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  1. Since when is 30fps "high performance?"
  2. Yeah, definitely feels like a mix of an art/design project and a games system than anything. A novelty, but it isn't trying to be anything else. Unlike the Ataribox, which to be honest I can't understand how it's even still going.
  3. "Beefy" is the response in the FAQ, which I doubt but it doesn't really matter.
  4. Reminds me of a quirkier (and much more expensive) Arduboy. You could theoretically build something similar with a Pi Zero and a Pico8 license but nothing looks quite like this.
  5. I think a lot of the Playdate's price is the design that went into it.
  6. I'm pretty excited about it, not just for the cool design but also the games and the homebrew potential. Reminds me of the Arduboy, though it does cost three times as much...
  7. https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2019/5/22/18628360/playdate-panic-teenage-engineering-qwop-katamari So, this got announced today. It is a $150, black-and-white system with 12 games coming in a "season" with weekly releases. The craziest part? That crank doesn't provide power- it's a control input! Already has games announced from a few indie devs and the guy behind Katamari Damacy. What do you think? An example of how the crank works, with the game by the Katamari creator. https://play.date/
  8. Reading this whole mess as someone who has not followed this from the start is a trip.
  9. Online. They're talking about it online, then going to the events.
  10. This is an absolutely huge industry. Look at Twitch and see how many people watch Overwatch or DoTA streams. I've seen soldout stadiums for this stuff. It will do fine.
  11. It has sound. Arduventure is a great game, and Team ARG has produced some amazing products given that they're free and how limited the hardware is.
  12. Oh I know that. I'm just hoping they release a horizontal one so the Arduboy community jumps on it and starts making color games. The Arduboy has absolutely amazing games.
  13. This is based off of the Arduboy! Shame that the screen is vertical and not horizontal, a color Arduboy would be a great upgrade.
  14. One of the more interesting games in my collection (not for the content, it's just a passable mascot platformer though it does look exactly like a SNES game on PS1) is the Jaleco game "Punky Skunk" on PS1. Notably, because of the lack of discussion of the game, an interesting sentence about it on its Wikipedia page has lasted for years, without being challenged: "It remains a collectors curiosity due to the generally unfinished nature of the game and the unfavorable reviews given at the time of release." I've never beaten the game myself, but there's clearly an ending to it and it is easily accessible online. So yeah, guess this is just another example of Wikipedia misinformation? Anyway, anyone else ever play this "hidden gem?"
  15. I just wish all companies with a library like Nintendo or Sega had a Steam-level service to provide their old content. Nintendo in particular abandoned the Virtual Console because I suppose they want to sell the Minis. In 2018, there's really no excuse to not have a Steam-level distribution platform. It is, and should be, the standard. Nintendo's online platforms have always lagged, but people shouldn't make excuses. I know this doesn't seem to have to do with ROMs and the like, but perhaps me switching primarily to PC gaming in recent years and looking at what console manufacturers have just sort of confuses me.
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