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  1. This is the cable sold by Lotharek and other resellers. There is a warning on the Lotharek product page. But as this cable was supplied with the CosmosEx, I was not aware of the problem. There is also this item on Thingiverse that may be useful (thanks to Radovan for the information) : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3864726
  2. I can't edit my last post but on the TT the risk is lower since the rear design is different.
  3. Hello, After 3 more hours of research i finally found the solution ! The problem does not come from the CosmosEX but from the design of the ACSI cable! On a MSTE, this cable produces several short circuits if it touches the "serial 2" port. Luckily neither the MSTE nor the ultrasatan burned 😱 The most expensive workaround in the world: a piece of electrical tape 😄 It worked on the STx because there is nothing above the external DMA port. And it worked with my ultrasatan because the cable didn't have the same DMA plug shape! I hope it will be useful, this cable can be dangerous for our MSTE, TT30 and ACSI peripherals. But fortunatelly the fix is easy 😅
  4. Ok thanks for the update. So on a MSTE the CE works as external ACSI but only when you have an internal scsi. Interesting.
  5. Ok thanks. It's set for ACSI internally. If i understand your screenshot : - You're booting with the HDDriver for your internal SCSI2SD but when the Cosmosex disk drivers tries to load you have a "device not found error". So more or less same problem. The difference is that at least the Cosmosex disk drivers tries to load. So it's just a bit better. I don't have the driver loading at all on my side.
  6. You mean yours is working externally on the ACSI port ? In that case well...Maybe. I don't have any internal drives. So no hard disk controller. I have the 8 jumpers installed ont both MB on J402 but that's all. So the ultrasatan could behave differently than the Cosmosex ? According to this https://atari.8bitchip.info/MegaSTEACSI.html it should work.
  7. Hello folks ! I've tested my Cosmosex with my STf, STE, MegaST and it works fine (with the provided ACSI external cable). But i also have 2 MSTE (no HDD inside, TOS 206FR, Floppy, 4mb RAM - see picture). And with these both i cant boot on my CE. I mean it's not detected at all. I also have an Ultrasatan perfectly working on ACSI with all my ST, MST, STE, STF and MSTE (on this picture Sysinfo is loaded from the ultrasatan). I already tried : - to change the IDs but same problem. - to update the Pi, the Firmware. Jookie remotely logged on to it last week but didn't find anything wrong. So i need to understand if it's a bug or if there is a problem with my Ce or with my 2 MSTE. If you have a Cosmosex and an MSTE could you try to boot ont it and tell me if it's ok or not ? Thanks
  8. Really nice ! I't always awesome to see new games for our ST. I hope you'll be able to optimize it for ST, STE and...the Falcon 😍 (another challenge). But...Maybe you should translate the first word of the title in french and see what it means (sorry about that but associated with the "Icarus rising" or the "is coming"...well ) Again, my apologies, i'm going back to drive my Audi "etron" (same marketing problem 😁)...
  9. Hi, i'm interested by : Atari 65XE - Arabic 65XEN nijem 1 and 2 (both) + Shipping to France. Both are working ? Thanks
  10. Of course. the picture was too big, i used you email.
  11. Thanks for your time about it 😎 I wrote the image to the SDcard => Red light Then I also tried to add !SDRIVE.UPD at the root directory => Red light 😭
  12. Done: with a new card, Fat32 formatted. 1st : tried with original sdrive.atr and edisk0.atr (from https://github.com/fintros/SDrive-ARM/tree/master/sd) => Red light 2nd : tried with !SDRIVE.UPD (from https://github.com/fintros/SDrive-ARM/tree/master/update) in root directory => Red light Done on the first SDcard => tried with !SDRIVE.UPD in root directory => Red light I don't have any "Cypress KitProg programmer". I could also buy one but i don't know how to use it...
  13. Hi @alsp, can i give you more informations ? Thanks.
  14. I don't know if you speak french (in that case read this: https://www.atarinside.com/blog/index.php/atari-france/press-review/) but in january 1984, the french press wrote that 600xl and 800xl were only produced in hong kong (by Wong Electronics). It seems they had troubles to deliver more than 60% of the demand in the USA. Then in June/July 1984 there is another press article saying that Jack Tramiel ("Tramiel Technology") bought Atari from Warner, the company was loosing money ($35 million in the first quarter of 1984). ~1000 employees were fired at Sunnyvale. The Wong Electronics factories in Hong Kong were still unable to supply enough computers (creating the shortage which Atari was blamed for) that's the reason why Jack Tramiel broke the contract with Wong Electronics and moved the supply chains to Taiwan. That's how i guess the manufacturing date of our 800 XL. But maybe the french press was wrong, anyway we have lot of excellent Atari historians here, they could correct me and tell us if it's right or wrong.
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