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  1. Just received my FujiNet and I´m blown away. It perfectly fits and works out of the box. No installation, no hassle. Plug´n´Play at it´s best. I only had to look for instructions about to do the Firmware upgrade. Didn´t find it (it was late already, working ~13 hrs/day currently) but it was easy enough for me to figure out that I just have to connect the FujiNet to my MacBook and the rest was just hit Update and watch it grabbing the current firmware automatically and flashing it.
  2. And we Germans are comlaining again @FlorianD figured out a problem with Umlauts in folder names. ATRs can´t be mounted, when there is a Umlaut in the folder path. I´ve opened an issue about this in GitHub. Besides that: A W E S O M E! You rock!
  3. skr

    Wall Art

    Maybe you´ll finde some interesting in @des-OR-mad´s Portfolio: https://des-or-mad.net/portfolio/ He did a lot of artwork for the ABBUC, for example most of the covers of the ABBUC magazine. Should be worth a look.
  4. There are a few copies left in the ABBUC-Shop.
  5. Yes, of course. I will update this thread simultaneously with the thread at the ABBUC-Forums: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10455
  6. I absolutely can´t second that. I have Lotharek´s cable too, and it has a great picture on all my screens (i have lots of CRTs and LCDs I connect my Ataris to). In no combination I´ve ever spottet Jailbars. Latest "new" Screen I´ve connected my 800 XL (with UAV, installed by @tf_hh) is a DELL 2408WFPb:
  7. I´ve ordered a small batch which probably will be available in about two weeks in the ABBUC Shop and cost about 15 Euro.
  8. Yes, of course. I remember that happen often when playing the Atari 8Bit version of Shanghai. That´s kind of the strategy: As standard tiles are available four times, never get the first pair you spot. In this case I was hoping to get away with it, but it failed. It was the 7 with the little square at the bottom. Will never forget it. Grrr...
  9. Yes, Atari800MacX is all you need for casual Atari stuff on the Mac. It´s based on Atari800 which also gets updated from time to time. The GUI is extremely nice and I like it much better than Altirra´s GUI. But as FJC said: Altirra is top notch and can emulate nearly every important special hardware that´s out there (like U1MB, VBXE etc.) And when it comes to debugging, there is no better choice than Altirra, especially when using WUDSN IDE. Atari800MacX has debugging too, but doesn´t even support breakpoints from WUDSN IDE. As a Mac user, you can feel very happy: With Atari800Macx you have a really nice looking and easy to use emulator and can also benefit from Altirra´s superior hardware emulation and debugging functions.
  10. Don´t use winebottler! Absolutely unnecessary! If you have installed wine-dev, just open Terminal.app on Mac. Then you get a command line window. For ease of use, rename the Altirra-folder to "Altirra" and put it in "Applications". Then, in Terminal.app, you go there by typing cd /Applications/Altirra To make sure, Altirra64.exe is there, type: ls You now get a listing of all files in the folder Altirra. There should be two exe-files: Altirra.exe and Altirra64.exe. Altirra.exe won´t run. So now just type wine64 Altirra64.exe Let us know, if that works for you. The next step than is to create a nice App (simple thing to do with script editor) so that you can start Altirra by double-clicking on that icon, like any Mac-app.
  11. This is the way I went. Just make sure to have homebrew installed, which is an easy thing to do, if you follow the instructions: https://brew.sh/index_de Works fine with WUDSN IDE and also made an app using Apple Script Editor to start Altirra on Mac like any other Mac application.
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