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  1. I´ve been there in March and the only Atari related thing I saw was the 2600 at the entrance. But that one was not for sale. But I have to admit that I did not ask them for stuff.
  2. Xuel, what´s your final score?
  3. The big advantage of the SIO port is, that every Atari computer has one. PBI is not available on the 400, 800, 1200XL and XEGS. And the IDE2+ does most of the jobs. I would prefer to add the functionality you´ve mentioned by software, instead of creating _another_ device.
  4. Whoooa? My car actually IS a black Dodge Charger... So, should I go and scratch that wall? Muir is the schedule for tomorrow. Just visited Atari HQ, Apple at Infinite Loop and - best of all - Bradley Koda from Best Electronics. Yeah, that traffic here is really heavy, try starting early tomorrow, currently I stay in Sunnyvale. Pictures later, I have my EOS 5D with me and just save all to a HDD, editing it later when back home. And yes, of course Anaheim. And eventually Mexiko for one day with a friend from San Diego. Time is running way too fast.
  5. Hi all, meanwhile I am in California for nearly one week and really enjoy it. Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Bob1200XL, I am still excited. Bob, you´re a great guy. @McLaneinc: Oh sorry, yes, that was selfish. I am single and only responsible to myself. I guess if I were married with children, that trip simply would not happen. But I am not, and so I just have a great time. Will start going south from SF tomorrow or Sunday, let´s see. L.A. and San Diego have to be visited too. I am always hunting free WiFis to check email and such (currently many thanks to Starbucks for free WiFi ). If someone between SF and San Diego wants to meet (I would love play Atari on a real machine again ), just send me a PM, I´ll send you my phone number then. Sunny greetings, Sascha
  6. Hi there, as everybody (including me)was keen on seeing it, I want to present you pictures of a modded 2600. A friend bought it on eBay from that person that likes to offend others (not only here, he is/was well known in other Forums). So, without any more comment, the magic mod:
  7. Wonderful recommendations so far, thank you all. I´m collecting. Some hints where to stay for low money (I don´t even mind sleeping in the car or in a tent) would be great. @McLaneInc: After a big crash last year I normally would not be able to do such a trip. But after grabbing enough money for the flights I decided to just do it. Some things need to be pushed to happen.
  8. Now I´m going freaky. I´ve just booked flights to the US for some training and conferences and will have free time and a car from March 10 to March 22 in California, starting in San Francisco. I´m not planning accomodation, I´ll be on the road every day and end my trip in L.A. to get the plane back to Germany. Now I am looking for any hints what I MUST see when I´m there, preferably Atari sites. But also other interesting, maybe strange stuff and maybe some user meetings or fairs? Any suggestions? Tell me, please
  9. It doesn´t look like an attack. As Andreas mentioned, there are network issues. There are other servers in the same rack that show the same problems. Cas will physically check the servers next week, when he´s back to Germany. Maybe someone installed that mysterious Stereo-Surround extension in the servers...
  10. ABBUC is full with big guys, so we simply run out of the tall sizes rather quickly...
  11. I am not the expert on this, but I know that you can´t feed WAV-files to the Atari, as you can do with ZX Spectrum and others. The signal is sent to the Atari via the SIO-Bus, and this does not transport analog data. It is converted inside the tape drive. You can easily copy Atari-Tapes with a double tape drive for example. But just feed wav-files won´t work.
  12. Nice video You don´t know Death Race with Jason Statham? Watch this: Heli in the caves is simple: Push the stick into the desired direction TWICE (click click) to tun the Heli. Or choose Arcade controls. This is cool because you can shoot while flying backwards! Watch out for the new release (linked to somewhere around here), you start with more money making the game not so boring in the first 10 minutes. Later on when your heli is upgraded the fun starts. DevWars: Not so easy, my friend. You do not get any energy from shooting. Only be refueling between the waves. After you killed 8 Devs, there will be a tanker, but you need good skills to dock and refuel.
  13. No money. All natural, and I even spare the money for the hair dresser. Finally, this topic is totally rendered out off topic.
  14. At least, my butt doesn´t hurt on day-long trips. So is it that you´re THAT old already? *duckandcover*
  15. Thanks Mathy. I got some experience too. I drove to Great Britain, Poland, Vienna, Bosnia-Hercegovina and other countries by car. So I think I know what expects me. Just look at the cart. For me it´s down to Dresden, that´s less than 3 hours (been there more than once). Than cross through the Czech republic, where roads mostly are in better conditions than in Poland. So I think, it really is doable in less than 8 hrs. And don´t care about my butt. I drove from Wolfsburg to Vienna via Frankfurt (to pick up some technic) nearly non-stop (except for refueling) without problems. Just a little tired when I came there. Or Wolfsburg to Birmingham, with just 90 minutes break on the ferry. Seems, you´re Volvo is not that comfortable as my little Peugeot is
  16. I agree with Matosimi. There already is a contest which respects all the work. And only because a game does not win a voting it does not mean that nobody plays it. Like ProWizard writes: In a few years you´ll know which games have the biggest long-time motivation. The intention of the ABBUC Software Competition is to engage people to program stuff. And with this I think we have been successful. But of course every year we check, how we can make the contest even more attractive and productive. The general structure will be the same next year, and so I am looking forward to a great competition in 2014. But for now I am happy with this years software, as there are many highscores to be beaten (SDorndorf is an amazing strategist and will be hard be beaten in "The Hunt") and stuff to be written (ATL). And of course I am looking forward to the Kaz Kompo and to see, what else there has been this year. I don´t see any pointless discussion here, just gathering of ideas that keeps us moving on. And let´s be honest: This is a great time to play Atari!
  17. CreatureXL: Of course there is a need. But I also think, that short and easy to learn games always will be preferred in the beginning. It would be a shame, if programmers would only easy, little programs. Those I can have more than enough on my smartphone or in the internet. For me personally turning on the Atari means travelling back in time and spend more than just a few minutes in front of the machine. It seems to be a matter of fact, that the more complex games have it harder to win the software competition. But what it is your goal? Winning the money or developing a great game? Let´s see, how we can take this year´s experiences into account for the next software competition. Of course there will be some adjustements, but was we can´t know that we have that many contributions again, we can´t change everything. popmilo: Nice said. About the ingame "hand-in-hand" tutorials: If authors do it on A8: great! If not, no problem too. For the competition I just prefer the authors to focus on the game. And I just saw, that most of the authors would not have had any time for such a tutorial. I´m not against it in general.
  18. Controls are hard, as you always have to find a balance between accelerating and braking, but it´s absolutely fair, which makes it a really good and challenging test for ones skills. Definitely must be played on the original hardware, it´s only half the fun with an emulator.
  19. Last year I did an exhibition at a local school with 14-16 years old pupils. I´ve showed them Ridiculous Reality for example, but they didn´t get it. They even did not give it a try, because there was no "success" after 10 seconds. Really: I don´t like the idea of implementing ingame-tutorials in Atari 8 Bit games. Why make life even harder for programmers? Why not just read the f*****g manual? Don´t try to bring bad behaviours from modern, mostly meaningless games for phones to the Atari 8 Bit. There IS a manual available for The Hunt. And it´s one of the best made manuals I´ve seen for years. The standard nowadays is there, because it is so easy to implement. But I do not remember many games with ingame tutorials back in the days. What could be helpful would be a screen tutorial, explaining how to play in a text, so that you do not have to to rely on a PDF which is not readable on an 8 Bit Atari (yet). It´s boring? F**k, you just have to read and understand them once, and then you go. My 2 cents.
  20. There won´t be an official release of all entries for the public. This is only available as download for ABBUC members. The ABBUC only has the rights for the first release, which is done now with the magazine disks for the members. So you have to wait until every single author makes their contribution avialable online somewhere else. Or become ABBUC member and download the two disks with all contributions from the members area.
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