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  1. Well I sadly bought a regular FC as an excuse for buying a NES. I regret this decision mostly because it's more fun to own the original. It plays most NES games but FC3 kind of sounds boring. A lot of third party systems tend to not work well as possible. I've seen a lot of Genesis/NES combined systems be kind of crummy. These reviews kind of explain for themselves - 2-in-1 NES/Genesis System Another NES/Genesis System Yobo is more interested in having a system than having a system that works. The price tag is also a little heavy. You would spend the same amount on a SNES and a Genesis combined, maybe even all 3 combined, but you would have an actual game system that can work. SUMMARY - An OK console that is for lazy people too lazy to find an actual system.
  2. Honestly, I like the Intellivision the best. The Intellivision 2 controllers are horrible and were not made to be held by human hands. The side buttons are all different except for the top two. They usually hold the same function. But both of the bottom buttons are different. Intellivision I is definitely easier to find. If you are looking for a good game cartridge to test it would probably be Utopia. You need the disk for every movement and you need the numbers to decide what to build. You also need the side buttons to see different stats of your island.
  3. Well, If you are not an expert or know a heck of a lot about Intellivisions, I'd try and find someone to do it for you.
  4. Well, This is no guaranteed way to print them, but what i do is print them on regular paper, and then cover them with clear packing tape. It makes them somewhat laminated so they dont bend or tear, but they'll do the job for you.
  5. Fourtunatley, I also had this same problem and it doesn't require any of the above. I don't know if I have the same solution as you, but it is very simple. You must not be pushing the games in all the way. This was the problem for me. Don't be afraid to be aggresive but still be gentle. Make sure you hit the reset button after you turn it on.
  6. Lol wow, Guarantee if you tried to play guitar hero the system would overheat or something. But still very cool, 9/10 lol
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