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  1. So is there anyone willing to put it on a cart?
  2. So will this be available in the Atariage store on a cartridge?
  3. I've got NTSC versions on carts for every PAL-only games. So yes, you can get anything.
  4. If you're ever in Wisconsin, you're welcome to come over and play it. It's actually a pretty fun game.
  5. This is the list I use as the "complete" list. Although I'm a little biased, since I wrote it. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/279/entry-5704-how-many-atari-2600-games-are-there-answer-470/
  6. So which two are you waiting for? I consider my collection complete as well. I think I have about a dozen copies.
  7. Can you jump over the rat from the left?
  8. Airlock. Any Atari time I spend always include a couple of Airlock runs.
  9. Any word if this is still going to happen?
  10. Swordquest Airworld. There's a great game idea. I'd love to see one of the skilled programmers around here finish the series.
  11. You have to get lucky and find the right random game. But try to win the game with every single object in the gold castle - but the bat is holding NOTHING at the end. It can be done. I've done it multiple times.
  12. Have you checked with the folks here at Atariage store? Several years ago I had carts made of all the Flashback games that were not original games. I know I bought some of them from here. So they may have them all.
  13. The roms for all those Flashback games are out there if you search.
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