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  1. Lvl 11 - 2659 Pts. I should not hit the Firebutton that often in this Level, I guess...
  2. Ok, I´ll set up my NTSC 1200 XL and see, if it runs there, too. Then let´s see. Lcl 09 - 2048 Pts. (PAL A800) This is the hardest Screen for me so far. Never solved it. Sometimes it comes as Level 4 or so, then Highscorehunt is over
  3. Currently I am playing on my PAL A800 with Incognito Board on a LCD-Display. Wait until I connect my CRT, the "night levels" are hard on the LCD, but on the CRT I guess I will have better visibility of the arrows. What about a Bonus Challenge on Level 1? This seems to be the same Level every time. My current top score in this level is 341.
  4. I use it too much. Sometimes I use it and at the same time, another penguin step out. The level order is switching all the time, which makes it hard, as there are some really nasty levels. But I´m addicted now. Great Game, larek!
  5. Wouldn´t this thread be better posted in the 8-Bit High Score Club SubForum? -> http://atariage.com/forums/forum/60-8-bit-high-score-club/
  6. On Mac OS X I use Atari800MacX to create a blank atr, initialise it with the emulator and just drag and drop the .xex files on it. Or I use makeATR in the commandline (Terminal) to create an ATR from a XEX-fiel (which ist an EXE file, but Windows uses that extension too, so someone changed it to XEX)
  7. Still valid and works perfectly with respeQt on the Mac (and aspeQt on Win and so on): http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102&p=45929&hilit=sio2miniusb#p46221 https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9716 (there are many more cheap small boards like this, which will do the job, too).
  8. Finally I´ve set up my new Atari room and found some time for updates. I nearly fu**ed it up, because uflash is included with SDX on the CAR:-device! You should put a hint in the ReadMe, that if you create an .atr-file (like I did) want to load uflash from there, that you have to make sure to type "D1:uflash.xex". In first instance I just typed "D1:uflash" and uflash started. I didn´t realize it was the wrong version (should have noticed the missing loading beeps) and got errors. But instead of panicking I just left the machine on and made a second attempt. This worked like a charme. Now I play around with it. Thanks for this great software!
  9. Who did you send the question? Wolfgang sometimes has trouble with on of the Email-addresses. If you like, send me your request as a private message here, and I will forward it to Wolfgang.
  10. As emkay says: If you like it, finish it. Then release it, or keep it in storage and enter it to next year´s competition, if you like. Lots of time to add music (like mentioned above), highscore modes (to make it a hsc game), multiplayer mode or whatever.
  11. I guess, Vitoco is playing on NTSC, which would make the game somewhat harder? And yes: Playing on real hardware with a real joystick is much more fun! I love those games, which show that emulation is nice, but never the real thing.
  12. Theoretically there could be about 400 votings, if every member would take the chance to vote. But still not everyone is aware of the option to vote by email or snail mail. And as a matter of fact we also have some passive members, who still receive the magazine but don´t read it, or at least read it but do not check the software as they might not have genuine hardware and are members for kind of sentimental reasons only. And I think there is a small amount of people too, who are that oldschool, that they even do not have internet access. Anyway. For next year I am thinking about the possibility for online voting by visiting the ABBUC web site. But that needs a verification of the member and I will have to discuss this with Wolfgang and our IT guys. And most importantly I have to finish the new designed pages for the software ressort first and bring them online. Still way to go, as I am extremely busy in real life with occupying three full-time posts in my Planetarium and giving lectures at a University in my free time. As there are many clever people here, I would gladly take any advice or hint. But I ask you to it by email or personal message, as it is really hard to track here in the forums. And don´t be pissed off, if your idea doesn´t get realized. Some things are not so easy as they seem to be, when it comes to do it for a Club where you have to respect many peoples roles and positions.
  13. Find this information on the official site: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1764-software-wettbewerb-2015
  14. Actually, I´ve tested it on my PAL A800. But it has the Incognito Board installed...
  15. Yes PayPal is possible. Just contact Wolfgang Burger.
  16. Und schon ist es August. Bis heute haben mich folgende 7 Spiele erreicht: And suddenly it´s August. So far the following entries arrived: A. Gravity - Jason Kendall B. ToySwap - Vitoco C. Bomber - Jose+Xuel+Poison D. Jim Slide - 1NG E. Joystick Mastah - Sikor F. 3plex - Matosimi G. Litle Game - Winfried Fiedler Wer mir eine Mail geschickt und noch keine Antwort erhalten hat, melde sich bitte bis spätestens Montag Abend noch einmal! Ich bin aus beruflichen Gründen sehr eingespannt und kann erst am Dienstag in Ruhe alles prüfen. Auch Fehelrkorrekturen können noch geschickt werden. If someone send something and didn´t get an answer from me, please resend until Monday night! Due to my job I have little time and can´t check properly before Tuesday. Also, Bugfixes can be send until then. Check the official page: ABBUC Softwarewettbewerb 2015
  17. Update: Beiträge Softwarewettbewerb 2015 / Registrations Software-Contest 2015: 1. Gravity - Jason Kendall 2. ToySwap - Vitoco 3. Bomber - Jose+Xuel+Poison 4. Jim Slide - 1NG 5. Joystick Mastah - Sikor Mehr / more: ABBUC Softwarewettbewerb 2015
  18. I am not allowed to enter a submission. I just wait for the name of the game and the official submission. Stay tuned.
  19. Update: Beiträge Softwarewettbewerb 2015 / Registrations Software-Contest 2015: 1. Gravity - Jason Kendall 2. ToySwap - Vitoco 3. Bomber - Jose+Xuel+Poison 4. Jim Slide - 1NG 5. tba Mehr / more: ABBUC Softwarewettbewerb 2015
  20. Two days to go, still. Plenty of time for some of the speed coders.
  21. Update: Beiträge Softwarewettbewerb 2015 / Registrations Software-Contest 2015: 1. Gravity - Jason Kendall 2. ToySwap - Vitoco 3. Bomber - Jose+Xuel+Poison Mehr / more: ABBUC Softwarewettbewerb 2015
  22. Deadline approaching, already got two really nice entries, third one on the way, this list will be updated daily now, I hope Beiträge Softwarewettbewerb 2015 / Registrations Software-Contest 2015: 1. Gravity - Jason Kendall 2. ToySwap - Vitoco Mehr / more: ABBUC Softwarewettbewerb 2015
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