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  1. Sorry, this year there´s too much confusion. After postponing the annual meeting again, we announced, that the results will be published at the NOMAM meeting, which is... TODAY: There will be a short live stream from Itzehoe, Germany at 9pm GMT+2 (very soon) : https://youtu.be/qmlnZpkccCw The results then will be published at the ABBUC Forums and here. And then we keep on working getting everything back on track, so that the next magazine is in time again, which means, that it´ll ship before xmas.
  2. And you need all the Atari Chips (Sally, ANTIC, POKEY etc.). Panos batch is sold out, only official way of getting one is through ABBUC. If interested, check with @Yellow_Man, who runs the shop, if they´re still available. When they´re gone, the only way to get one would be "second hand" via eBay etc.
  3. skr

    SV 2020+1

    It is! I´m there, and corona distance is easy to adopt.
  4. Yes, wirelessly. I just switched it on and saw it the VCS´s system settings, where I could connect it. It really was that easy.
  5. My apologies, Fred. This is not in disrespect to you. I simply didn´t know and will cross check with Wolfgang. When taking over the member database, I didn´t get any information about honorable memberships that were made. As everything is getting digital know, the spoken word not always finds its way into strict technology. Actually this is an easy thing to correct and I apologise for any trouble that may have caused. The good thing is, that we figure those things out now. And maybe at some point we also have email addresses for all members in the database. Yours actually is missing, too. About the membership number: Is doesn´t mean anything. It´s just a number. At some point, @8Bitjunkie set the number to 1000 and for every new member we just increase by one. If a member leaves ABBUC for whatever reason, I do not give that number away to new members. So if a member returns, he can have his old number back. But that also means, that the highest number is NOT the total number of members. Steve did a great job with the checking routine, as this seems to be a much better way for members to get reminded about their membership. The printed date on the envelope was critized often in the past. Please send me an email, so that I can add your email to the database (which is not connected to the forum in any way for several reasons and therefore can contain a different email address) and send you a confirmation about your honorable status.
  6. The hardware stays unchanged. That said, Commodore Basic on the Atari now has access to four Pokey channels instead of three SID channels. But is there a command to control them? That would need POKEing and detailed knowledge of the hardware. Which I obviously lack, too. @8Bitjunkie unveiled the meaning of the Ataris shadow registers to me and why they can´t be used for POKEing from Commodore-Basic.
  7. This is software only and it uses the hardware it´s running on. You can´t even have the full Commodore characterset, only 128.
  8. Take a look at DeepL.com if you don´t mind. I find the results to be more satisfying.
  9. Those who are members and are waiting for Magazine 145 should check the Downloads now.
  10. Everybody who registers to the forum will automatically be in "registered users" and have limited rights. As membership meanwhile is checked by Steve´s code, I additionaly put every member into the "member" group, which grants different rights. So members are in both group, like you are, too. And that flight only is a bit more than one hour, so no big deal.
  11. As international ABBUC-members usually have to wait a bit longer for the magazine: If you are a member and want a board, please contact @Yellow_Man who runs the shop, we got a small batch from @santosp I´m now focussing on getting the downloads section filled with files, and also the shop currently is not 100% finished. If you contact Yellow_Man, please provide your ABBUC-membership number for verification.
  12. Oh, I should have learned by now, that you´re a magician. Is this a question of the OS, or is it just, that Win7 can´t run the browsers that are able to do it? Anyway: I can understand, if some users might complain about this, but we can´t have it all. The old server died due to heavy security issues. So security is the most important thing for me. I will not give up security for comfort. Would you mind to put that information into the ABBUC-Forum, too? This is a quite important and interesting question, I think.
  13. I totally agree to what emkay wrote. The game already is in such a wonderful state, and I totally love it exactly the way it is.
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