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  1. And I have two games with great presentation and music but no good gameplay and therefore they lose lots of points from me. This year my voting is more consequent. If I don´t like it or just don´t need it, it doesn´t get points. If it helps you, you can send the money to my PayPal account and I wire it to Wolfgang Burger. If you want to do so, send me your data for Wolfgang (address etc.) and I will take care of it. We do everything for new members in the 25th year of ABBUC!
  2. Sorry, no scores from me this time, and no scores next time. I have a huge amount of work to be done, and only little time left. And that time which is left I spend playing the NEW GAMES which are produced for the ABBUC Software competition. Perhaps I am back to the HSC after the yearly ABBUC meeting on Oct 23rd. There are some really great games this year, so keep an eye on that thread: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/160786-abbuc-contests-2010/
  3. For I am moving to a new flat, my computers are spreaded over different store locations. Main machine: 800 XL, 576k (BigBen/mega-hz), Stereo-Pokey (mega-hz), 32-in-1-OS (SJ Tucker) 1050 MiniSpeedyTS Rana 1000 SDrive SIO2USB SIO2SD Phillips CM8833-II Actually I have 2 machines like that, but the second one misses the 32-in-1 OS The new flat will have a whole room just for computers, so I will be able to have 4 or 5 systems running at one time. :-) I can choose from: Atari 800 Atari 400 (48k and cherry keyboard) Atari 1200 XL (NTSC, thanks, Bob!) Atari 600 XL (64k, Stereo) Atari 800 XE some more 800 XLs Atari Lynx Atari Jaguar Atari 260 ST Atari 520 ST Atari 1040 STF/STFM/STE Atari Falcon 030 Commodore Amiga 1200 (Blizzard 1220/4) Commodore Amiga 2000 Commodore Amiga 500 Commodore C64, 1541 Sega Dreamcast Still hoping for a Schneider CPC 664 or 6128 and a Atari TT. When I moved to the new flat I will start to list my computers as my collection is getting rather big.
  4. I see nothing but that: "The requested URL /files/images\demos\p/prototype.zip was not found on this server." How could you download it?
  5. Damn, I forgot that the 1200 XL does have the Power Plug like the 400/800 and not like the XL. So I sit here in Phoenix with my 1200 XL (thanks so much, Bob), and can´t play. :-( Will be on a plane for the next 24 hours or so, so no improvement will be made by me. :-( But at least I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time in my life. :-) Greetings from Arizona, Sascha
  6. Now I´m stuck at Chicago O`Hare and tried to play with the Emulator, but found out really fast, that Emulation just sucks.
  7. That´s cool. Found that music on Wiki: http://tiny.cc/yp3mk
  8. Gyruss is simple: It´s "Toccata and Fugue in D minor", probably by J.S. Bach: http://tinyurl.com/5gr9su
  9. ROTFL. Took me some time, but now I got it.
  10. Honestly: The gameplay of Preppie II is so boring that the hardest part is to just stay awake. I was so unbelieveable happy when I finally died... One thing: My first scores were played on a NTSC XEGS, everything was fine. Now I played at home in Kiel on my PAL 800 XL, and half of the doors (Preppie II) just do not work. The files are the same, so is there a PAL bug or something like that? Anyway: Preppie: 16890 Preppie II: 27560 Total: 16890 + 27560 = 44450 Update: Preppie: 17290 Total: 17290 + 27560 = 44850
  11. What is that CLOAK thing for? I also didn´t use it because I don´t know how and when and why.
  12. I live directly opposite to the VW Headquarters and main factory in Wolfsburg, shall I jump over and put a complain in for you?
  13. SIO Server works well with the SIO2PC, but doesnt´t recognize the SIO2USB. I use the Digitus USB to serial which is rather cheap and reliable: http://tiny.cc/zxab5
  14. The author of SIO2OSX mentioned his desire to get his app working with the AtariMax SIO2PC USB version some while back, but IIRC he needed some info from Steve. I guess he doesn't have it yet. Which is a shame since I'd immediately buy the dual SIO2PC USB adapter the moment Mac support came along. I believe you can run APE in a Windows VM on OS X and get support for the USB version but that's not really the point ... I gave up working on that topic, for it will never be finished. To make SIO2OSX run with the SIO2USB, you need the MacOSX hardware drivers for the SIO2USB. Stephen can´t create them, because he doesn´t own a Mac and buying one just for that topic doesn´t make too much sense. The author of SIO2OSX can do whatever he wants: As long as there are no OS X drivers for the SIO2USB, he will not be able to use it, because it just won´t be recognized by the system. I am a Mac user and also have the SIO2USB. For me there are just two realistic opinions: Sell the SIO2USB and continue using the simple SIO2PC with an USB-serial converter (works perfectly fine), or buy APE and use the SIO2USB by running Windows in Parallels, which also works fine. For I have a nice working SIO2PC and paid the shareware fee for Atari800MacX and SIO2OSX I think I will sell the SIO2USB and spend the money for another shareware payment of Atari800MacX and SIO2OSX, to make sure updates keep coming. :-)
  15. Actually what you see are screenshots from my NTSC XEGS, so I already play NTSC. I come to Phoenix, Arizona. Not around the corner I guess.
  16. Yippieh! Thanks, Bob!

  17. Yippieh! Thanks, Bob!

  18. Thank you very much, these work fine. Never played Preppie much, because it is boring and too slow to play. And next week I´m going to the US, so I don´t know if I will have enough time to play it: Preppie 1: 12480 Preppie 2: 5540
  19. You load it from the real hardware? With Atari800MacX it loads in 1 second. Just deactivate the Speed Limit. I do not have a tape here, so I was going for the ATRs, but I couldn´t find any Preppie1 ATR which works with the SIO2USB. So I took the XEX and use the SDrive, that works fine.
  20. Not much time for gaming, and this one needs much to remember good solutions. So here are my final scores: My Highscore: 8880 Best score in Round 1: 1545 (On XEGS NTSC) Didn´t make it past round 9:
  21. Am I interested? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY YES! Damn, now you teasered me and I can´t wait...
  22. That´s great stuff, exactly what I missed! Thanks a lot!
  23. [pretender mode]And he had to share the third place of the highscore competition with me.[/pretender mode]
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