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  1. Not enough! Pah. Mine looks great at no cost: :lust: :lust: :lust: :lust:
  2. Myself tested the following: http://www.vesalia.de/d_ide25cfx2hdd.htm Works without any problems. CF Card I used was Transcend 2GB (80X) and Transcend 4GB (133x).
  3. Are such things guaranteed to work, or even tested with this interface? Certainly don't buy the one I obtained for the MyIDE, which didn't work and stopped operating altogether after ten minutes. GoodByte XL used one for CF Cards with the MSC IDE, which works flawlessly. YellowMan from ABBUC is going to test an adpapter with the IDE Plus 2.0 today, I am waiting for this too, because I don´t know which adapter to buy. I´ll ask him for his recommendation if his tests are successful and post it here.
  4. I´m not used to MyDos or Sparta DOS, so I´m not sure having really 16MB partitions (shows 0708 Free Sectors), but everything went fine and I had no problems copying files to the hard drive and boot from it. Plug and Play. :-) Some pics:
  5. Thanks to GoodByteXL and Wolfgang Burger of ABBUC who both did a brilliant job collecting orders from ABBUC members and handle them, I (and many other ABBUC members in Germany) got the Interface today. :-) It is really made in perfect quality. Will post pictures when I got it running (have to do some other things first, to many other computers on the table right now... ). Thanks for this great device!
  6. Did not see this thread, so here we are: skr, Germany 1 Falcon with dark grey keyboard, 14 MB Ram, AT Bus Card, double CF card adapter 1 Falcon with light gray keyboard, 4 MB Ram
  7. I'm interested in one 4MBit Cart.
  8. If not: I ordered two for exactly such a situation. If there is no left, you get one from me.
  9. Just found this thread and like it! Just got back to Basic at NOMAM 2011, where we had a 10 lines Basic competition. I´ve never used Peek and Poke much, but with these explanations here I start having fun with Basic and finally really learn it. :-) Keep on explaining. :-)
  10. I just realised that I made it to the list, but didn´t get payment information. PM sent, don´t want to let you wait for the money.
  11. Freak, why don´t you just ask me? It´s a red Peugeot 206+ with XL 800 on the number plate. Here´s a picture of it with the old number plate from Kiel: http://www.abbuc.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5411#p41547 In Wolfsburg XL 800 was available. :-) The 107 is my old car which I sold last year. It would have been too small for NOMAM 2011. In 2012 I´ll need a Van... But now most projects are finished and at Fujiama I can concentrate on just bringin 3 systems (Atari 8 Bit, Falcon, CPC) and some stuff for the flea market. Btw: The 107 is a cooperation of Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota. The cars are called: Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1. They are 92% identical. The motor comes from Toyota and the cars are assembled in a factory in the Czech Republic, as far as I know. Know I own a Peugeout 206+ which is an updated 206 with the design of the 307, so Mathy´s guess was the best.
  12. Minimum one for me, perhaps 2 or more (depending on price).
  13. It´s new to me that peripherials don´t work. There might be only some which are incompatible because they need more than 2 Joystick-Ports, like the Eprommer I have. That one of course only works with the 400 and 800, because they have 4 Joyports. SIO-Devices should be fully compatible, but you might miss the PBI.
  14. I have embossed: ATARI / 032 MODEL NO. ATARI 400P 16K 051 006809 G Actually it has 48k and the Cherry-Keyboard.
  15. We are also preparing an official website, check the temporarily one there: http://skriegel.de/nomam/
  16. Forget the girls! Poffertjes! I want Poffertjes! :-)
  17. Nearly any machine, mostly PAL but also some NTSC machines (1200 XL thanks Bob!, XEGS), some of them more than just once. Overall should be about 30 Atari 8 Bit machines. Just moved to a new town and now can arrange them in my new dedicated Atari room. Then I might register them and make some pictures and lists.
  18. The ranking of this year´s software competition is rather different to my personal ranking. Sure, against that amount of great games is not the best game ever, but it´s fun to play and would have deserved at least a midfield position. Thumbs up, I like Gwobby. At least with volume very low. Next year Gwobbys Bloody Revenge will strike them all, won´t it? :-)
  19. Might be because people having such ideas just do not talk to the right persons to make them come true. In fact, at last years main meeting that topic arose and in general a lot of people liked the idea of making something like you mentioned. But in the end there are more than 400 members who "drive" the club by paying there fees, and everybody has to be heard. That is why one rule says, that software has to run on an stock 800 XL with 64k. Most members are "silent" members and do not use SIO2xx-devices or emulators. You have to respect them, too. The disussion will rise again this year (next Saturday, to be exact), let´s see, what the outcome is this time. It´s not the question if we really need it. In my personal opinion a new DOS is also not needed. But the point is: Whatever they do, they DO it. And not just talk about doing things. Of course it would be nice to know one is spending his time on creating new amazing stuff. But if it were that easy, I would have written thousands of killer games. No matter how good or bad a software is: I respect ANYBODY who writes ANYTHING. But of course software which is simply of no use for me just doesn´t get points from me in the competition. And see: How would it be WITHOUT the competition? I know that some games where started years ago and never finished. But the chance to win some money made some people continue their old projects and release the software. So please do not complain about the software in the competition which you don´t like but be happy about the new games. Some of them probably would never have been released without the ABBUC softwrae competition. You have the ideas, so why don´t try to bring it to the people and make them put their energy on such projects?
  20. skr

    VBXE 2

    Most probably 1:1 real life size... But finally he managed to contact you. Only 2 European countries needed to find him.
  21. skr

    VBXE 2

    Yes, I have been there too on Friday. But another part of town. In fact, another country more than 20 years ago... Watch the first minute:
  22. skr

    VBXE 2

    Where in the World is dl7ukk?
  23. skr

    VBXE 2

    I´ll contact dl7ukk and tell him. Stay tuned.
  24. And I have two games with great presentation and music but no good gameplay and therefore they lose lots of points from me. This year my voting is more consequent. If I don´t like it or just don´t need it, it doesn´t get points. If it helps you, you can send the money to my PayPal account and I wire it to Wolfgang Burger. If you want to do so, send me your data for Wolfgang (address etc.) and I will take care of it. We do everything for new members in the 25th year of ABBUC! Thanks skr What is your paypal name? (you can message me if you prefer). PM sent. :-)
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