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  1. 1. The game you are ashamed you never played. Archon. Everybody seems to like it, but I never tried. Should give it a go soon. 2. The game you are ashamed you love. I can´t feel shame for something, when I love it. Otherwise it wouldn´t be real love. 3. The game you think everyone else should be ashamed they love. Same as for 2
  2. You might also want to try Mad Studio:
  3. The titel might be confusing, so in general: Altirra runs fine. But in one scenario, it hangs up. My setup: Mac OS X.14.5, eclipse 4.12.0, WUDSN IDE, Altirra (from 2.90 to 3.20 test 1 - my problem is true for all those versions) Altirra is bottled with winebottler, to have it running standalone under OS X. That works just fine. But when I write a program with WUDSN IDE and compile and run it with Altirra, Altirra will completely freeze after 30 seconds. There are no errors, it just freezes and I can´t even close it normally but have to force closing it. The strange thing: When I take the very same .xex-file that WUDSN IDE created and start it directly with Altirra, it just runs fine. No freezing, no problem. I think, the problem is not Altirra itself, but the way I start it. So here is my shell script which I call from WUDSN IDE to start Altirra: #/!bin/bash fullpath="${1//\"}" lstfile=${fullpath%.xex}.lst AltirraExec=/Applications/Altirra.app/Contents/MacOS/startwine.sh sed "/mads /a\\ Source: $lstfile " $lstfile > $lstfile.temp mv $lstfile.temp $lstfile cd "$(dirname "$fullpath")" $AltirraExec /singleinstance /run $(basename "$fullpath") Does anybody else have that problem? What can I do?
  4. Did you check, what´s on your SDX installation? (> DIR CAR: ) At least FATFS.SYS can be found on the toolkit (It´s compressed with ARC) : http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_download_special Anyway: I would also be interested in learning how to mount files on a FAT partition with SDX.
  5. Yes, it runs on Wine. Have it running here on Mac OS X using winebottler.
  6. They are straight forward. With the left capacitive button you go down through the slot numbers, with the other one you go up. The LEDs show you, which slot is mounted. You have 8 Drives. In the menu you can mount up to 8 ATRs - one to each drive. As long as you do not powercycle the Atari, the slots keep their ATRs.
  7. Fun? Look at me (orange shirt): We are hard, hard working!
  8. I know that thread, but it doesn´t help me. I´ve got movplay60n.obx, renamed to .xex to be visible in the SIDE loader. But it can´t find the video. So the basic question might be: How to copy the video to the CF card to be visible in the SIDE loader?
  9. I have a 1088XEL with CF3 and want do stream video, like the guys with the AVG cart do, but can´t figure out, how to do it. What software do I need? Where do I get it? How to prepare the videos?
  10. If you need any hardware, you might contact tf_hh here in Germany. Even if there is no SIO2SD on his list, he might be able to help you with that also. Just send him a mail. More info about his stuff: http://www.van-radecke.de/STUFF/tfhh_HW_info.pdf
  11. After Level 99 it ended with a funny animation.
  12. If you do not need the PBI, go for the 1200XL.
  13. Check this posting in the German ABBUC forums: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102 Should be easy anough to follow, even if you don´t speak German.
  14. For me, this is the most amazing Atari: Actually, I don´t feel the need for a Rapidus at all.
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