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  1. Good news! Count me in for LOTD. I'm still spitting nails after the copy I had in my shopping cart literally vanished the same day I was going to buy it,..and then *poof*, they we're sold out
  2. Two of the best games suited for the OE are Star Wars and Death Star Battle, so I'll go with those
  3. I need to quit shooting those yellow extra ships...! 7,250
  4. With my trusty Trak-Ball at my side... 21,206 darthkur,..cafeman, where you at?
  5. Dreadnaught Factor II (by Fandal): 4451 Dreadnaught Factor III (by slampam): 4717
  6. TDF 1, game 5; the most work I ever did for not a lot of points: 10,194
  7. Level three is when things really start to get crazy! This is my personal best 168,507
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