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  1. Wow, a lot pictures, intro, demos and 2 games. Happy new year everyone, have fun with the Nailrace! ...Holger
  2. Hi, Here are my 10 favourite Games: 1.Drol 2. Donkey Kong jr. 3. Dan strikes back 4. Yoomp! 5. Ardy the Aardvark 6. Gyruss 7. Blowsub 8. Crownland 9. Spelunker 10. H3x0r deluxe ...so I hope to play some HSC games this season :-) ...Holger
  3. Just played Tornado a little bit on Colleen... Score 461.260 ...Holger
  4. Wow, a lot of new stuff for the Atari! Have fun with my pinball Tornado! A happy new year to all atarians, Holger
  5. Hi Thomas, You also can send it as an PM attachmemt here on AA. Greetings, Holger
  6. Hi everybody, I just wanted to do a little bit more than gaming with colleen... programming. But where can I find the Breakkey? I couldn"t find any infos on the homepage.... Thanks for the help, Holger
  7. Hi everyone, I sent my entry this morning. ...Holger
  8. Ok, noticed it my calendar... a little bit early, but this is good for all the campers.
  9. Wow, I hope Zorro 2 will be real. I liked the classic Zorro very much...
  10. Chuckie Egg? Never heard of it, but seems to be a nice platformer.
  11. Hi Guys, one of my favorite games is Whomper Stomper. For those, who don't know this game: Ants are storming wave to wave to your picnic place, you have to stomp them with your foot. If you fail, the blue ardvaark (from ant and the ardvaark) is helping you. Sounds odd but is big fun! ...Holger
  12. Hello Jan, Thanks for sharing! These fotos show the great weekend we all had together. ...Holger
  13. Hi Mathy, I think I have an idea with this abbuc website problem. I will talk with Carsten and Wolfgang. ...Holger BTW: Will you be tomorrow night just in time in Lengenfeld?
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