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    http://www.abbuc.de/shopabbuc/index.php Scroll down to the bottom. 7 Euro for a much smarter power supply. I only use this and have stored the originals PSUs deep in my cellar.
  2. Never played Bonzoid before. In round 12 that motherfecker stole me a plot of land. Grmpf.
  3. The image you linked to does not work very well on my machines. The store is missing letters and if I catch the Wampus, it crashes (see pictures). Nonetheless I am trying it again, avoiding to accidentially catch the Wampus... (Yes, I have other other copies, but when playing HSC, I only use what YOU provide. )
  4. Ok, so can I claim the copyright for the wording "TurboPokey"?
  5. As every program that I´ve tested so far seems to run fine, I don´t really worry at all. Maybe there is a bug in the OS-ROM of the Incognito that causes this error? For the hardware: tfhh checked the computer in Elmshorn with his SALT-cartridge and it was finde. So I just checked all connections and re-did the cable fixing. Everything looks fine and all lines are stable and connected. I wonder if there is anybody where the Self-test works correctly with Incognito?
  6. Here are some pictures from my installation. Currently I can´t load cartridges that use bankswitching (e.g. Xenophobe, Ultimate Utility Cartridge etc.) and there is a strange thing with the self-test in Standard XL-mode, watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwHaNwwlPvM Anyway, the computer is working fine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToK-3RSmpRQ What´s that? Just a bug in the Incognito OS? Or some strange hardware error? I tested another Pokey: same effect. Connections are fine. But as long as it works...
  7. When it leaves Poland, there seems to be no more tracking. After I got that message it took nearly two weeks to be delivered to Germany. If I go by car I am at the Polish border in about 2 hours...
  8. Yeah, especially in such a fast developing market like ours. Damn, I guess in 2 motnhs or so my Atari 800 is too old to compete with others.
  9. No question for me as I only own PAL 800s. Somebody want to swap a PAL 800 for a NTSC 800?
  10. Thanks to Incognito Board the A 800 is hot to become my standard machine.
  11. I hope we can figure this out on Saturday and then I'll do the documentation. See you in Elmshorn.
  12. There is a small arrow on the casing where the red cable is. That has to be there, where a small "1" is printed on the board next to the socket. The cables delivered seem to be different than in the pictures here, I had the same trouble but it´s explained in the text too.
  13. Too late. I just hate those small connectors, but install them anyway. But I really should buy some ready made cables to have more time for the really interesting thing. Thanks again.
  14. Boom! Installed and it works from the beginning. The hardest part for me was to connect the cables to the plugs (P1 to P6), I hate those small guys... Thank you so much Sebastian, this is just awesome. I am too tired to make more pictures, but find some in my Retro-Computer album on Facebook (you don´t need FB account to see it, it´s public): Next step will be updating SDX and stuff I guess.
  15. They´re here! Where´s the weekend?
  16. Now I am sitting in my hotel and did not see the RCM. What a pity. Anyway. Tomorrow I go to Birmingham. There are also some people which will be happy with the games I brought.
  17. I just got my tickets for the ferry. I´ll leave on Wednesday. I don´t know if any others join then. No need to have many systems up and running. I would be glad to see a BBC Micro and an Archmiedes working and getting an idea of how to use them. They are some of the computers still missing in my collection.
  18. What a pity. Would it be possible for me to get at least at look at it on Monday or Tuesday? I also sorted out some boxed games (Amiga, ST, IBM PC) which I would like to donate.
  19. I am going there by car, so I might be able to pick you up. I will send you an email later.
  20. Ok, time is running out. I will enter the UK on Thursday, Nov 15th. Most probably by car via Dunkerque-Dover. So I can bring hardware (want to play MULE on the A800 with some fulldome friends). I still do not know where I will stay. Any hints on an affordable hotel? Or may I bring a sleeping bag and stay at the RCM? I will leave most probably on Tuesday Nov 20th. Or Wednesday. Not sure. So please tell me: How and when can I access the RCM? Where to stay? Can we meet? The conference ends Saturday night, so we could do some retromeeting stuff on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday? What do you Leicester people say?
  21. You are the ninth winner. It is always hard for tools as the ABBUC members seem to prefer games the last years. So don´t compare your program with all the games.
  22. You are absolutely right. I am working on this, but please give me some more time. It has to be implemented into the existing website and that currently is not too easy. I will try to make at create a simple overview in the next days, but please don´t push me. My schedule is quite full for the rest of this year.
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