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  1. I´m just digging into makeATR to make a standalone ATR utility for Mac OS X, but I´m heavily lacking on time right now, as I´m working way toooooo much. So progress is very slow, and I still have to learn, how to deal with Xcode, as I´m totally used to MS Visual Studio.
  2. ABBUC members receive the magazine on a floppy disk four times a year. Beside "official" texts (protocols, dates etc.) it always contains software of all kind. This software shall preferably be created by ABBUC members, but actually, we sometimes had to search the internet for software to not deliver an empty disc. So this call is for EVERYBODY: If you have created ANY software for the Atari 8 Bit computer, which has not been released yet, please consider having it published on the ABBUC magazine. This can be anything: A game, a demo, an update, an image, a little BASIC program, a WIP of something (demo like)... you name it: anything! It can also be your first BASIC program you´ve created back in the days and never showed off. Why not release it and get some feedback? Please just also send a small text which describes you and the program. If you have anything, that you want to be released with the next magazine, please contact CharlieChaplin, who creates the actual disk images for the magazines, and/or me. If we come to the lucky situation, that the disk is full (we always deliver one disc, two-sided, ED) he will inform me and we decide, which software we release on the current issue, and what we keep for one of the following issues. Keep on coding!
  3. Yes, it is! Please contact 8bitjunkie (cashier) directly or write an email to [email protected] to get the details. Right now Thomas handles this with his private PayPal account, to make things easier. We probably will have an official ABBUC-PayPal account one day, but right now this is the way we go.
  4. So, what other ways could that be, that work for you? I know, that wiring sometimes is not very easy. This is, why I personally prefer PayPal. We are open for any suggestion and check it, to make it as easy and convenient for everyone.
  5. Thanks! Time for bed. It was a long day, as we were in Herten and moved all the ABBUC stuff from there to Hamburg.
  6. Just to put even more pressure on myself: Magazine 139 will be available in english soon, and we try to deliver the english version of the next issue not much later than the german version. Just don´t stop asking, I take that as a positive feedback that shows me, that it´s worth doing it.
  7. That´s a great and generous offer. I´ll check and send you the list of people tomorrow. If you would like to send them out personally, we will of course refund you for packing and shipping. Please wait for the list, I´m still at work.
  8. For me, it´s a combination of time and the amount of stuff played in one round. I dropped off at a point, where I realised, that there are many games to play in one round. But I personally would love to focus on one single game. That would make it easier for me to spend some time for the HSC. I like to plan like "Yeah, HSC, let´s play <one_game> tonight and the other nights, until the round is over, instead of "Hell, what of the games should I play now?". I´m a simple guy and HSC just got too complicated for me.
  9. Do I understand correctly, that all I need is an ESPxx connected to the SIO support and your software? That´ll be cool, as this would be a very simple and inexpensive solution. I´m already testing my ESP with Mr. Atari´s LiteDos, which in general works, but I need to make a better SIO-plug for it. Right now I´ve just loosely soldered four wires directly to the SIO-port...
  10. Yes, that´ll be enough to check. The PDFs are not there yet, working on some stuff to get it available, will probably be done next week. This week I´m fully busy with other stuff.
  11. OH! I know you are, so this is a big mistake. Please send me an Email as a reminder (Currently working like 16 hours a day, still at work now) so that I can check immediately.
  12. Gunstar, send me your details to check when you actually joined. Maybe we still have some copies. I don´t know for sure, so fare I didn´t see them. IF there are any left, I´ll check who joined in 2019 after the release and get them out to those people. But I can´t promise anything.
  13. To me as a beginner in programming (only managed to write some simple, little demos so far), all this is totally new and it motivates me to dig deeper into it and try to create my first ever game. So I´m collecting all those Infos, hoping that one day I really can use some of these techniques. Right now they are still a bit too much for me, but I grab useful information from all the tutorials here. So please guys (especially the ones, who program since the 80s), keep on sharing your techniques, even if they appear to be trivial or simple to you. There are still people trying to learn all the stuff, that is nothing new to you. And... keep on coding!
  14. Not bad for a Hoax. Btw: Love your animated profile pic I have to admit, that I never played Wonderboy on any system. So this is like a brand new game to me. And what you are doing is looking excellent so far. Keep on coding, that looks like a great addition to the Atari 8 Bit game library.
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