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  1. I was cleaning up my basement last night and stumbled upon something that I'm not even sure how I came into possession of. None the less, up for sale is a in box copy of Sim City for the Atari 520, 1040, Mega ST & STE. Included with it is all of the original documentation (User Documents and Atari Supplemental Information). The box shows very little wear with the only blemish being a small mark on the front. I will post pictures if desired. I have no idea if this is even worth anything... so shoot me an offer. I'd rather it go to a loving home instead of collecting dust in my basement.
  2. I haven't really priced any of this stuff out, shoot me an offer on any or all of it, I'm working on pictures, they should be up later tonight. I have a 1040ST with a SC1224 monitor. The Good: Comes with cables and power supplies Everything works Ever key is in full working order The case is not broken, all labels are in place. I've totally disassembled the system and given it a through cleaning, re-flown solder where it was needed. The Not So Good: The case is pretty dirty, I took the system apart (like I said above) but couldn't get the case to look brand spankin new, I tried everything, I'm guessing it's the plastic that's stained. The plastic shell around the connector for the SC1224 is broken (smashed when it was shipped to me) this doesn't affect the function at all. I really would like to sell these two together, shoot me an offer for both of them, I have no idea what I'd want to get for it, so shoot me an offer. Games and Applications for ST just the disk unless otherwise stated Sim City - This is in the original silver INFOGRAMES box, with manuals. The paper is still crisp and like new, heck the UPC isn't even yellowed. AtariST Cover Disk April 1992 Includes: First Word - Easy-to-use wordprocessing for beginners Quizical - Quiz fun game with over 300 brain-teasers BANG! - Superb aganst-the-clock strategy game Mutant Caterpillars - Stunning 3D game created in STOS 3D Plus 4 more great demos! (I don't know what these are, never looked) Atari Advanced Hard Disk Utilities Music Studio 88 - Version 1.3 for the Atari ST Midi Music Lessons - Atari ST V1.51: These are separate disks. Note Wizard Chord Magic Rhythm Time Scale Master Atari USA Language Disk - Mega and ST Peripherals Light Gun It's 100% working, came with my 400XE, been sitting in a box since I gave my 400XE away last year. Tablet With Atari Artist Cart The tablet is a little scratched up but is 100% functional. Atari 1050 Disk Drive Not sure if this works, includes connection cord, power supply, and original owner manual Atari 1030 Modem Was working last year, should still work. Includes 2 connection cords and original manual. I'll have to look for the power supply. V-Series ULTRA Smartmodem 9600 Includes Power Supply. When plugged in and powered up the HS, TR, and MR lights light up. That's all I've got for now, I'll post more as I find it, and I've got pictures coming later tonight! Ask questions if you have any. Otherwise PM your offers (I guess you can post them below as well).
  3. The system is sold, everything else is still available, I'll be taking pictures this afternoon as soon as I get home!
  4. Times have gotten tough, and I hate to have to do this but I'm selling my 8-bit stuff. SOLD I've also got a 1050 Floppy drive that works... but I struggled to get it working, I haven't taken it apart to clean it, but if you're truly interest in it I suppose I can do that. The 1050 also has a switch and LED above it that says "Green-Write, Red-Read" not sure what this means, but if you flip the switch up it turns green and vise versa. So somebody must know what this is all about. I've got a working light gun with Barnyard Blasters. The Barnyard Blasters doesn't have a case (just a circuit board) My Atari sell shells for a few bucks. I can also do this if needed, but it's an easy Philips head screw job. Next I have a working tablet with Atari Art, again I can confirm both work perfectly, I cleaned the leads off the cartridge to get a better connection (used a fiberglass pen). I've got a power supply from an 800XE that works, and a supply from a 1050 that is also confirmed working. Finally I've got a metal cartridge door from an 800XE. It still had the protective plastic cover on it so it's in PERFECT condition, I'm willing to split with this cheap, I just want it to get used and not thrown away. I realize I'm new to the site so here's a link to my ebay feedback. I'll be taking pictures of the above tomorrow, let me know what you want for the above and we can make a deal!
  5. What kind of price did you have in mind?
  6. Would be awesome if we could bring this back! I'd be happy to supply the necessary hardware (I have lots of 'old' computers that could emulate it). So, begs the question, where do we start? I would assume most of the server software is toast, but could we reverse engineer it from the client?
  7. YAY My first post! Anywho, I figured out (through process of elimination) that the connector for the ribbon cable on the PCB is what was causing my keyboard problems. My question is... If I wanted to buy a new one what would it be called? If I search for ribbon cable connectors/sockets I get nothing but IDE cable sockets. I know it has 24 pins... any help is much appreciated!
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