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  1. Nope. I live between about 300km from the polish border, but if customs decide to check my packages, I end up waiting up to 5 weeks and have to go to the customs office personally to get it. At least I never had to pay any additional fee or so. Sometimes I think, customs are just keen on learning what is in the box. Once I got an Atari 800 from the US, and at the customs I had to connect it to a TV set (was PAL and could only display b/w) and show them, because they just liked it so much.
  2. SDX is SpartaDosX 80 columns wihtout VBXE can be done by configuring SDX like described in the installation instructions of SC. Remember that it still is Beta. You can download the Spartacommander there (without registration): http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_download Download the toolkit.atr. In the directory "SHELLS" you find SC091.ARC, unpack it (on Atari, not PC/MAC) with "ARC -E SC091.ARC", then read the installation instructions for details ("LESS INSTALL.TXT").
  3. I got so many C64s the last days that now I really have to withstand the urge to test this... (just kidding, I would never kill one of my 8 bit machines. A8 is my heart, but I like all the others too and would never harm them)
  4. Don´t focus on the term "ATR" here. The rules at 2.1 c) say: c) be available on one or more not copy protected 5.25" disk-side(s) or corresponding ATR-images with 90KB or 130KB in size. You can create whatever you like, as long as you put it on an ATR. The reason is, that every year CharlieChaplin tries to put the entries on as less disks as possible as we distribute real disks and Wolfgang and me copy them in real time (ok, we user SuperSpeedies, but still lots of disk swapping). You just have to make sure, that your software can be run from an ATR (and therefore deliver it as ATR). As above: It`s just because we put on a real ATR in the end. Write you XEX, COM, EXE whatever. But when you hand it in, put it on an ATR, ideally together with DOS 2.5 or a game Dos and make sure it can be start without a doctor title in astrophysics.
  5. If I remember tf_hh correctly, Atari could not fit all resistors onto the motherboard of the Atari 600 XL, so they created that small one at the keyboard connector. I don't know, what the resistors are for, but I think some of them have a mission.
  6. The official rules should answer your questions: 2.3. Also allowed as entries are: a) further development of an already released program, if the program is essentially extended or changed b) Conversions from other computer platforms c) Program collections, if the programs are thematically coherent (e.g. a DOS and its utilities) Your first question is answered by the rules 2.3 a) : if it is essentially extended or changed. We will have to decide, if the improvement is big enough or not. Other quesition is answered by the rules 2.3 b) . Of course you have to make sure to have all the rights needed.
  7. Update: The registration sheets were missing, I´ve added them in German and English.
  8. As I stated above: I am not interested in HOW you do something. I just look at the result.
  9. I am not sure, if I fully understand, what your concerns are about. So I just repeat: Let's keep it simple. If you are not sure, if you're project will be accepted, just send me a message and I will check and tell you, if it is ok or not. The most important thing is, just to do something. There were some nice BASIC programs last year, which entered the competition and had success. This is the nice thing about our beloved Atari machines: GFX and sounds are not as important as a nice idea and a good gameplay.
  10. Example: You write a Game using OSS Basic XE. It won't run unless the user has Basic XE (e.g. by using Panos' 5in1 OSS cartridge). That's not allowed. If you can deliver everything legally, like Turbo Basic (will run from disc and is free), that's ok. I guess you talk about xbios: as long as you deliver it with your software (and are allowed to do so legally) and make sure that users can run your program, it's ok for me. In case of doubt you can send me what exactly you plan and I can discuss it at the ABBUC.
  11. And of course find information about the HARDWARE contest there: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/210796-abbuc-hardware-contest-2013/ Current information is to be found in the ABBUC Forums: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7325 Mostly German, but you are welcome to write in English too.
  12. Ooops. Yes, of course. I´ll add it to the other thread (find it in the rules already!).
  13. I think it was thorsten_guenther who told me about an Arabic 800 XL with arabic keyboard layout.
  14. The rules for the ABBUC Software-Contest have been released, please find them HERE We tried to make them more clear then last year to avoid questions, but of course nobody is perfect. So if there are questions, just ask me. In general, it is as simple as that: Software must run on stock XL/XE and boot from 1050. I am not a programmer myself, so I am not interested in HOW you did something, as long as it runs on stock hardware, it´s fine. Let´s keep it that simple. And now grab your computer and start programming. Edit (from the rules, thanks José for the reminder): 3. Submission The program and its documentation has to be send to the head of software ressort by post or email no later than 31.08.2013 22pm (GMT+1, German daylight saving time). Bugfxes of software handed in earlier are still possible until this deadline. The timely reception will be confirmed by email and in the ABBUC forums.
  15. Finally could pick up mine from the post office today. Looks great, will test tomorrow, still busy with real life.
  16. I guess there must be an Easter Egg in this release?
  17. To be exact it´s called "SIDE hardware". And while SIDE contains IDE it sounds logical to me, that I have to enable the IDE hardware to get access to an IDE device such as a CF card connected via IDE. One could say, just call it "IDE hardware" but that then hides the fact that the Incognito IDE-interface is fully SIDE compatible. Give me one more week, than I can continue the work on my manual for the Incognito. I´ve started it, but I have an extremely important deadline this week and will be drunk all the Easter weekend when I hit it in time.
  18. The MIDI-Mate is like a network Interface and as such it can send and receive. The MIDI protocol is open and accessible for everybody. Maybe we see more MIDI-Network games like MIDI-Maze in the future? For example at the yearly ABBUC software competition?
  19. Theoretically mine arrived today but I wasn't at home and have to pick it up at the post office... when I'm back home after Easter...
  20. I use those: http://www.vesalia.de/d_ide25cfx2hdd.htm
  21. Honestly: If I can have Covox on the IDE+, I´d like to have it. I´m more and more fond of external mods which has to do with my huge collection of Ataris. Why not having an external Covox? Especially because it is so easy to implement. If it can be done, I would love to have it.
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