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  1. Ok, just in case if you want to know where : It's in Level 4, 2 screens involved :
  2. Hi, it will be difficult to wait to play such a jewel But compared to the hard and amazing work you've done, the waiting is nothing. Congratulations !🤩 I watched the video (twice) and I have a small question for you @rensoup: has the upside down potion been added like in the 1989 version (level 9) ? B.T.W. I noticed two transparency minor effects in some places: - When the prince jump from a slab. - Sometimes the prince is behind the pillars and sometimes not.
  3. Very nice beta, not so easy to play but very nice I'm stuck here but maybe i'ts normal
  4. Yes, that's why I edited the post. I tried 5 or 6 times, then I didn't touch anything and everything works now...Strange.
  5. Hello, i'm looking for a RA-3-9600 to repair my INTV, does anyone have an extra one or a good supplier on the web ? Thanks
  6. Hello @all, I spotted a 800, a 800xl, a 1050 and Syncalc in a Jackie chan movie from 1985 (Police Story) 😀 I don't think anyone had discovered this before (but it would be strange after all this time), so I'm sharing 😁 Edit : Found this, incomplete but already discovered anyway http://www.starringthecomputer.com/feature.html?f=252
  7. Yes, good idea @Gunstar In fact i did with what i had in my drawers But it's still a work in progress. One of my relationships is trying to build an adapter card like the Simius one but with an HDMI output instead of the DVI output (It seems it's too hard to do with a microhdmi directly on the card). Once done i think i'll use this kind of micro HDMI adapter indeed (with a male HDMI / male MicroHDMI cable). I hope i'll then be able to put the RF shield back in place to avoid having too much noises with the WIFI signal of my fujinet And for the sound output i think i'll build a male 5 pin DIN (from the monitor port) to a female 2.5 jack. Or maybe i'll use the RF hole for the Jack and the micro HDMI cables. But in that case i'll have to take sound from the MB on the monitor port.
  8. @Gunstar Because with a Mini HDMI the problem is the same : it's too big. A Micro HDMI will work, but i haven't found a DVI-to-MicroHDMI online.
  9. I didn't want to modify my 800xl case so this is how i did it I'd love to see a micro hdmi output for the V3 maybe as an option ? (because the micro hdmi cable could go through the old RF hole).
  10. Thanks @rensoup and @TIX for your answer Keep on doing such an awesome job on this game within the free remaining time you may have and i know it's something rarest with the covid stuff.
  11. Hi, no pressure, I admire the work already done. I just wonder if Santa Claus will bring a new version in his hood for Xmas
  12. According to a pm i had, Simius said : "the boards are intended only for PAL or NTSC machines. NOT for the SECAM."
  13. Scary isn't it ? You can also buy this adapter instead : https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=309
  14. Hello folks, I was trying some randoms .car files until i had this error...?
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