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  1. In the middle of a job move, sorry for being quite (and still be, loads of stuff still to do). vitoco: As long as you make clear that you took the music from RMT (you could credit it as "Music: RMT example by raster/c.p.u." ) I am fine with it. trbb: You should have an answer now. Please use email for all communication, private messages in forums are not a proper way as I am registered in too many and it is hard to keep track of them all.
  2. NOMAM 2015 10 Liner: Broad's Revenge: 142 - in the middle of the night, completely frustrating game champ YellowMan
  3. José, this is exactly the point: There IS copyright to most of the old games. The ABBUC as a registered club CAN be sued for violating copyrights. We do not have the means to check all the stuff you mentioned, so we have to ask to the authors who submit programs to the competition to take care of the copyrights or give a written statement, that they have the needed rights. We totally know, that it sometimes is hard to figure out, if there is a copyright or not. But one single sue could ruin the club immediately, and so we have to be very careful with this.
  4. I had a lot of work translating your texts to German, and he will have a lot of work with fitting them into the magazine.
  5. Oh, that reminds me that I still have to publish the updated rules. For this particular question, those rules will apply: 2.3. Also allowed as entries are: a) further development of an already released program, if the program is essentially extended or changed b) Conversions from other computer platforms, if only own code is used and existing brand names / titles are changed for the Atari 8 Bit version. c) Program collections, if the programs are thematically coherent (e.g. a DOS and its utilities) 2.5 The author has to provide a written confirmation, that he owns all rights for the submitted work. If the submission contains material of which the author does not own the copyright, he also has to provide a confirmation of the original copyright holder which proves, that the original copyright holder allowed to use that material.
  6. At the NOMAM-meeting in Lübeck/Germany we discussed the possibility to let the 10 Liners participate in the software competition. That happened before, when the TenLiners were presented as a compilation. Many of this years games have a big potential and would easily extended with some work and without the restriction to 10 lines of BASIC. If any of the authors continues working on his TenLiner and give it more features, it is of course absolutely legitimate to enter the ABBUC Software Competition 2015. Keep coding! btw: An image with all Ten Liners for the Atari 8 Bit with a Menu will soon be releases by Bunsen. He still has to doublecheck and find all the mistakes I made with the menu.
  7. Yes, this is true for all ABBUC software competitions.
  8. All entries will be send to the members with the quarterly magazine. This is also available as ATR in the ABBUC members section. The entries from the SWC2014 are on "Sondermagazin 48". If you are not an ABBUC member you have to check the authors sites or other well known sites. The ABBUC lives from the fees its members pay. To give some bonus back to the members and make the membership worthwile, some things are only accessible for members. Anyway all rights stay with the authors so any entry is available somewhere else, too.
  9. Yeah, that´s exactly what I mean. I really like it. Could you send me something that displays on an Atari. As I am not a really programmer myself, I don´t know, what format would be clever to provide to the software authors. Do you mind if I propose your graphics to Wolfgang to make it the official Logo for this year´s competition?
  10. Ok guys, the rules for the software competition have been updated and will be released soon. You can enter submissions already, if you like (it´s still winter, Fandal ). Many thanks to Charlie Chaplin, who does lots of work in the background (and also here on AtariAge) to support me with the organization of the competiton! The most important change will be the deadline: DEADLINE for the ABBUC SWC2015: 31. JULY 2015 Please find all official information about the competition on the ABBUC forums: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8354 By the way: I still wish to have a 8-Bit-Style Logo (which is viewable and usable on stock hardware) for the competition, that also could be used from the authors to be put in their software. Can´t pay your efforts, but if there is something cool, I´ll organize a reward. Happy coding! Sascha Head of ABBUC Software Ressort
  11. Yes and No. It depends on the Game. I personally don´t like to control the stick with my thumb. But most kids nowadays are totally used to it. For games like PacMan etc. I don´t like it. But some games play nice by just moving the controller (gyroscope or how this stuff is called), like Space Harrier or Pong.
  12. Actually my first storage peripherial were sheets of paper, as I had the 800 only. Later than I got a 1010 and remember the excitement to start booting "Bruce Lee" when my Mom called us for Dinner. When I was lucky, it loaded without errors and I could play for some 30 minutes after dinner, but sometimes it had load errors (only on the last sectors, of course, never at the beginning) and there was not enough time left to rewind and load again, because I had to go to bed. I actually do not remember where I got my 1050 from, but it felt like being the first man on the moon...
  13. As it was part of the ABBUC Hardware Contest, the sources should be available. I don´t think, that Christoph has any more in stock at the moment. The best would be to contact Sleepy who is in charge of the ABBUC Hardware Ressort and also knows Christoph personally: [email protected]
  14. Use a flashable cartridge, like MaxFlash 1Mb from Atarimax.
  15. I´m running Parallels Desktop using a Bootcamp partition. Works fine for me on my MacBookPro from 2011.
  16. It looks like you all are still discussing with MK or emkay. I have a valuable hint for you: Just use the "ignore" function of this forum. Makes your life much more easier as it keeps you safe from bullshit.
  17. I perfectly know what happened when the authors created their own videos, I´m not in ABBUC since yesterday. You can continue dreaming about all users test all the entries on their own. This simply will not happen. If it would, we wouldn´t have this discussion. But the last two years I, as head of software ressort, prepared videos and they were well accepted. This year I did no voice dub, which kind of complicated as live talking might lead to unfairness regarding the amount of things you mention, personal favor etc. Of course that video presentation shall never replace the real testing, this is why I limited myself to 90 seconds per game. But what you write about the authors creating videos is also true for the authors writing instructions for the games. Actually, there are several members who even do not read the documentation. See Dimo´s Quest. On page 31 it is clearly written, when you have to insert the Level Disk. But several members - here and at the ABBUC forums - complained about Dimo´s Quest not working. Which showed, that they just did not read the manual. This is what I want to control with short explanational videos. Not 8 minutes long of course, but at least in the technical quality that chinnyhill10 presented here.
  18. Awesome video! Like it. I should think about creating such explanational videos before the voting ends (instead of the short video for the meeting). Would take lots of time, but might help to get better results for games that are not so easy to understand like Ramp Rage for example, which I like very much.
  19. Oh, I´m sorry. I will check that and do it again. I normally do not use the Emulator, only for the video recordings. My working Atari does not have Stereo, too.
  20. Here the video with the six entries of the ABBUC Softwarecompetition 2014: https://vimeo.com/110163324 Find the official results at the ABBUC website: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1727-software-wettbewerb-2014
  21. The official final results can be found on the webpage of the ABBUC Software Ressort: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1727-software-wettbewerb-2014 atarionline.pl actually managed to be faster with posting them after they got them from me. I´m getting old... For your convenience: Rank Titel Points Author 1. Dimo´s Quest 663 8BitJunkie 2. RGB 586 MaPa, PG, Ooz 3. Ransack 476 Jose Pereira and Lyren "Xuel" Brown 4. Nemezyro 465 MatoSimi, Poison 5. Joe Painter 408 Holger Bommer 6. Ramprage 398 Jason Kendall Congratulations to all authors. You ALL are WINNERS!
  22. Ah, ok, I see that. So for the future: A simple Email to software (at) abbuc.de will do fine.
  23. Ok, that´s good so far. That request will be handled by Wolfgang manually, so that might take a bit, as he is only a human and probably extremely busy with the preparations for tomorrow´s annual meeting. If it is that you´ll plan to vote for the games, please contact him via [email protected] and ask him to send me a confirmation that you are a member now and your email address, I´ll send you everything you need then.
  24. Damn. End of the month is always end of money. Do you accept credit cards?
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