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  1. The problem with dipping out of the forums for long periods of time and then coming back, is that you tend to entirely miss some developments. I'm not sure how I missed one as big as Isabella, but I was pretty scarce for a while. I've got some catching up to do (and some code to revise)!
  2. I actually came here tonight to ask what people's thoughts were on a Legends-style game with multiple modules, written in XB. I was trying to cram a game into one BASIC program so I could compile it, but I am debating expanding each piece of it and creating 4-5 separate programs that share data files. Since 99% of gameplay would not be on real floppies, disk access speed is not really a practical issue. It's not an action game, though if I expand each aspect of it I could add an action sequence I had considered. To get back on topic, I would definitely cast my vote for Legends. I would also mention the multi-part TI BASIC games from TImagination (Zombie Mambo and Psyborg) - though they were more self-contained games with a common theme, the idea was the same, even if its implementation on cassette was necessarily primitive.
  3. Just a reminder that these are shipping! Thanks to everyone who's bought copies so far. At least a few colored disks left, plus plenty of regular black floppies. $15 plus shipping gets you the game disk with label, color cover sheet, 8-page manual, and 1-inch Orphantech button! DM me for info. Thanks!
  4. It's finally ready!!! This is a physical release of three games - Dicecrash, Sixxit, and Dice Rack - on 5 1/4"floppy. It comes with a disk with color label, 8-page manual, color cover sheet, and a 1" Orphantech button. Limited to 100 copies. About half of them are on various colored disks, the rest are standard black floppies. I'll try to accommodate color requests if you have a preference. $15 plus shipping. Total cost for one copy is $19 in the USA, $29 in Canada, or $32 anywhere else on earth. Payment link at www.paypal.me/orphantech or you can DM me for info (or to buy multiple copies). Thanks to Ciro for buying the very first one!
  5. Just a quick update, I've got everything in place except the manuals (I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know about what I thought was a simple print job). My daughter just went in the hospital yesterday with kidney stones, and will be in for a few days, so I'm going to wait till that's all resolved and she's back home to open up orders, just so there's no chance of delays in getting anyone's packages out.
  6. I may have squealed like a little girl when the labels arrived. Almost done!
  7. I wasn't checking the forums much these last few months and missed this thread entirely, but thank you for doing this! This is right up my alley. I'm going to be grabbing all of these this weekend and checking them out.
  8. The diskette labels are due in Thursday, and I should have the manuals done and everything ready to bag up by then. I'll probably just wait till I'm 100% finished and then just open orders, rather than try to mess with reservations or pre-ordering. I doubt I'm in any danger of selling out of them. But the interest has been a big morale boost! Thank you so much. I hope to have some pics and video of my new game to show you by next week as well. Here's the disk label.
  9. I'm happy to announce that I'm finally releasing DICE PAK 1, three dice games for the TI, as a limited physical package. The game will come bagged, with color cover, 8-page manual, floppy disk with color label, and a bonus 2" button. There will be 100 hand-numbered copies made. I just got the art finalized, the disks are being assembled, and I'm waiting on buttons and bags. I will be selling these directly for $15. I'm not taking reservations or orders until they're ready to ship, but I'll post information as soon as they're ready to go. I've had more TI time again lately and it's been nice to catch back up - I have a couple more projects almost ready to go after I get this one finished up. I hope you're all doing well and that you've held up in these chaotic times. Keith
  10. I'm not seeing the buy-it-now Bally systems for $250? A search for Bally Arcade and Bally Astrocade each turns up the same two, both of which are $400 and "worked last time I hooked it up five years ago." I'll contact Allen, thanks! The last one I had I took a chance on, it worked fine, but I was frustrated at my lack of progress in setting up my war room and had briefly decided to downsize. Big mistake!
  11. Sold my Astrocade a couple years ago and have regretted it, and I'd like to pick up another system. I know they're going for a chunk of change and I don't mind that, but I'm leery of dropping that kind of money on an "untested" or "it worked five years ago when I put it in the attic" Ebay gamble. If you've got one you've actually fired up and played some time this century, and could provide pictures or video of same, I'm interested. As long as I'm wishing, if you're within a 2-3 hour drive of Toledo, Ohio, I'd much rather pick it up than ship.
  12. I may have bought another 2600 with 40+ games today JUST to get H.E.R.O.  WORTH IT!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rogerpoco


      Definitely, good call!!!

    3. GoldLeader


      I consider myself lucky...BITD I bought H.E.R.O. for my ColecoVision.   Still have it, complete...Great Game and the Atari 2600 version is super fun too!

    4. InfernalKeith


      I have the C64 version and love it.  I just decided to start picking up more game for the 2600 again, and between this and Beamrider, I'm glad I did!

  13. I missed this if you posted about it when it was new, but I like it! And I should have known that the key to nirvana is the TI... I really enjoyed your descriptions. That's one of the things I'm going for, again, to create atmosphere even in the absence of a rich parser. I've been working on some fiction over the last couple years and if I make a text adventure I want it to have a little bit of literary meat on its bones. I'm hoping to have the beginning and the first NPC interaction in a short video here soon. I redid the NPC's so that some will take the initiative to talk to you, and put you in the dialogue tree process automatically, where others will only speak when spoken to, or harder still, once you've bested them at combat. I think I might be creating more of a "text based RPG" than a strict interactive fiction experience, but I'm trying to not overdo it my first time out and get too bogged down to finish it!
  14. I set up a spare TI in my office, with just a tape deck and a Commodore 1702 monitor, because I was gonna play through some Scott Adams adventure games for a podcast I'm working on. I'm having a devil of a time with my cassette deck (the official TI one, which has always worked well on my main system downstairs). If I play a tape without the cassette cable attached, I can hear the data just fine. When I plug it into the 99/4A, there's no sound, and I get a NO DATA error. I've swapped out the console itself, and the cassette cable, and I'm getting the same results. Is it possible that the monitor is emitting signal noise that's messing something up? I use an old-school TI monitor on my main system and I have never had any of these issues.
  15. I think my trade-off, at least in this incarnation, is a richer NPC experience instead of a more robust parser. I'm in awe of Infocom's, especially given the time period they were working in, and I honestly don't know where to begin on making something that intuitive. My thought is that, where I am, and still working in XB, whether I have 50 words or 200 words in the parser is almost irrelevant. It'd have to be expanded by an order of magnitude I can't hit to make a difference, so I'm going to try to focus on core commands for now. But who knows? The more in depth I get, we'll have to see how it evolves and if I run out of space.
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