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  1. Hey guys, s'been a while since I've posted here... great to be back I just wanted to let you know that I've been doing a lot of retro-gaming inspired pixel art of late, and I've decided to set up an online store to make many of the designs available on a range of products, from clothing to skateboard decks, mousemats and coffee mugs. I figured this would be of interest to you guys, and would really appreciate some feedback on the designs. Here's my logo mousemat below, ...and if you want to see more, head over to Dead Pixel Designs on Zazzle.com
  2. well, i reckon it's cute... not much gameplay to it, you're right... but the animated battles are fun to watch nonetheless...
  3. see you in the arena...! Def. check this if you love watching cute japanese animated characters do battle... http://supermarket.mybrute.com/
  4. Hey guys- I hope this isn't pushing the boundaries of this forum- but I'm currently looking for a Java-savvy programmer who might be interested in collaborating in the development of several simple games designed for the cell-phone download marketplace. As an atari fan, much inspiration has been drawn from the proncipals of vintage 2600 gameplay, and as such should appeal to the AtariAge crowd and the general public alike. My partner and I will be representing our business 'danimations' at a forum mid next year, where prototypes of games will be pitched to potential investors and buyers of the content, so we're serious about making this work. We're based in Australia, but the programmers' whereabouts should not stand in the way of a healthy collaboration. Drop me a line via email, pm or our website: http://www.danimations.com.au
  5. Whole package looks great... who did your helicopter illustration on the front cover & labels?
  6. I have an Epson Perfection 3170 Photo (with an upside-down lightbox embedded in the lid). I was more into photography 4 years ago when I got it, and I have scanned everything from slides and negs to drawings on napkins, even a burned piece of pizza. Highly recommended... provided they haven't strayed to other parts manufacturers in recent years...
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the entries for this... being in Australia, they'll probably be up and waiting for me by the time I get up tomorrow!
  8. Hey folks... here's my design... thought I'd give you a preview since it's not up on the site yet. Ended up using markers first, then scanning and manipulating the drawings before adding the digital background. Hope you dig it!
  9. Thanks for the tip-off Albert... I gave the game a play today, and got cracking on the drawing board. Just tossing up whether to go digital or analog for the illustration this time around... I think the watercolour paints could use some exercise...
  10. I'm looking forward to playing this, then getting down to work on a label for the cartidge art design contest that just opened! I was a big fan of Scorched Earth on PC back in the mid '90s... anyone else here a fan of that game?
  11. Brilliant- thanks for the info and links Nathan. Looking forward to ordering my synthcart... I'll def. put your overlay PDF to good use!
  12. I just bought a pair of Keyboard Controllers for my Atari 2600 (to use with SynthCart when I order it) and am wondering... Does anyone have a list of carts which use these? I'm assuming it's not a very long list... but hey, surprise me! Thanks... Dan
  13. Thanks for the compliment, r_type! It's great to see so many entries and diverse approaches to the design. Props to everyone who entered!
  14. I'm up for swaps if you are... and am in Adelaide... here's what I have to trade at present: space invaders / brown label (x2) ms pacman / silver label kangaroo / silver label dig dug / silver label I'll have a few more to trade soon if you're keen... I'm in Adelaide too, so we could even save on the postage also, re: the above question.... drop Dino a line... he made me a similar offer.
  15. I found some pretty distinctive tings and buzzes in Reactor... haven't worked out how to play the game, mind you
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