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  1. Ok, some more improvements: Baja Buggies 1, Pro: 2nd, Avg. 72.20 Mumpitzhouse Baja Buggies 2, Pro: 1st, Avg. 72.55 Mumpitzhouse Baja Buggies R, Pro: 8th Pharao´s Course, Highscore AND Bonus (nearly made in Lvl 3): 3855 points, only 1 treasure left Lost Tomb, Highscore AND Bonus: 24060, Room 13
  2. Going for Bonus: Baja Buggies R, Pro: 8th Lucky screenshot, it was just changing to the Highscorescreen (where that rank is not listed) in that very moment: I have the impression, that only the camel bonus for the last level is showed there, not the highest overall. See: In Level 1 camel Bonus was 3200 (!) points. But in Level 2 I didn´t get that high, and on the title screen only 400 points are shown. Or do I misunderstand? Anyway: Mutant Camels: 28620 Mutant Camels Camel Bonus: 400
  3. Thank you. Nice set of games, so I always learn games I didn´t know yet. But most of them are, errr, not so good... Anyway, competition goes on, scores are improving: Baja Buggies, Course 1, Pro: 4th, 67:00 Pharao´s Course: 3140
  4. Yes, it needs 128k of RAM. A stock 130XE would do. Or any upgrade for the 800 XL.
  5. Baja Buggy, (PRO Course 1) : Finished 6th Lost Tomb: 7200 Tutankhamun: --- Pharaoh's Curse: 1405 Attack of the Mutant Camels: 1880 Baja Buggy (PRO Course 2) : Finished 8th Edit: Ok. Thougt it would be better readable on my beamer. It wasn´t. But then figured out, that colors in Level 3 are good for reading the score, so just make it there again and then go to pause for the screenshot... Tutankamun: 37440
  6. Indeed. But could anybody get him a Mac. I can´t use his stuff fully because it is only designed for Windows... :-(
  7. I am not sure if it fits into 16k, but the smallest DOS I know is XDOS from S. Dorndorf. Find it on the ABBUC Magazine Disk 94 Side b: http://www.abbuc.de/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=31&min=90&orderby=titleA&show=10
  8. For I got three NTSC XEGS lately, I would jump in for at least one XE NTSC board (additionally to the two PAL boards I´ve already ordered). Just tell me, when there´s a cancellation of such a board.
  9. I hope the same, because I´m genuine cologne and would love to see that Nova and Miso make a great match and send the Tommies home! :-)
  10. Don´t kill me, but for me that C64 version sounds more accurate: In the video you see all the settings, perhaps it helps to improve the 8 Bit version. Are you using all 4 channels? And what about a Stereo-version?
  11. If not: I bought some more for exactly that case. I take triple the price... NO, just kidding. If he has no more left, you can buy one of my spares for exactly the same price.
  12. Ja, klar - die kleine Stadt neben Pforzheim ... aus der damals all die Qualitätssoftware kam. Ach, DER Kopierservice?
  13. Sorry, I have unbelieveable much work to do, so this is all I could make so far: http://skriegel.de/nomam2010
  14. And a Logo: A website is on the way - stay tuned. :-)
  15. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, just send it to me. I´ll take care of it.
  16. skr

    VBXE 2

    And I order another one for "Cash" from the ABBUC-Forum. He doesn´t have an account here and don´t want to create one just for that single topic. I know him personally, so I don´t have a problem with doing that for him.
  17. skr

    VBXE 2

    Ok, this time I want to have it too. I´ll take TWO.
  18. I´m sorry for that. But perhaps you can make it n "official visit" because downstairs is a small shop of the same business you are working in. It absolutely depends on you. Laboe is very small and it is just a five to ten minutes walk to the submarine. The beach is even closer. I think I will organise some kind of "guard" for the room, so that we can go on top of the memorial tower as a group and enjoy the great view over the Eastern Sea and the Kieler Förde. The Navy memorial is rather close too and worth a visit. I am going to set up a website with more information. Yeah, I love Bundy´s National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood, but I have to tell you that NOMAM in our case means "Not Only Marvellous Atari Machines".
  19. I am still waiting for the latest items I bought at eBay USA which are: 2 XEGM 1 XEGS They will be delivered to a friend of mine who lives in Utah, because shipping to Germany is too expensive. I have my ways to get it over the ocean cheaper. The items were rather cheap for me due to the week Dollar (compared to the Euro). I did a small job for an American company and got the payment to my PayPal account in US Dollar. If I transfer it to my German bank account I would lose a lot of money because it would be changed to Euro. So I decided to spend the money to do online shopping in the US. :-) In Germany I just won a Falcon, but it did not arrive here yet. :-(
  20. Absofuckinglutely! It´s one of the greatest games of all times. In my opinion. Anyway: I tried it on planetmule, but it crashed three times after about 25 minutes. I still prefer the real hardware. :-)
  21. 3D in general is not too easy in the beginning, but once you understand what it is about, any program should be learnable in acceptable time. I just started about one year ago with Lightwave 3D which was very hard in the beginning. But when I started 3DS Max 6 months ago it was just learning where the tools are hidden here (but honestly: for modelling 3DS Max is a mess, I still prefer Lightwave). Thanks for sharing. I try to work it over and make a LW 3D (*.lwo) object of it. Am I allowed to share that one here too?
  22. You can´t, because there aren´t any. As the picture says it is still work in progress. I am doing work on that too, but it will take some time. Just wanted to show that there are people who care about that issue.
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