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  1. Perhaps that should be little brother since ARM was 'born' after the 6502.
  2. Ah, you've noticed. No, it's not my native language. I learned the language during my time of running a tailor shop on the promenade of Deep Space Nine. Many Starfleet personal were stationed there and I picked up English from them (they kept dropping it all over and people would trip over it constantly there). Before that I used a universal translator. How's that for a response? What I believe is that they know what they're talking about. One way I know is that they've demonstrated their knowledge many times on this (and other) sites over the years in various ways. Yes they are, they've proven it. If wishes were trees the trees would be falling. The only thing they are fanatic about is being accurate about what each computer (Atari or Commodore) is capable of. They are. We should have one, yes, but the fault doesn't lay with them. Again with the "fanatics"? If I were you I'd go back and really look at that picture again. It is not the computer you're looking for. No, indeed they won't. I think you need to go back re-read their posts. Oh, I am so tempted to make more DS9 references here it's not even funny. Right, because above all else that doesn't belong in the programming forum. I'm aware of it. Ways you know you're losing an internet argument #403: use "I have a [fill in some health problem]" or "I'm a [fill in some health problem or college degree]" to try to stay afloat in the fray. I would think many people on these forums have problems too whether similar or not but that doesn't make it right to not listen. Yes, you too. Garak
  3. Um, no, none that I can think of. Thanks for asking though! Well... actually I might. Something about someone who doesn't grasp what others are telling them. Yeah, I'd say that could be a problem, but certainly not my problem. Actually I have so I didn't need your constant demonstrations of it in this thread, thank you. Yes, I know you don't. Even when posts are written by people who are far more experienced in such matters then you. You're giving me this advice? What about those who post pointless posts pointlessly? Garak
  4. Agreed. I've found you can get some rather interesting music from picking notes randomly. Back in 1991 a few friends and I started work on a small rpg/dungeon crawl game in BASIC. One of my friends wanted a small tune for the game. The BASIC we were using had a "play" command and he randomly inserted a whole bunch of notes in then went back and made each note a sharp or flat. It actually turned out pretty well but never ended up being used. Garak
  5. If you intend on using other people's SID music in releases you should, at least, make sure to give credit to the author of the SID. Garak
  6. @retrozoneorg - Heh, thanks! It was great that they brought O'Brian over from TNG where they could do more with him. :-)

  7. Love the Garak Profile. Him and O'Brian are my favorite characters from DS9! :)

  8. A must see site for unknown and various versions of Commodore computers/hardware is The Secret Weapons of Commodore! site. Garak
  9. About crashes: I'm going to assume everyone is making sure they're running NTSC (or NTSC fixed) versions of the games/cracks on NTSC C64s? The majority of stuff out there for the C64 is for PAL C64's and many of those either won't work very well (timing will be off (sound speed etc)/messed up screen graphics) or will just crash on an NTSC C64. Gamebase attempts to at least have NTSC or NTSC fixed versions. Garak
  10. Yep, the only thing missing will be sound. Edit: It's possible some games may freeze depending on what they're attempting with sound code but I don't think you'll have too many problems. Garak
  11. "dumped"? The SID isn't an eprom or similar - it's digital and analog circuitry in an IC. If you mean to ask has anyone made a modern replacement for it the answer is yes and no. A few people are working on something but those replacements lack either a part of SID's features like the filters or the people working on them aren't finished yet. You can run a C64 without one until you find a replacement SID. Many of the old brick ones aren't reliable. However, for making your own check either the forums at Lemon 64 or the comp.sys.cbm newsgroup for peoples discussions and own replacement projects for the power supply. Garak
  12. Hate to tell you this but Commodore users aren't different then you in this. Now that's amusing. Over the years there have been some Atari people who posted over in various Commodore forums and newsgroups stating such. As for coming into your forum: some of us have been registered and posted here for years before this thread existed or before you even joined due to interest in Atari happenings. Garak
  13. The people most familiar with the VIC-II either don't come here or rarely do. But they can be found at CSDb and at Lemon64. Likewise for the VIC-I Denial would be more appropriate. No problem. Garak
  14. A "door" was a program that was external and separate from the BBS program itself yet added extra functionality. It was called a "door" because the BBS program would step-aside (either removing part of itself from memory or all of itself for instance; yet would leave the modem open) and pass control over to the external program it called (usually through a batch file). This was like going through a 'door' from one place to another. When the external program completed it would close and control would be passed back to the BBS program. Games weren't the only door programs on a BBS. Other doors could be things like the user stats generator/displayer, the oneliner comments, and extra menus. Garak (former co-sysop of a BBS in the mid-90's)
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