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  1. Seems not to be an Emulatorproblem. I don´t have the original Cart, so I only can test with the OSS 5-in-1 from Panos: BASIC XE 4.0 is nearly fine (don´t know why it changes REM to Rem) :
  2. Oh, that seems somehow related to the REM, with PRINT I don´t have that issue: Calling @luckybuck to the rescue. Edit: When using quote with REM, this happens:
  3. But it´s totally normal to change the direction instantly inflight.
  4. Looks extremely nice. I just have to figure out which of the three controls is the best option for me. Have to get used to it, it´s a bit tricky. But plays very smooth.
  5. I´m just trying something new each year and only compete with myself. So I ended up actually writing a diskmenu (not in 10 lines) for the Commodore 64 entries last year. It simply doesn´t make sense to write it for the Atari, as vitoco always is faster and much better with that.
  6. I can´t reproduce that. Where did you get your car image from? I use this one: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Basic XL
  7. @Yellow_Man did: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=10532
  8. What´s your configuration like? I have no issues with this on my MBP (i7). My settings: And my definition of the keyboard joysticks: In "Control" you have to "Enable Keyboard Joysticks" (cmd+J) If enabled, some keys do not work, so use the shortcut often.
  9. Please add a fourth mode: "@Yellow_Man" Even hardcore will be too easy for him.
  10. Great to hear. And if you want to tune your BASIC skills, consider writing something in 10 Lines: And don´t try to compete with vitoco, he´s incredibly skilled. It´s just fun to write something and bring it down to 10 lines.
  11. Oh, I din´t see he´s talking SDX. Sorry.
  12. I´m using SDX449_sdx128.car which just works fine for me.
  13. Did you set the paths for the HDDs in the "Hard Drives" tab?
  14. Ah, thought so. That doesn´t work. It´s actually like booting a DOS disk on the real hardware and then switch off the machine and try to boot the xex, just that Atari800MacX starts the xex, while the real hardware would give a nice "Boot Error" scroller. You wrote you use MyDos, there it is quite simple: When booting, make sure BASIC is off, that will bring you directly to the menu. Then you hit "L" and type in the name of the program, you want to load. If you are not sure about the name, just hit "1" to get the directory of D1:, which shows you the files. It´s nearly the same with AtariDOS 2.5. When you boot with BASIC enabled, you end up in the BASIC editor, which just shows you "READY" and a Cursor. Here you can type "DOS" and will get to the menu, too.
  15. How do you load the .xex? It should be on the same disk like the DOS. If you have the .xex separately, use "Media - Edit an .atr Disk Image", choose the disk with the DOS and then click "Import Files From Mac". If there is not enough space on the disk, create a new one with any size (Media - New Floppy Image). Or am I getting you wrong?
  16. Great news. Thank you so much for still improving it.
  17. Ah, I understand. Yes, that´s the downside of that device. When you power the computer off, the configuration made is lost. Maybe it´s possible to install a buffer battery, to keep it? @alsp, would that be possible?
  18. I´m a bit confused about what you´re seeing. When I enable SDX on my U1MB, attach the Sdrive2 and boot the computer, it boots into SDX. DIR gives me the same you see. I run sdrive.xex and then can mount anything as I´m used to. Pressing Reset brings me back to SDX and the DIR now shows me the content of the ATRs I´ve mounted. I´m using U1MB firmware 3.10 and SDX 4.49 (latest), not even sure about the firmware of my Sdrive2, it´s one from the first batch. Does your SDrive behave "normal" when you disable SDX?
  19. It´s not about playability. I just don´t like it.
  20. Stopped at 350 points. Won´t get more, I never like this game and won´t waste my time playing this.
  21. I´ve played Kaiser even more than M.U.L.E. Would love to see a Fujinet-Version, where the other players can´t see how I set taxes and that I spent all money on mitlitary.
  22. That´s exactly why I meanwhile printed four of yours. When occupied with four carts, they´re even stackable. But the non-angled ones are comsuming less place and might come to good use when we finally can have meetings and presentations again.
  23. Thanks, drac030. Finally I got it. Several things here: Both SD Cards started behaving strange, so I took another 2GB Transcend from one of my Amigas. And than I did, what you proposed but I hate: Math... From the start installed the FAT as EXT and some APTs, used DISKUTIL on the Mac (as described by @flashjazzcat), back to SIDE3, copied fatfs.sys from SIO2SD onto it and... BOOM. Thanks! Now I finally can go to bed.
  24. Yes, I know. I did several tries with FAT16 and got the same result, so I was supposing the error on the Mac/PC side and just tried with FAT32. Will do a last try with the 4GB card and FAT16 before I hit the sack.
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