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  1. This was my mistake. GoodByteXL corrected all the data and the rules you find on the official pages show the correct year. It´s obvious which year we´re talking about, isn´t it?
  2. Errrm, of course we talk about software contest 2012
  3. Now? We are telling it all the time: Dammit. What about some more "not moving green Pullover" days?
  4. 5 days left to the Deadline, and we already got four competitors: Games: - Ridiculous Reality - Matosimi - Keep on Koastin - Jason Kendall - Caterpillar - Holger Bommer Tools: - OTA Viewer (Nokia) - Sikorsoft Keep on posting, there´ll be money awarded for the first five places and some goodiies for positions 6-10. Handing in something raises the chances to win something by 100% !
  5. By the way: The ABBUC website is back online! Here´s the link to the Software Contest rules: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-softwarewettbewerbe
  6. Yes, it arrived. Nice little game, thank you very much for sending it in. I wish you good luck in the competition.
  7. Why not? As long as it is not a conversion of an existing Atari 8 bit game, I won´t refuse it: Otherwise a lot of games would have had to be refused the last years. Not only on the Atari it would be quite a challenge to develop really new game ideas every year, wouldn´t it?
  8. Touchdown confirmed. Thank you very much!
  9. I personally like ARC archives. Full ACK to drac030, hadnling of a single file is much easier than dealing with lots of single files and directories. Just put the ARC to its destination, unARC it and done. That´s why we use SDX, isn´t it?
  10. GoodbyteXL also made the rules available there: English German
  11. Thanks for the email correction. I can´t edit my first post. Btw: The abbuc-email system is working, I got an email twice. But better double than nothing.
  12. There is no pain, only a good question. Yes, as long as it loads on the real hardware (of course I will put a DOS or Gamedos on the disc, depends on the submissions) everything is fine.
  13. The official ABBUC website was hacked and is down for maintenance. It seems, that the email system is affected too. So please send all emails regarding the software contest to my private email address, which is: [email protected] and please copy (CC) it to: [email protected] and [email protected] (hope it will work again soon). I attach the rules in this posting again and would be happy if somenone could pin this thread until August 31st (Deadline). And please distribute a link to this topic as it is hard to find information about the competition with the ABBUC website down. Best regards and many thanks, Sascha Kriegel Head of ABBUC Software Ressort
  14. If you include the libraries, it is no problem (as long as you don´t violate any copyrights). The point is, that the user must be able to use your software by just starting the file or booting your disc. For example: If you write a Turbo-Basic program you have to create a disc containing Turbo-Basic, so that the end user only has to boot your disk.
  15. Ok, the ABBUC website is down after a DOS-attack, so here are the full rules again (@TMR: your question is answered at topic 4):
  16. At the Fujiama meeting there was at least one person working on a compo entry. He tried to hide but some of us could peek a view. I think I have a picture of some code fragments as a "screenshot" on my smartphone There is no official submission yet, but there are some announcements so that I am positive that we will have a good competition this year. ye, ofc not before 1st setpember. does it mean that ure working on compo entry? btw.. is there anybody already signed for SW compo this year?
  17. Ahhh, yes, I´ve heard about the RCM. When I am in Leicester, of course I have to visit it. I´ll check with the other guys as I can´t come before the conference (my x0th birthday is on Nov 14 and I´ll need the 15th to get sober again, I guess). Would be great if we could play M.U.L.E. there.
  18. I have to beg your pardon and thank Bunsen and GoodByteXL for their support. I am the successor to Bunsen but I could not be as responsive as I should have been for personal reasons. You might have noticed that I was absent from this forum here too for a while. As Bunsen says, best is to use both addresses. Send it to "[email protected]" and CC to "[email protected]". The rules do not forbid that. The right for first publication regards the software itself. But keep in mind, that if your game is too great, it might keep others from handing in their software. And if we do get less than three submissions, there might be no competition.
  19. Same here. Even worse seeing people with their SIDE in action sitting next to me at the Fujiama meeting.
  20. Would it be possible you be able to build an adapter for a 1040 ST-Keyboard that would use the two Joyports so that the connected XL/XE has 4 ports again, like the 400/800? That would be cool M.U.L.E. XL/XE
  21. Hello everybody, I work in a Planetarium in Germany but often visit conferences all over the world. In November there is the "Fulldome UK" meeting in Leicester: http://www.fulldome.org.uk/fulldome-uk-2012/ What the heck does that have to do with Atari 8 Bit? It seems to be that people working in a Fulldome Planetarium (not standard, which "only" can show stars) are freaks like me. So I made an appointment with three friends to play M.U.L.E. on my A800 before, while or after the conference. Leon Trimble from the Birmingham 8 Bit lounge most probably will be there too, so we are starting to find a nice location where more people can gather together and have a nice retro-night. Who from the UK members here at AA would be able to join? Or is somebody from Leicester here who could support us with finding a room? Best regards, Sascha
  22. You need a DOS or a modified OS (EPROM). If you have a cable to connect your Mac/PC to the Atari (SIO2PC, SIO2USB, i.e. that one: http://www.abbuc.de/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102 ) you can use an Emulator to run a DOS and create a real Disc.
  23. *deleted* Argh. Ok, I should read before writing bullshit...
  24. And here´s the time lapse video showing a little bit of the action:
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