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  1. That´s a good hint. I´m on PAL too by default, but got some NTSC XEGS which I will try with that game later on. :-)
  2. How could I miss this posting? As European of course I also want a 1200 XL badly, because they were never sold over here and I don´t have one. Also could use a fully working 810. We could make shipping cheaper: In the last full week of September I am at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I have somebody there, who could it for me. I also have a shipping address in Salt Lake City, they will come to Phoenix, too. :-)
  3. Damn, found no time to increase my Frogger score, even I had a Retro-gaming weekend. But organizing such an event besides my normal work is a lot of work. Take a look at what machines we had: http://skriegel.de/muna2010 And if you speak German, listen to KielPod 791 at www.kielpod.de, there´s an uncut interview with me starting at about 3:20. snip Nibbly: Not more than 1515 in Level 1. How do you get such high scores there? Where are the hints? My best score until now: 7900
  4. I wrote you a PM and didn´t get an answer. As I told you I have somebody in the UK receiving post for me.
  5. I would take some more, because there are some German ABBUC members who are interested and to save money for packing and shipping I would collect the orders so that we have to fight with customs only once (or you be ready until the end of September when I´m in Phoenix and could hand carry them home ). So, what what would be the expected price for one item and how much could you put into a box for shipping?
  6. Damn, yesterday I made some thirtythousand points, wanted more and failed. Then realized, that the highscore is not showed anymore!? And of course I didn´t make a screenshot. Not much of a problem, I am sure to reach even more than 40,000 points, but is there a way to make a highscore which was achieved earlier visible?
  7. I´ll take two. I will ask some friends at ABBUC, maybe I order some for them too, to save shipping cost and all.
  8. I would check the RAM. You find the RAM chips on the left side of the mainboard. Just turn the computer on and try to figure out if some of the chips gets really hot. Just put your fingers on it. You will feel the difference. If the RAM is dead, the chips can be replaced easily.
  9. You can´t pass the boat. To go to screen 3 you need to jump on the back of the mother duck. As mentioned above.
  10. That hint was already given: Jump on the back of the mother duck. If you are sitting on the baby ducks when she comes, you will die. So be one line higher or lower and jump on her back. In heaven Berth will have fun jumping. :-)
  11. First try: 22070 I have to keep cool, I end up at the left and right border way too often, because I always forget to think two steps ahead...
  12. I hope I am not too late with my score: 46575 My highest score for the first Level is 1030.
  13. There are two chips in the cartridge. Just flash them and put one into the 32-in-1 OS. Put the "old" OS chip into the cartidge, and you still have a full working cartridge which you can flash with whatever you like. It´s that easy.
  14. It is true for the Atarimax. You just need an 8Mbit flash Cartridge, no need even for the programmer. I already flashed my own 32-1 with the Atari itself and the freely available MaxFlash Studio Software from Atarimax. Tricky part is the creation of the ROM-file containing the ROMs, but as far as I understand Steven is going to make it public available.
  15. I just found out, that the keyboard is working perfectly fine with my 800 XL´s. So the problem must be something with the 600 XL board. I guess, the Stereo extension is making trouble, will check that later.
  16. My "big" camera is at work, so here just some iPhone 3GS pix: The additional board is mega-hz´s Stereo extension, OS is replaced by EPROM with QMEG OS and the memory is upgraded to 64k: The blue cables are from the Stereo extension: Sad thing: The keyboard cable has too many knicks, so only the function keys are working, I think I have to find a replacement solution.
  17. Finally I am back at my second flat: My 600 XL is Revision A, upgraded to 64k with the two-chip, three-wires mod. The extension runs just fine. I tried the Bomb Jack file version and got a new personal record (197420 points). ctirad: You are only looking for Rev. B, aren´t you?
  18. Wow! Mine arrived yesterday and they do not only look great, they also work great. Superb work! Picures will follow later. Many, many thanks to ctirad!
  19. The guy on the right is the photographer who only had 10 seconds after pressing the button, to get on the picture too. BigBen forced him, to make more than just one picture, so he had to run several times. . . . I hate him, it´s me...
  20. I love Bomb Jake very much. I just reached a new personal Highscore at the Fujiama 2010, as you can see on the attached picture. Hint: This is the cartridge version, where you get a 50000 points Firebomb Bonus when collecting 24 Bombs in the correct order, so you can´t compare it directly to the ATR-version.
  21. skr

    VBXE 2

    Wow, that´s a great surprise. :-)
  22. ok, but the game still need really 320k ??. I'm more impressed by the C64 conversion than the A8 in that case. Even the arcade version of Bomb Jack does not need 320k... Yes, the game itself needs 320k. As far as I understand that is, because the Atari doesn´t have sprites and they are somehow simulated using RAM. If they could make BJ run with 64k, that would really be impressive. But anyway for me Bomb Jake is one of the greatest games on the Atari 8 Bit, even if it needs more RAM than a stock 8 Bit Atari ever had.
  23. Yes. But there is a cartridge version with integrated memory extension which also saves the highscore. :-)
  24. Ok, some more improvements: Baja Buggies 1, Pro: 2nd, Avg. 72.20 Mumpitzhouse Baja Buggies 2, Pro: 1st, Avg. 72.55 Mumpitzhouse Baja Buggies R, Pro: 8th Pharao´s Course, Highscore AND Bonus (nearly made in Lvl 3): 3855 points, only 1 treasure left Lost Tomb, Highscore AND Bonus: 24060, Room 13
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