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  1. OMG, I take one more than, too.
  2. I don´t know the Atari8warez interface (I always use my custom build SIO2MiniUSB: http://www.abbuc.de/...php?f=15&t=6102 ) so I simply suggest it works. Here I also use OS X.8.3 I prefer the solution with QMEG OS in the real Atari: It´s quite simple: Make your real Disk Drive D1:, use Atari800MacX to create a new blank *.atr (apple-N) and mount it as D2: in SIO2OSX (it´s a Mac, so just drag the *.atr to the D2:-Symbol in SIO2OSX). Now start the Atari in QMEG OS, choose drive 1 and enter "R" in the menu. The disk will be read. After that choose drive 2 and press "W" to write the disk. Formatting should be done automatically. Of course any DOS or Disk Copy on the real hardware should do the job too, as they should recognize the *.atr as a real disk mounted as D2: You can also do it vice versa and use the Emulator to start the disk copy program. Did I confuse you successfully now?
  3. It seems that they didn't put a Game Loader or DOS onto the disks. On real hardware no problem with QMEG OS (like w1k mentioned) or a integrated DOS like SDX or MyDOS on various devices. I am in the office where I only have Windows with Altirra and I totally seldom use Altirra, but you should just load a DOS and access the downloaded atr from there. With Atari800MacX I just insert a SDX cartridge (downloadable .bin file) and then can access the mounted disk (D1: or whatever ID I give it). Booting a DOS from atr might have the same power.
  4. @ProWizard: The new APT already is installed on the Card I've sent along with your IDE+ 2.0 But as the lazy guy that I am I only prepared 1 partition, and the card is "only" 128MB. Better do not try 128 partitions with 16MB each there... But all the current software (also APT etc.) is saved on that one partition. Just copy it and use it to install your own cards.
  5. Good question. There was a list with the pre-orders, but I can't find right now. If you are on that list, you'll get an email from Wolfgang when you're freezer is ready to ship. With that email you'll receive the invoice and have to pay then. Edit: Go there to find the link to the pre-order list. As far as I can see, you're on that list. Just wait. Mine didn't ship yet, too: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6472&start=40#p55509
  6. tfhh made a good comparison about the differences between SIDE2, MyIDE2 and IDE+ 2.0 at the ABBUC forums. But it seemed, that not everything about the IDE+ 2.0 is well known. I don't want to disrespect any of them. All three are great devices. But like tfhh, I just want to help, if can't decide which of them to use. Of course the IDE+ 2.0 does work with cartridges on unmodified XL/XEs. There might be constraints, but I don't have any issues with the cartridges and machines I use. Click to enlarge Big advantage: The cartridge port still is available, even on XEs: Click to enlarge This is not true for MyIDE2 and SIDE2. And of course the IDE+ 2.0 has a built in, battery puffered realtime clock: Big advantage: The cartridge port still is available, even on XEs: Click to enlarge SDX can easily be flashed, as the BIOS can be, too.
  7. Please add ABBUC-member "Eintreiber" to the list with one device. He doesn´t speak english, so I take care about that. I´ve opened a thread in the German based ABBUC forums and collect requests there.
  8. Let me add more confusion: Works fine with my totally unmodified NTSC 800. The same with my PAL 400 (48k). But I could not test with CF Card, as these computers do not even the shutter sensor deactivated, so that I can´t put a card in, as the lid won´t close then.
  9. I´m not Simius but I can tell you, that is exactly that. I totally forgot about it, as I never used it.
  10. Checked it too with my PAL 800 and Incognito. The menu pops up, but it immediately starts flickering and beeping. I can´t choose anything. Doesn´t matter, if SIDE hardware is enabled or not and is the same in Colleen and XL/XE mode.
  11. Ah ok, that is not that interesting for me. I have a MAC/65 cartridge (not original, but it works) here, and soon that one: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/209842-oss-5in1-super-proper-cartridge/ Both features are not very important for me, but it´s good to know that they are there. Thanks for the information.
  12. Really? Why? I mean: What need is there for a MyIDE II when you have the Incognito Board installed? I like the MyIDE II because it is very handy for use with all my not modified XLs and XEs (there are quite a few here), but when there already is something like Incognito, why use MyIDE II?
  13. It´s really not too hard and you even don´t need to cut the plastics or something. 6 soldering points and on chip replaced, really easy. My A800 nearly is in daily use since the Incognito is installed.
  14. I gave my second device to ProWizard as he had none. So if there will be a second run I´m in with one, too. I always love to have a second device to show around and let others get hands on at meetings (which we luckily have lots of here in Germany). Funny enough we are collecting pre-orders but no one announced to produce it. But this device is absolutely worth trying it.
  15. Do you mean the Public Relations guy Florian? He just kind of destroyed (shortened) an SM124 to implement a TFT, that's somewhat different. Find his mod there: http://www.akk.org/~...MC08/xmc08.html
  16. Ahh, ok. That means, you are writing a flasher, so that I can easily put SDX 4.46 onto my Incognito? That would be great. As all my other SDX devices are running SDX 4.46 now I would like to have it on the A800 too, as it now has become my standard Atari.
  17. I´ll take back everything and announce the opposite: After updating to APT and reinstalling the card, it works like a charm. It was my fault that I was thinking I´ve already had updated this. Slowly there are too many devices and cards... No. But as there is no SDX especially for Incognito I just have that voice in mind saying "Incognito technically is like Ultimate, use that one", but I can´t find the corresponding thread. All other devices I have now run SDX 4.46, but I can´t manage to update the incognito yet.
  18. While trying to update to SDX 4.46 I've just realized that I can´t boot ATRs too. In no configuration. And I can´t update to SDX 4.46, always get an error when 4*64k shall be deleted.
  19. 5V are easily brought to the corresponding pin of the PBI with a small wire, no need to go to the Joyport. I have a spare IDE + 2.0, only need one. If you still need one, you can get that one from me.
  20. Yes, it is. But you can also say "collective order". English languages is full of pictures that sound strange to Germans. And of course we can order an Omnibus running from Berlin via Wolfsburg and Hannover to the JHV, that would be the real Omnibus order then.
  21. Strange thing: I opened a VPN connection to my office and suddenly it worked. When I close the VPN connection, I can´t open www.abbuc.de. In my office there is the same Internet-Provide as in my flat. Strange.
  22. I have the same problem and we are working on it. Sven informed cas, let´s hope he isn´t travelling around the world again. It only affects some people, don´t know why. You can do a trace and check where you end up. I come to "gw-ms-vt.st-oneline.de", then connection ends. The server is definitely working and it does not affect a single provider. As the admins know about it and started working: use this chance and go outside as long as the sun is shining.
  23. I am just happy to have learned that there's nothing wrong with my Installation.
  24. skr


    There´s no hint where you live, and AA is full of Europeans. But those PSUs are actually easy to built. Sleeπ (who does them for the ABBUC) buys standard PSUs with the right specifications, cuts the plug and adds the correct plug for the Atari, which is quite easy to get, as it is a DIN standard plug. Shouldn´t be too hard to do in the US.
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