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  1. For me it´s not about lag. I´m just not good with using the keyboard for controls. Never was. With the new Classic Controller that comes with the Atari VCS800 I can play Albert in the Emulator (Atari800MacX, controller connected via bluetooth) as well as on the real machine. But I totally prefer the look of my CRT.
  2. Ataris don´t die. Sometime they just fall asleep, but can be awakened.
  3. You might want to check @JAC!s programming tipps: http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tutorials/tips If you scroll down a bit, you find a the topic "The program should switch off BASIC automatically, if it requires BASIC to be disabled".
  4. I think, it was the same impulse that triggered me, wasn´t it? German customs very subtle checked the box: 😂 But the content survived and is working, only needs a little cleaning. The communication with the seller in Egypt was very nice, and he mentioned that he might probably have more Atari stuff. But he is not an Atari person himself. I think I´ll ask for what else he has to offer, maybe there are some items, that were specifically for that market. But now I need to turn some of my arabic friends here in Germany into Atari users.
  5. No, I didn´t die there. If it is the exact same position, chances are, that it is fixable. Yes, having the level numbers would be nice. And some kind of scoring or time limit, to be able to play this in a competition against others.
  6. I´m afraid, I´m an a**hole: When we play games in the ABBUC-Bundesliga (every last Wednesday a month) I´m always starting like "What a trashy game", "Unplayable" etc. But then I get the hang of it and often reach very good scores. With games, that I played a lot in the 80s and 90s (sounds like an advert for a radio station) it´s that memory comes back quickly and then it´s just routine. But a game must attract me. I´ll never score much in Blue Max for example, which I never liked and was played in HSC short time ago. Actually I just wanted to test the new controls in Albert, but somehow it ended up like this... Before that, I struggled a lot with the precise jumps and especially the ladders, which I always missed. But somehow this works well now for me. As they didn´t mention a change with the way how Albert grabs the ladders, I think, I just got the feeling for it. Ladders now aren´t a problem for me anymore.
  7. Oh yes, now I do. Everybody has his favourite stick. I love the Competiton 5000 and since they´re here, the ArcadeR. I didn´t like the CX40, but since I´ve modded it with microswitches (there was a board from a Commodore-modder) I like it too, when it comes to precision. But for Albert I use my ArcadeR: I think, there is a glitch in Level 24. They counted as collected and I could finish the level, but it confused me a bit: AlbertError.mp4 Oh, and I think I shouldn´t have put my money on @Yellow_Man: 😇
  8. Generally, never talk to others about your plans. Just make it happen, and then present it. There always will be people trying to take influence and get you off your track, so that you never reach your goal. This is great! Ok, will check that, sounds like it could help me with my limited control skills. Damn it. 🤣 I put my money on @Yellow_Man, even Albert is not a shooter.
  9. I´m using an EasyAcc 15000mAh which also powers four GoPros at once. The cable I use was once built by @tf_hh, so I don´t actually know anything about thickness of wires. A8USB.mp4
  10. All that I want is not important. What it is important is, that rensoup just can finish the game the way HE wants it to. Everything else can come afterwards. About the beeps: No magic at all. I can turn off and on the beeps with a poke and just think, rensoup turned them off. That´s all. But again: This is totally not important. It doesn´t affect the gaming experience at all. The point for chosing xbios in first place is long missed. Now you should just carry on finishing the game. When finished, I´m quite sure, @xxl will give you any needed support to turn it into a CAR.
  11. I don´t have the Original Cart, but using the ROM from AtariMania (http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-rescue-on-fractalus_4352.html) I can´t see any difference to the disk version.
  12. Just the beeps, that enough for the simple minded me.
  13. 1. I tried all of them but end up using the default one as it works best for me. 2. Like @MrFish said: I play on the real hardware (always some machines set up here). Emulator is just for quick testing or when travelling. Keyboard controls are a no go for me on the Emulator, just can´t handle them. At least it plays fine when I connect the Atari VCS Stick via bluetooth. It turns out to have like no latency, but it is a bit too "slubberish" for Albert.
  14. Whoa, on an Emulator with keyboard such games are totally unplayable for me. The only thing that works good for me is using the wireless (bluetooth) Classic Controller from the Atari VCS 800 with Atari800MacX. Works great with TimePilot, but I can´t master Albert with it. I forgot to mention that: I lose many lifes at the ladders. Sometimes, Albert just doesn´t get grip of them. Or he totally ignores them, falling into a waterfall.
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