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  1. No, I never did. I normally just enjoy the game (which I´m quite good, I think). Will have an eye on it next time.
  2. A guy who now lives in Munich created a controlinterface for an old ZEISS ZKP1 starball, which didn´t have computer control. He gave me all the software (machine language), but I still have to recreate the hardware. My colleague in Flensburg (about 170km North from me) still has a ZKP1 to test it with. So much to do...
  3. Of course including Pluto! Thanks for sharing your program, that´s the stuff I´m looking for.
  4. Xtreem was the first one and plays very well. I bought the cart years ago and still play it a lot. Elite is kind of a successor. As far as I remember, there were graphical improvements announced. I think it was planned to have VBXE support, not sure. Also there is improved controller support, should work very nice with Paddles and Driving controller. But I never bought it, so I can´t say for sure.
  5. Space Base looks interesting, but I can´t find an ATR for it. There´s no dump on Atarimania and my searches only lead to the ANTIC catalogs, where it was sold for 19,95$ (AP142). Can anybody help me getting this? Side Note: At the Fujiama meeting in 2018, there was a lunar eclipse. On the afternoon that day, @krupkaj started ATARI Planetarium on an 800 XL (or XE, don´t remember exactly), entered the location and time and that software from 1984 exactly predicted the lunar eclipse and also showed it graphically. That was very cool, especially, as we had clouds covering the sky and made it impossible to watch the real thing.
  6. Love that, too. Thanks for sharing!
  7. The number of pages is not fixed and depends on how much stuff you (the members) send us. I don´t get tired of mentioning this: This is YOUR magazine, YOUR platform. You can send in anything Atari related you want to share with others. If it is not German, I will translate it for the German magazine. Magazine 139 has 32 pages, 140 has 52 pages and 141 has 44 pages. As you might recognize, the number of pages just has to be divisible by four. But the number of pages is just quantitiy, not automatically quality. The quality comes from the articles, and I think, it is quite high, too. And now I have to go back on making the english PDF happen.
  8. Don´t tell anybody. Imagine everybody wants personal delivery right now. I mean, if we had members in Hawaii or the Seychelles...
  9. That name just seems to be legit.
  10. At least for Bomb Jake I know, that there was a Cartridge version on sale. It also saves highscores on the cart. I got one, but I´m sure they were completely sold out quickly and there never was a second run.
  11. I have to process everything manually and right now I have a lot of work and there are really many requests. I´m just processing everything that get in the last days. Maybe you are one of those living in a town called "House"? There will be a new process, as this manual process is not very fast.
  12. I had to use OS B to make it run.
  13. No joke, but not ready yet. To not make it a one-man-show I got support and will create the workflow at the weekend and then see, which magazine is ready first (probably 139, as I got most translations for that already). If the workflow is successfull, for the next issue we will be much faster.
  14. Check WUDSN IDE (http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide). With that you code with all comfort in eclipse and with the push of a button your program will compile and be started in an emulator. When on a Mac: Works nicely with Atari800MacX. Also with Altirra, but that´s a bit trickier to set up.
  15. For those who are not using the ABBUC forums: Every last Wednesday of a month from 9pm to 11pm (Berlin time) we run the Highscorecompetition. The game is choosen randomly and announced shortly before 9pm. Tonight it´s "Bandits" Join the ABBUC Forums, go to "Community" and choose "Chat". There choose "Bundesliga" and just talk to us. Holgibo will tell you how to enter your scores. At the end of a season there are some winners with PRIZES. They are announced at the annual convention (JHV, October). Come in and have fun!
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