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  1. EDIT: My mistake! This was listed on eBay yesterday, so I shouldn't have posted it here. The auction is here, if anyone wants to take a look: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Commodore-CRT-Color-Monitor-Model-1702-/151791502068 Moderators, feel free to nuke this thread! I've got a working Commodore 1702 at my dad's place in Oregon City that I don't use anymore. I've moved to BC and I don't want to ship it up here, so if anyone in the Portland metro area is willing to pick it up, you can have it for $60. I got it some years back as part of a school auction, so it's got some masking tape on the top with instructions for loading files from BASIC and whatnot. I thought the tape added character, so I never took it off. Pictures attached.
  2. Well, ain't it a small world. I read your "How Atari Made Me a Designer" article on the Hexanine site some days ago when I was initially on the trail of Cliff Spohn. I don't suppose you're aware of any sort of database that matches-up designers/illustrators with the their Atari work, are you? I've managed to identify a few of the artists I'm most interested in, but I'm still in the dark about whoever did the coin-op artwork for Asteroids Deluxe and Space Duel and other games.
  3. I've found this out to be Steve Hendricks. Small gallery of his work here: http://www.highmarkdesigns.com/designerphotos.shtml, and some more drawings can be seen under the illustration link at FineLine Graphics.
  4. Ah, I think I've solved it. That's "Kenyon", isn't it? On both the list videotwit provided and other lists of freelancers I've seen who worked for Atari, there's a "Steve Kenyon", but if you look at the art for Battlezone, it's the same surname signature as that Asteroids piece, only the initial is "C", not "S". I don't know where the name Steve came from, but I think it's actually Chris Kenyon that I'm looking at. Now, if only someone could tell me who the wiz behind the Space Duel coin-op art is!
  5. Worthfull enough to be resurrected twice, I say. I was admiring the artwork for the 8-bit computer version of Asteroids the other day, and I'm darned curious about who the painter is. On the linked image the signature is almost legible. Looks like "chris K burger" or maybe that's "sugar", or ...something -- but Googling around is proving fruitless. Anyone know the artist, or have a better guess at the name?
  6. It is an ingot power supply, as a matter of fact. Yep, you guys were right -- I just put the Atari on a different power supply and it looks great. Thanks for your help!
  7. The audio's still good for now, actually. I suspected the power supply would come up, but I don't have a spare to test with.
  8. Hello, folks. I was out of the country for a few months, came back and switched-on my Atari and during its period of neglect it seems to have developed a rolling black-bar video problem. I've put a video up on YouTube . And here's a still: After I switch it on, as you can see in the video, it sometimes almost looks okay for a few seconds, but then the colour changes and the bar gets really intense. The computer is an NTSC 800XL. The problem is definitely on the computer, as the monitor behaves perfectly with other sources. Anybody familiar with this and know what components I need to look at to get it righted? Thanks for taking the time to look.
  9. Well, the clothesdrier patent was issued in 1980 (filed in '77) and Atari printed those serial number tags in, what, 1983 or later? They should have known the number was invalid by then. I should note that the clothesdrier patent number does not appear on all XL tags, so the situation was eventually corrected, but it did appear on three tags which were posted in the other thread. I just thought it was an amusing error.
  10. So I was looking for patent drawings for the XL series computers, but wasn't finding any and I thought perhaps the USPTO just had some holes in their online database regarding assignee information or something. I thought if I could just pull the patent numbers off of an XL and look them up, I'd be sure to find them. I remembered a thread on AA with pictures of serial number tags, so I dug that up and got just what I was looking for, from the likes of hunmanik and pepax: The first two design patent numbers reference our old friend, the CX40 joystick, but... something's not quite right here. Take a look at that last patent number, D255,315. Then take a look at what that patent number is for :
  11. That looks excellent. I wish there were patent drawings of the XL systems, but as far as I can tell, design patents were never issued for them, so some other source needs to be found for those.
  12. Wow. Excellent thread, thanks for bumping it. I was totally unaware that there were these variations, I just assumed type-4 was it. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for a parts XL with a different keyboard since my type-4 has been a constant pain in the butt.
  13. Darn! Thanks for checking that out, I really appreciate it. Now I know it's something I have to address. Yeah, I knew about that. That's just me being lazy and not checking variables in a few places. It'll get fixed, I swear.
  14. You just want to have your Atari draw itself on a Tek 4014, don't you?
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