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  1. Wonderful. But you listed (and counted) dl7ukk twice!?
  2. The software is available freely and runs without any burner connected, I've just installed it: http://down.autoelec...nipro_setup.rar Screenie:
  3. Looking great. Can you confirm from own experience that it works with Windows 7 (and additionally, really burns ATMegaXX) ? Then this will be my choice.
  4. Maybe there are Skodas for that little money, but no real cars And everything for free is the end. Open Source is great, but it doesn´t mean "for free". How much is shipping from Slovakia to Germany? A little old car too?
  5. atarixle just released the official Fujiama 2013 page, already 17 registrations: http://www.abbuc.de/~atarixle/event/fuji2013/invite_de.html#zusagen
  6. The disadvantage of cartridges is, that there are no free updates. Not more is what I see here. To be rude ( = honest) : I would prefer to have something completely new instead of doing small changes to something existing that already is great. At least the software. The cartridge label is made quite cheap and not woth a penny, GR8 software does a much better job there.
  7. Yes, but nontheless I want the programs to be available from the ABBUC website, I am just redoing the pages and it will take some time, but when I've finished, they should be available from there. @pixelmischief: There shouldn't be a need to register. Some Downloads are public, some are for ABBUC members (which does NOT mean registered at the website!) only. I will check that for you. But at least as a registered user you can also use the ABBUC forums, so you could do me a favor and write your request there again (no problem if you do it in english), so that the site admins become aware of it too. I am quite busy right now and so things might take a while...
  8. Your mission: - go to Google Picture Search - type "Atari Breakout" into search field or click the link: https://www.google.com/search?q=atari+breakout&safe=off&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=hlORUdrkC4TVtQbYp4CwDA&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAQ&biw=1440&bih=681
  9. Edit: The correct title is "Dev War". (singular) Sorry for the mistake, Cliff.
  10. Or just build your own Mini USB - adapter for use with Mac/Linux/PC: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102&hilit=usb+mini
  11. You might need drivers: http://www.usboverdrive.com/USBOverdrive/News.html
  12. Hi everybody, the first submission for this years contest just arrived. UK strikes first this year. Please find information about SWC 2013 and most current list of entries there: http://www.abbuc.de/...ort/78-software I try to keep it updadet here too, of course: Entries so far: Title - Genre - Author Dev Wars - Game - Cliff Hatch Keep on (or even start) coding, plenty of time until we each the deadline.
  13. At least I have access to some of them: http://www.hell-kiel.de/ In August there is the night of museums, where they exhibit and show working teletypers. If one can tell me how to use an Atari 800 (XL) with 850 (I have one, not sure if it is working as I did not use it yet) with a teletyping machine I would contact those guys to setup a demo station for the next event.
  14. I think he is talking about the Ultimate Setup Screen. That´s no test software, just the set-up for the Ultimate1Mb (great hardware by the way).
  15. The author know about the ABBUC Software-Contest?
  16. You can use the MIDI-interface for network gaming. MIDI Maze is already patched for the Atari XL and we played it in a mixed network with Atari XLs and Atari STs. Limit is 16 computers (due to the MIDI specifications), but that should be enough for a nice Atari-meeting. The interface is available from HardwareDoc: http://abbuc.de/~hardwaredoc/projekte/hardware/midi/midimate.html
  17. SpartaDos 3.2 runs fine from disk: http://atari8.com/node/95
  18. Try to find some old electronics from the trash that is already destroyed and useless. Use this to exercise soldering. That's really helpful, when you know, you can't destroy anything.
  19. I've installed a U1MB too and in my opinion the Incognito is much easier from the soldering side, as the soldering points are HUGE, honestly. As long as you are able to identify them (which is quite easy with the pictures in the installation instructions) it shouldn't be a problem. And in case of doubt, wouldn't you find a skilled friend who could help you? You really miss a great extension. OT: Yesterday I tried Panos OSS 5in1 cartridge with my Incognito 800. Works great. The cartridge is somewhat tight in the slot but at least it fits without use of rough force. Switching between SDX and MAC/65 without losing memory content (of course I have 1MB activated) and saving to any APT partition of the CF card, all that works like a charme. The only disadvantage is, that the cartridge is so high, that I can't close the 800's lid.
  20. You're at the right place, but it's still in pre-order phase. At least 25 orders are necessary to start the prodution run.
  21. I fully agree to what you wrote and thank you for your explanations. I am still not sure if Jasons question was about general programming or conditions to enter the contest, but your answer is good to make both subjects clear I think. @trbb: Don´t think to much, keep on writing your game for the competition. This time I feel the Top 5 calling you!
  22. Yes. Fine. Now focus on Software Competition 2013, please.
  23. Errr, sorry. But now I am out. I don't understand what the question actually is.
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