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  1. Proof of life... Operation "Finish All My Abandoned Projects From a Decade Ago" is in full swing.
  2. If anyone is interested, I put together a quick walkthrough video where I play two games of Sixxit against the computer and narrate. The game audio sounds weird in the video, but you'll get the idea. If you haven't had a chance to play yet or had any questions about the game mechanics, this should help.
  3. The music in Cerberus is really good! You can play it in JS99er if you don't have other access to it.
  4. Sixxit is a dice game for 0-2 players written in TI Extended BASIC. It has two unique AI "players" who can play against you, or each other. You roll ten dice, trying to accumulate sixes or combine other dice to make six. It's a fairly easy game to get the hang of, and I think it came out pretty fun. Let me know if you enjoy it or have any issues with it. SIXXIT.zip
  5. Bump - big update July 29, lots of new goodies and cleared sold stuff/cleaned up the lists.
  6. Many thanks! I had Psyborg on tape back in the day. I ordered all the TImagination games years after the fact, contacting the author through his PO Box. I wish I still had those.
  7. I'm using real hardware and a reliable TI tape recorder set to the default settings. It's the tape, it drags in several places and the integrity of the audio gets noticeably choppy. I'm going to try tightening it up by rewinding and FF'ing it a few times -- I had another tape do the same thing last night, but then play fine the second time through.
  8. Correct. This ^^^ is the instruction booklet. Unfortunately this wasn't one of the companies that recorded the program on both sides of the tape, so if one's bad, that's all you got. I've had amazing luck with these old cassettes overall, but this one has confounded me.
  9. Scored a cassette of this old American Software title, but the tape is bad. Does anyone have a .zip of it they could share?
  10. After watching that, it's not the Alpha Lock key that's depressed!
  11. I love Khe Sanh, it's one of my favorites. I still get really wrapped up in it when I play. I like Sengoku Jidai but I haven't spent enough time with it yet. Ant Wars is a great idea but the AI's pretty lacking. Hordes was ambitious but so clunky (and only two player!!) that I don't think I've ever actually gotten very far into a game. Tickworld is great. Maze of Ariel I remember liking, but I haven't played it in years. I need to go back and revisit Starship Pegasus and Treasure Trap, but I feel like both of them were in that "good idea, not so hot execution" category. 99'vaders, Ophyss and Backgammon are solid games. I know Winging It was their big title back in the day, but I've never been into flight sims, so it's always been on the "I gotta spend some time on that some other time" pile.
  12. Huh. I actually play TI Yahtzee a lot! I throw it on in emulation while I'm doing mindless work emails or something, and play it the way some people do the one-touch phone games as a distraction. I enjoy it, but I definitely think the AI could be a little better. I can't see it being buried-in-a-pit level terrible, though.
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