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  1. MADS is slightly different to other compilers (ATASM, XASM etc.), but mostly downwards compatible. If you have an "old" listing where you get errors, check, what the errors are saying and look up the specific MADS commands, that are different. One thing is, that in ATARI Assembler you set the memory with > *= $2000", while in MADS you have to use "ORG $2000". Comments in ATMAS start with > * <, while in MADS you use > ; < Before using MADS, check the manual: http://mads.atari8.info/mads_eng.html There you find the most important differences at the top:
  2. I´m in Salt Lake City (Actually Sandy, but E&S is uphill at Komas Dr and I spend lots of time there) regularly (have a room at a friend´s house) and take it as base for my road trips. Next planned visit is October, let´s keep in touch. The USB-Cartridge is available for about about 16 years now and no one really did much with it. What a shame, this has to change, I´m just digging into it. So many cool things here that could be connected and used with the Atari.
  3. I use the VCS Classic Stick, which I connect to my Mac via Blutetooth with Atari800MacX, and the stick works great. But as phaeron said, Paddle is another story. I can read the controller as stick OR as paddle, still have to figure out the details. Evans&Sutherland´s "Digistar 6" recognizes the paddle function, but crashes. When I´m in Salt Lake next time, I´ll talk with the creator of the Joystick.dll about it. Would be to cool to control my digital planetarium with an Atari stick. Fun Fact: I can connect the Stick to my Atari 800XL with USB Cartridge (still available from ABBUC, technical Details: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=MicroUSB ) and it sees stick and paddle changes. Let´s see, what we can do with that.
  4. Quick`n`dirty video instead of image. vcsstick.mp4
  5. I play on unmodded Lightsixer on an 80s color TV and would do Beta Testing. I also use Harmony and PLUSCART to play .bins on the real machine. Also use Stella sometimes on OS X Big Sur.
  6. Holger Janz is working on RamDisk drivers, to make use of The!Cart´s 512KB RAM chip: http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/theramdisk https://github.com/HolgerJanz/RAMCART When I understood @JAC! correctly, it theoretically should be possible, that The!Cart "flashes itself". Maybe @JAC! can say something about this?
  7. Oh, I mixed up the names again, I guess. Then of course, it doesn´t help. I just remembered, that I had a faulty U1MB where I could flash that removable Chip (PLCC it must be, right?) with the Maxflash.
  8. Do you have a Maxflash 8mbit Flash Cartridge? Not the programmer, just the cartridge. That will allow you to flash the CPLD for the U1MB with your Atari. No need for any other hardware.
  9. That´s supposed to have been shipped for you with #143, which was shipped two days after #144 for some organizational reasons and should arrive soon.
  10. You make me feel like 12 years old again. Wanted to do exactly this stuff then, but no other Atarians around, no literature, no internet etc. Little Sascha will go to bed with a big smile in his face.
  11. Thank you all guys, I´ve learned so much (I´m a total noob, srsly). I very much like @ascrnet´s way using text mode. Have to check out later, how to have two different scroll directions in one line with that. The last thing I didn´t understand was the "compressed" graphics, but changing the DL to Antic Mode D did the trick, as it uses 2 scanlines. So this is my last video: modeD.mp4
  12. Just using different colors affects the direction of the rainbow. skr.m4v skrabbuc.mp4
  13. Changing direction in Thom´s code works with using SBC instead of ADC. You can also have both directions at once. I´ve just made Subroutines "SD" (Scroll Down) and "SU" (Scroll Up). Looks like this: ;; Atari Logo with rainbow Fuji ;; Author: Thom Cherryhomes <[email protected]> ;; Edited by skr <[email protected]> C0 = $D01A DL = $F4 DH = $Ff5 SDLSTL = $0230 SDLSTH = $0231 VCOUNT = $D40A ORG $2200 START LDA SDLSTL STA DL LDA SDLSTH STA DH ;; SET COLOR REGISTERS LDA #$0E ;Color STA $02C4 ;Set Color for Logo STA $02C5 ;Set Color for Text ;; SET DISPLAY LIST LDA #$00 STA SDLSTL LDA #$29 STA SDLSTH LOOP JSR SD sta $d01a ;Rainbow on Background JSR SU sta $d016 ;Rainbow on Logo sta $d017 ;Rainbow on Text jmp loop SD lda $d40b ;Load VCOUNT clc adc 20 ;Add counter sbc scrolls down, adc scrolls up sta VCOUNT RTS SU lda $d40b ;Load VCOUNT clc sbc 20 ;Add counter sbc scrolls down, adc scrolls up sta VCOUNT RTS ORG $2900 DLST .BYTE $70,$70,$70 .BYTE $4E,$50,$31 .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $4E,$00,$40 .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E,$0E .BYTE $41,$00,$29 ORG $3150 ;Load image to this address INS "atari.mic" RUN START updown.mp4 downup.mp4 allscroll.mp4
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