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  1. My dad survived a major tornado in the southern USA in the early 2000s. The mobile home park next to his house was destroyed, and his house was shifted on its foundation. A few years later another one came within blocks of my sister's house. Over a decade later, much of that neighborhood is still empty and uninhabited, they never rebuilt the houses. It's a little scary to think how temporary all of our material things are.
  2. I should be clear, I meant issues with the .zip file itself. I'm not running tech support for a 1983 game.
  3. Here it is! Lacking a better way to do it, I saved all 11 separate programs to cassette from my PEB, then from cassette to my CF7+, then to my PC and a .zip file. Let me know if you have any issues with it. Lastly, a small and petty request. I can't tell anyone what to do, but I'd like to put up a Youtube video this weekend with the 'rescue' story and some gameplay, so if you wouldn't mind giving me first crack at that, I'd appreciate it. Like I said before, it doesn't seem to be the most complicated game, but I still haven't played it too much yet. Enjoy! moonbright.zip
  4. Ah man, this is exciting! I'll try to get the files up for you all tomorrow. I hadn't even realized it would run in 16K. It's a set of linked standalone programs, I'm not sure what (if any) data they pass back and forth via files, I didn't have long to play it yesterday.
  5. Just came across a disk from "Cinquedea Software" for an adventure game called Moonbright Tower. It's disk-based and comprised of multiple files, and looks to be a fairly primitive text adventure. I'm not finding any info about it online or any mentions of it here on the forum, apart from one ad in the Nov. 1983 99'er. Does this one need resurrected from my disk copy, or is it already archived elsewhere and I'm just missing it?
  6. Been going to bed at 'normal' hours lately. Also hit a wall on my coding projects. Stayed up till 4am last night and got more done than I have in a month. That third shift life is where it's at.

  7. I'm working on a TI BASIC game called Harridan Bay, formerly known as High Seas, which I hope to have finished in a week or two. I plan to release it on cassette tape in another limited physical package, and I wanted to add a second BASIC game for side B of the tape. I decided to rework "Thin Ice," the game I submitted back in 2010 for the 30-line programming contest held here. That game was in XB and used sprites and multi-statement lines to compact the code. Not limited by code length, but unable to use sprites, and mindful of speed and memory limits, I decided to add a few factors to make the game more interesting. You are Polar Penguin, as seen at the top left in the screenshot below. You have to retrieve your treasure chests and make it to the other side of the screen before the ice melts and you fall in the water. Each chest you pick up gives you points; however, three have keys in them. You need a key to unlock each of the barriers in the brick walls, and you must have all three keys before you can set foot on dry land again. Every time you move on the ice, it sets off a new round of cracks, and gradually, areas of water will form. You cannot pass those areas (you never learned to swim, too busy hoarding treasure) and it's possible to find yourself unable to reach all the chests, or the next doorway. You have to balance moving fast and carefully looking for the keys with the urge to go back for more treasure as the ice gets ever more treacherous. You get a bonus for each move you make on the ice, further tempting you to stay out longer than is safe. And unlike the original, if you make it to the other side, you can play more levels, each with more unstable ice and less time to make it across. There might be a way to bridge the water and shift some ice around to create a pathway when you're otherwise trapped, but I haven't decided exactly how to do that yet. Right now there's movement and cracking ice but no scoring or working barriers yet. I hope to have this up and running this weekend. It'll be a nice little bonus for side B of the main game and probably the last pure BASIC thing I'll do for some time.
  8. Just went through my stuff and I actually already own this on cassette (slaps forehead). Guess I'm not as organized yet as I thought I was...!
  9. Let's see if there is one to be had in the States, so the shipping isn't so expensive, but if not, I will PM you and we will work something out! Thanks!
  10. There's a .PDF of the manual on PixelPedant's website.
  11. I meant "boxed" in this way, in an original cassette shell. I believe all the NP games were produced like this with manuals in plastic bags. Thanks for the heads up on the file, I added the CALL VDP from another old BASIC game to it and got it to run in XB.
  12. Two questions: 1. anyone have a .dsk they can throw up here for me quick? 2. anyone have an original boxed cassette (preferably with manual but would take one without) for sale or trade? Keith
  13. The problem with dipping out of the forums for long periods of time and then coming back, is that you tend to entirely miss some developments. I'm not sure how I missed one as big as Isabella, but I was pretty scarce for a while. I've got some catching up to do (and some code to revise)!
  14. I actually came here tonight to ask what people's thoughts were on a Legends-style game with multiple modules, written in XB. I was trying to cram a game into one BASIC program so I could compile it, but I am debating expanding each piece of it and creating 4-5 separate programs that share data files. Since 99% of gameplay would not be on real floppies, disk access speed is not really a practical issue. It's not an action game, though if I expand each aspect of it I could add an action sequence I had considered. To get back on topic, I would definitely cast my vote for Legends. I would also mention the multi-part TI BASIC games from TImagination (Zombie Mambo and Psyborg) - though they were more self-contained games with a common theme, the idea was the same, even if its implementation on cassette was necessarily primitive.
  15. Just a reminder that these are shipping! Thanks to everyone who's bought copies so far. At least a few colored disks left, plus plenty of regular black floppies. $15 plus shipping gets you the game disk with label, color cover sheet, 8-page manual, and 1-inch Orphantech button! DM me for info. Thanks!
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