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  1. Am I right that you used the registration on the membership site: http://www.abbuc.de/mitgliedschaft/mitglied-werden ? If yes, please contact ABBUC via the contact page: http://www.abbuc.de/abbuc/kontakt Just registering to the Forums does not mean to become an ABBUC member. The Forums are open for everybody, but there are some sections only available for members. For those areas (for example where you can download the disk images of the abbuc magazine) you need special permissions which will be granted from the admins.
  2. That might be the C64 version then...
  3. I guess, if jason would have had some more time, he would have created an introductionary Level. I like this game, but I am afraid that many people do not spend enough time with it, as it is not so easy going as the other games. Every time I tried to record a video, I failed badly, because I am really bad at plaing in the Emulator, but that´s the only way for me to get a good video recording.
  4. In the printed magazine (sent out to all members) there are German instructions only. I´ll publish the genuine english instructions as well as links to corresponding Blogs and Atari Age Forum threads in the ABBUC Forums later today, please find them there: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8179 English instructions for Dimo´s Quest and Joe Painter will also be added later.
  5. That sounds odd. The second disc (labeled "48") should contain four (4) games (Nemezyro, RGB, RampRage and Ransack) and docs on side one and that demo on side two. Please check the ABBUC Forum members area for the ATRs or contact Wolfgang to get new discs.
  6. Hi Jozsi, please contact Wolfgang Burger directly. Or go to the members section of the ABBUC website, the Disk images are there for download. A problem some users face: Side 2 of the magazine disc (118) is not bootable! In the printed magazine it is written in German only, so let me explain it in English: Side 2 of Disk 1 (Labeled magazine 118, the other disc is labeled "48" as special magazine) is NOT BOOTABLE! It actually is the Level disc for Dimo´s Quest and can only be used with Dimo´s Quest. To play Dimo´s Quest you have to load the game from Side 1 of that disc (find it in the menu). First you see the title screen with music. Press Fire and the start screen will be loaded. After it is loaded you have to insert the level disc (Side 2 of Disc 1) and then you can start playing by pressing Fire again. There is a level editor (Windows only) available from the author which means that you can create your own level disks. More levels will be available after the annual meeting, which is to be held on October 25th in Herten, Germany. Herten is in the Ruhr area, very close to The Netherlands.
  7. Actually it is a renamed Atari *.exe-file. But to avoid confusion with the windozers out there it is renamed to *.xex.
  8. Nobody can. They´re part of the next ABBUC magazine which is about to be sent to the members soon. Don´t forget that Wolfgang Burger has to copy more than 800 Disks, as we need two disks again, this year. So stay calm and watch your mailbox.
  9. Just to keep you guys informed: The entries are here now and are being checked. We prepare the magazine which will contain disks with all games and the voting information. The voting ends with the annual meeting which is on OCTOBER 25th 2014 On the same evening, the results will be online. First on the ABBUC Forums, directly afterwards here on AA. Save the date! ---> http://www.abbuc.de/news-feeds-component/events/icalrepeat.detail/2014/10/25/84/-/abbuc-jvh
  10. As I am traveling at the moment, I have poor or no internet access. So I will accept everything I find in my inbox until Monday night. The six entries mentioned above are informed by email.
  11. Update: rgb - MaPa, PG, Ooz nemezyro - MatoSimi, Poison Ramp Rage - Jason Kendall Update 14-08-31: Title - Genre - Author Dimo`s Quest - Game - 8BitJunkie Joe Painter - Holger Bommer Ransack - Jose Pereira and Lyren "Xuel" Brown skr, on 26 Jun 2014 - 10:08 AM, said:
  12. Yes, the deadline is August 31st 2014 9pm UTC. At this time I need an email or personal notification from you, that you submit a game containing a description and a working version of the game. After that I will grant 3 days for bugfixing, because experience shows that immediately after submission you will find some major bugs. Looking forward to your submission!
  13. First I receive all entries. Check for rule comliance will be done after the Deadline. I do not decide alone. It is always a single case decision. And the reason why Amaurote 128 was rejected was, that the code already existed ON THE ATARI 8 Bit. Porting games that were available on other machines (like ZX Spectrum) always was allowed and often done.
  14. Update 14-08-31: Title - Genre - Author Dimo`s Quest - Game - 8BitJunkie Joe Painter - Holger Bommer Ransack - Jose Pereira and Lyren "Xuel" Brown
  15. Thanks for the information. We - namely Charlie Chaplin - will take of compression and stuff. Looking forward to getting your entry.
  16. I just ordered two units from the second test batch and wait for them now. Maybe the ECI connector from the Turbo Freezer 2011 will work with it, just from what I read so far there is a chance it will. Have to test it and will report then.
  17. No need to do so as you still have 8 weeks left.
  18. I think, most people realise that the ABBUC SWC takes place every year and the deadline is sometime end of August. And entries enter late usually. There´s always one who goes ahead and is the first entry for a while. Last year it was Dev Wars by Cliff Hatch. I´m relaxed and wait for the things to come as I know that there are people who code a full game in only 16 hours.
  19. The ABBUC pages I´ve linked to in the first post should be accesible for everybody, no matter if you are an ABBUC member or not and if you have an account or not. If that does not work, please give me a note and I´ll fix it. And thanks to +Adam+ for the quick support. Edit: Whoa, the first link seems to direct you to the wrong place. As I can´t edit the post anymore, please try this link here: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1727-software-wettbewerb-2014
  20. Don´t forget: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/226953-abbuc-software-contest-2014/
  21. You can be evil, but if it does not run on real hardware here (I have lots of it), it will not enter the competition. If you can test on real hardware all is fine, but if not, better listen to JAC!
  22. Hi everybody, the first submission for this years contest already arrived. Please find information about SWC 2014 and most current list of entries there: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1727-software-wettbewerb-2014 German/English ABBUC Forum topic: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8046 I try to keep it updadet here too, of course: Entries so far: Title - Genre - Author Dimo`s Quest - Game - 8BitJunkie Let´s see if we can reach 14 entries again. I especially encourage you to read JAC!s really useful programming hints, which will save you lots of pain, especially when using Emulators for coding: http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tutorials/tips Thanks to JAC! for his wonderful support.
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