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  1. I have to speed up writing my invoices... TWO! What a luck I am single and don´t have to explain the empty refrigerator to anybody...
  2. Still a chance for me to get one or two of those? I was offline from earth for a while
  3. Very nice. First I have to say that I don´t understand most of the code. Using WUDSN I get an error saying: Compiler 'MADS' output: sbx #$100-$06 ; +6 /Users/skriegel/Documents/eclipse/Atari/gtia_sound.asm (87) ERROR: Undeclared macro SBX (BANK=0) Using this works: clc ; too slow, replace with sbx adc #$06 tax ;sbx #$100-$06 ; +6 At least in the emulator (Atari800MacX on Mac Book Pro) it´s not too slow.
  4. I´m going to the 8 Bit Lounge in Birmingham in November by car. Will be a 2000km round trip, but I´m sure it will be worth every single meter. Fuck the petrol prices. And thanks to my Ex-girlfriend for leaving me, giving me the freedom to do so (and having much more space for my computers now :-) ).
  5. Ah, ok. "D" is a mini-circuit with probably 3 races. Now I understand. btw, trbb: Are you from England? I´m going to Birmingham in November, visiting the 8 Bit Lounge and some friends there. Maybe we can have a little Atari section inside the Lounge. Main topic that night is a Kick Off 2 championship. That´s one of my favourite Amiga games. :-)
  6. Now I am confused: Why three races? I thought, only two? This is getting too complicated for me.
  7. Sorry, didn´t want to be understood like that. Just want to show, that it can easily be self-made and that for Europeans there is a ready-built solution which will be available for about 15 Euro. It was announced in the current ABBUC magazine which just shipped here in Germany.
  8. We did that already back in June (watch this: http://www.abbuc.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102 ) basing on a schematic of Michael Ellis. There are two different boards with different sizes, where only the smaller one fits into a SIO plug, but currently can´t be used with Mac OS X. The bigger one works nicely with SIO2OSX but now has problems with SIOServer from Michael Ellis (Apple must have changed something important in Lion). mega-hz created an all new PCB which perfectly fits into a SIO plug for the ABBUC-Hardware competition (he had to, otherwise there would have been only one entry and that´s not enough for the competition), it will be available soon. His other entry btw is an updated freezer.
  9. Just realised, that you are only 600km away from me (Wolfsburg, Germany). With a little bit of luck I´ll have some business in Brno in the future. Could borrow you my 48k for your 400 for testing purposes. I´ll send you a PM when I go to Brno again. Ooops. Should look for the dates more exactly... OK, so I guess there will be no FlashCart Version of AR. :-(
  10. Kaiser Herbert (I + II) Schloss Schreckenstein MULE Rescue on Fractalus Universal Hero Draconus Zybex Seven CIties of Gold Shanghai I guess, the first three are more or less unknown outside of Germany.
  11. Just create an empty Disk Image (<Name>.ATR, e.g. with Atari800MacX, Altirra, whatever), format it, put a DOS on it. That´s it. You can mount that disk in your SDrive and then save anything on it. But where do you load the games from? Tape? Floppy? What´s your source? You could also connect your Atari to a Mac or PC (Linux or Winblows) and save them to virtual disks on the PC directly. What hardware do you have?
  12. We could have had 2 more computers connected, but I wanted to test the Xl-ST connection which down´t allow to chat, so I stayed off of the "big" game and captured this (too long) Video which shows that you can play it with 8 and 16 Bit computers: http://skriegel.de/atari/Midimaze.mp4 It´s only iPhone-Video, but should be good enough to proof that it works. :-)
  13. You need the 8MBit Flash Cart and get two Chips flashed from which you take one to replace the Chip which on the OS Board. Then you take the "old" chip, put it into the 8MBit cartridge and flash it with whatever you want. Preparation is done with a simple web interface, just go to the Atarimax board and ask for assistance. Easy. :-)
  14. I recommend the 32-in-1 OS: http://www.atarimax.com/warpos/documentation/ In a stock 600 XL all Chips should be socketed, so all you have to do is to remove the OS Chip, insert the 32-in-1 OS, solder three (3) cables to resistors (really simple!) and there you go. Flashing can be done using an AtariMax 8MBitFlash Cart, no need for the programmer. But with the programmer you can flash directly from the PC/MAC (using BootCamp and/or Parallels Desktop).
  15. I love to play it with my Nunchuk-Controller from the Wii, using HardwareDoc´s NunJoy-Interface.
  16. Isn´t that exactly what Jay Miner did?
  17. Can´t prove that. Played it on my PAL 800 XL and 130 XE with a LG TFT: No disturbing flickering, but the colors are a little bit weak. Played on my NTSC 1200 XL with a Sony NTSC Tube Screen has stronger colors and more flickering that the PAL version, but still not so bad that one couldn´t play it. You really should try different set-ups.
  18. Great Game! Best played with a Wii controller and the Nun-joy interface from HardwareDoc. :-)
  19. Or ask someone to buy it for you and send it to you. I would do. And in autumn I hope to be a few days in Britain again personally for a conference in Liverpool. Lots of options. Tell me what you need.
  20. Take a look at my pictures in the German ABBUC Forums. They should tell you everything you need to know: http://abbuc.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6102#p46221 Works fine with SIO2OSX, has some issues with SIO Server. Edit: I used Pin 4 and 6 on GND, but using only Pin 4 (white) should work well, too. This is done after Michael Ellis documentation for SIO Server.
  21. I should just transfer all my money to Poland and get all the stuff automatically... Gimme one, please.
  22. SpartaDOS? We have a big list at the German ABBUC Forum with some useful hints. Maybe somebody translates it to english (I can´t do it before the weekend). But as far as I understand, SpartaDos won´t work with XLs, only with XEs. One German guy (tfhh) is preparing a small hardware, maybe that helps. I am somewhat frustrated about that, because I prefer my 800XL, but for testing I´ll check with the 800 XE at the weekend. I would really love to use SDX which is in the Interface.
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