, but when JSII was hacked, Al was the one who volunteered to help fix it. He doesn't agree with how some users act on JSII and the fact I don't do something about it, and I respect his opinion, regardless of whether I agree with it or not. JSII does not ban users, edit comments, close topics or delete posts (unless the original author requests it). That's just the way it is there, if you dont' like it, don't go there. Simple... I won't ever comment on this again here, it's been covered before... More importantly, I hope everyone has enjoyed the screenshots of Brain Games. It was very generous of CrazyAce to allow these to be shared. That is what this topic should be about. Thanks CrazyAce...
  2. I created the levels simply to reward folks that support the forums. It's not about exclusion, it's about inclusion. I believe that folks that do support JSII should get something in return.... That's it, there's no secret society or whatever over there, that would just be silly. Hope everyone enjoys the screenshots...
  3. Hi Karl, You're right, everyone should be able to see these. I've added another topic to the Jaguar Main which everyone has access to. See pics here: Jaguar Sector II Brain Games Prototype Screenshots
  4. That NOS stock dried up several years ago. lots out there. I think I have a case or two if that back up bidder needs one ! That's the one that shocked me the most. I remember them being pretty common a while back. I guess you just never know (as already said). BuyAtari you should definitely start putting them up once in a while....
  5. I had an error in the shipping of all the single games. I've fixed it. Thanks StLouisRams!
  6. Yeah, I HATE to sell it, but we're in need of $$$ and I really need to DOWNSIZE.
  7. Just put up my entire personal LYNX collection. Tons of LYNX items in here, great way to finish off the collection. Take a look: Atari LYNX Auctions SCROLL DOWN to get to 'em. Lots of stuff up....
  8. Was there one? It wasn't in any of my stuff. I know I got it direct from you Mitch. Did you ship all of them with manuals? Yes, the manual was shipped between the two pieces of cardboard. Mitch Ugh. I actually don't remember the manual, I wonder if it met with the shipping boxes demise? I had all my 7800 items in 2 tubs and it's definitely not in there, I double checked. That really sucks.
  9. Was there one? It wasn't in any of my stuff. I know I got it direct from you Mitch. Did you ship all of them with manuals?
  10. Just put these bad boys up for auction as well. Have a look if you're interested: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfcoZ1QQfrppZ25...ssZjaysmith2000
  11. I'm selling my Atari 7800 Collection which includes every released game and several homebrew, etc... Most titles are SEALED including Tank Command. Also have the High Score Cart (original one first run), KLAX, MIA, Pac Pollux, ++++ Take a look if you're looking to finish off that 7800 collection. Did I mention I also have a Value Pack 7800 System Sealed NEW? Jaysmith2000 Auctions
  12. Just added my boxed NES collection, includes Dragon Warriors 1-4, Zelda 1&2&Classic, Final Fantasy, Ultima, etc....etc... all boxed/complete. Oh, and a "real" toploader....
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