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  1. Ok it's not user friendly until you find this search tool : http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html I tried to use "atari" as "assignee name" AND all names from http://www.atarimania.com/faq-atari-400-800-xl-xe-who-designed-the-atari-8-bit-computers_17.html in all other fields. I guess it's more or less what Jed did, that's why i hadn't more results. Too bad. 😥
  2. Absolutely...but as said before, the search engine is...well...not really user friendly
  3. I found a good list of Atari's patents here : https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/atpats.htm 400/800 + peripherals: https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4451900.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4296476.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd265315.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd262702.pdf Tons of joysticks : CX40 : https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4319099.pdf and https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4349708.pdf and https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd255565.pdf and https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd254544.pdf . Do we have an artist to do a great poster with all that stuff ? Others: https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat5286024.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4469330.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4459578.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd268689.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd271312.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd271313.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4275611.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4107642.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4124787.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd250606.pdf (kind of) https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd247746.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4091234.pdf Cartridges : https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd318273.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd272342.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd260881.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/pat4149027.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd252753.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd339577.pdf Consoles : https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd251143.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd268689.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd271891.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd251452.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd252926.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd250607.pdf https://www.jmargolin.com/patents/ataripats/patd250608.pdf And tons of arcade cabinets. But still nothing about the XL line...
  4. Hi, I found this picture, I wonder if it exists somewhere for the 800 xl ? 😍 Thanks.
  5. Hi, I was watching some old episodes of "Magnum PI" (i know i know, i'm not very proud of it 😂) and it seem there is an Atari 400 in one episode (Season 4 (1983–84), episode 3, "Smaller Than Life", ~00:26). The keybord is strange but it definitely belongs to an Atari 400/800. https://youtu.be/bzDblp4gvCc Best regards, Marsup.
  6. Marsupilami


  7. Not yet, living in europe the shipping cost will probably be high for a 2$ switch.
  8. The on/off switch on one of my XEGS is dead. A previous owner fixed this by soldering it so that it was always ON as soon as the XEGS is plugged. But that's ugly and this needs to be fixed. Conrad has a lot of this kind of switches but not the same. I don't want to spend money for something that won't fit Any idea ? Thanks.
  9. Yes you can find it here : https://atarinside.dyndns.org/blog/index.php/atarinside-items/atari-logo/ And B.T.W i'm looking for the booklet (or a scan).
  10. Hi, are you sure i's an XLF PAL ? I mean the output is a coaxial cable but with a Freddie inside ? Could you upload a picture of the motherboard ? Thanks.
  11. Ok Thanks, to both of you, Phaeron (i trully always enjoy your detailed explanations because i learn things) and luckybucky.
  12. DrVenkman was right ! Thanks ! It seems to be a problem with some files related to my Nvidia driver and ATRtool 27e. But the 27f version fixed the problem, well done ! Thanks for this great tool !
  13. Hi, i still have no luck to run this program but this time with win10x64. Again, I have the process in my task manager but no window. Maybe because i'm dual screen ? On a mono-screen it seems to run. I tried with compatibility and with admin mode, no luck.
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