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  1. As far as I know they renamed the Pajero to "Shogun" in the UK, but of course that doesn´t affect the cars which already have been sold. Luckily, most people don´t realize. So, be careful with the names of your entries for the Software-Contest.
  2. I think, there are so many different languages in the world, that a word does mean something completely different in any other language. But who knows all the words in all the languages. I have a friend here in Germany whose it was to find out such cultural specialities, but that was only for a particular target market, he never could check all cultures in the world. The Ford Company did a nice job with the Ford Cougar. In Germany, normally nobody knows the American meaning of "cougar", but I still have to smile when I see a older woman in a car called "cougar"... DJ Bobo from Switzerland was blamed not to sell much music in Spain, as "Bobo" in Spain means something like "idiot". And not to forget the "Pajero"... and and and
  3. har har har (<--- laughing dirty) The dots are important, it´s not a word, it´s an abbreviation. I always refer to it as "Hilflose Atari Rentner" (Helpless Atari Retirees). But BigBen and HardwareDoc didn´t like it. So I proposed Hairless Atari Retirees, but they don´t like that one too. Hard to satisfy, those guys from Hanover...
  4. I MIGHT (not confirmed) fly to Hamilton, NY later in July. If that happens, I could place an order and have it sent to a friend there and bring it back to Germany, then ship to Poland from here. If I do not go personally, a friend of mine from Kiel definitely goes there and could do the job. Contact me, if that would help you.
  5. Of course, as every year since 1986. The date seems not to be announced, but I guess it is again at the end of October, could be Oct 26th this year, but I will check.
  6. Update 1: Entries so far: Title - Genre - Author Dev Wars - Game - Cliff Hatch Speedway One - Game - Jan Johnsen Please find information about SWC 2013 and most current list of entries there: http://www.abbuc.de/...ort/78-software
  7. When it only provides PenDrive-access, why is it so big then? Seems to occupy more circuits than the Atari itself. And why the heck did he kill the SIO-Port of the Atari? Better just create an adaptor. Anyway: It is a real alternative to the SIO2USB, as the latter is not available by stock. Hardware is only useful, if you can buy it, and currently no new SIO2USB are available. I personally do not use PenDrives at all. Since Incognito, MyIDE 2, SIDE (2) etc. I am just fine with SD and CF cards.
  8. No discussion: If you own and use an Atari 800, you want to have it. It´s that simple. In another thread someone created four 16Mb big ATRs with Atari-files. I´ve downloaded them with my Mac, put them onto a FAT-formatted (can be done with Mac easily too) 2GB CF-Card, put that CF-Card into Incognito-Board, boot A800 and just access the CF card and load whatever I want. I just love it.
  9. Yes, especially if you have to focus on coding your entry for the software competition.
  10. Because I have the problem with one of my XL-boards: How to reliably reverse a "trace cut"?
  11. I should have written: "We can discuss for years without a result that satisfies everybody..." I do not agree: If a device provides a working port, it should be called like "Atari USB port". But what we are talking about is a device that acts like a bridge from SIO TO USB, so I call it SIO2USB. And in my eyes that´s more correct than "SIO2PC", as that implicates, that the device is only for connecting SIO to a PC, and that is not true. It provides a connection to ANYTHING that uses USB. So "SIO2USB" is correct. I know that there is a device called "SIO2USB", but only that the developers calls it like that, it does not mean that this is the one and only correct name for it. I would call it "SIO2USB-Stick" as its only purpose is to connect a USB-Stick. Also this is not 100% correct too, but right now I am too drunk to explain it in a language, that´s not my mother tongue. But we are A VERY LITTLE BIT off topic now...
  12. Hi Mathy, we could discuss about name conventions, but if you look at my interface, it is a connector between the Atari SIO-Port and a MiniUSB-Port, this is why I call it "SIO2USB" or in this case more correctly "SIO2USBmini". I never liked the term "SIO2PC" very much, for two reasons: 1. It does not give you any clue about how the connection is made (sub d or usb) 2. You now I am a Mac user, and "PC" for me always means Windows PCs. That´s misleading as it works with PC, Mac and Linux. So I would not call it "SIO2PCviaUSB". Maybe "SIO2PC/MAC/LINUXviaUSB", but that´s a monster.
  13. 100% agreed. Mine does run some Windows 3.1 and 95 installls, but nothing new. First: For me the best Atari-Emulator by far is Atari800MacX, get it there: http://atarimac.com/ You can use it for free, but I like it so much that I donated some money twice. I guess that you still have your Atari-Disk drive? For me the way to go would be to create a SIO2USB, connect your Diskdrive with your A800 and the A800 with your Mac. Then you can copy any disk to the Mac using SIO2OSX (get it where you get Atari800MacX). My preferred SIO2USB interface is described there: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102&p=46252&hilit=sio2usb+mini#p46221 Best regards, Sascha
  14. xxl wrote "TRITONE (advanced beeper engine) is comming...", so I hope he is going to release a program with which one can create such sounds. Still waiting for some real HW files to listen to it on an Atari 800.
  15. GTIA is not only responsible for Gfx and PM but also for the keyboard click. The Atari 400 and Atari 800 had an internal speaker which was for that click. Listening to Beep `em all is pure joy on an A800.
  16. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/212302-googletari-breakout/
  17. As they are planning a new, better version, I would not buy the old one. One Tempest is enough.
  18. I know. RastaConv 5.1b is what I am using.
  19. phaeron´s version? Honestly: This has become really complicated. I´ve entered the thread late and am still confused. Too much different information spread over too many pages. For now I am happy to be able to create .xex pictures with what I assume was the latest version posted here.
  20. Finally I found some time to test this too, so this is only proof of that I am using it now, quality is not too good, still have to test all the settings: There´s the executable: fc.xex And here´s my attempt to keep the cores busy, but I fail:
  21. Huh, I think the second order was just about adding two ribbon cables. He´ll check. Anyway, I am sure we will find buyers if those two are too much.
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