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  1. Going for Bonus: Baja Buggies R, Pro: 8th Lucky screenshot, it was just changing to the Highscorescreen (where that rank is not listed) in that very moment: I have the impression, that only the camel bonus for the last level is showed there, not the highest overall. See: In Level 1 camel Bonus was 3200 (!) points. But in Level 2 I didn´t get that high, and on the title screen only 400 points are shown. Or do I misunderstand? Anyway: Mutant Camels: 28620 Mutant Camels Camel Bonus: 400
  2. Thank you. Nice set of games, so I always learn games I didn´t know yet. But most of them are, errr, not so good... Anyway, competition goes on, scores are improving: Baja Buggies, Course 1, Pro: 4th, 67:00 Pharao´s Course: 3140
  3. Yes, it needs 128k of RAM. A stock 130XE would do. Or any upgrade for the 800 XL.
  4. Baja Buggy, (PRO Course 1) : Finished 6th Lost Tomb: 7200 Tutankhamun: --- Pharaoh's Curse: 1405 Attack of the Mutant Camels: 1880 Baja Buggy (PRO Course 2) : Finished 8th Edit: Ok. Thougt it would be better readable on my beamer. It wasn´t. But then figured out, that colors in Level 3 are good for reading the score, so just make it there again and then go to pause for the screenshot... Tutankamun: 37440
  5. Indeed. But could anybody get him a Mac. I can´t use his stuff fully because it is only designed for Windows... :-(
  6. I am not sure if it fits into 16k, but the smallest DOS I know is XDOS from S. Dorndorf. Find it on the ABBUC Magazine Disk 94 Side b: http://www.abbuc.de/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=31&min=90&orderby=titleA&show=10
  7. For I got three NTSC XEGS lately, I would jump in for at least one XE NTSC board (additionally to the two PAL boards I´ve already ordered). Just tell me, when there´s a cancellation of such a board.
  8. I hope the same, because I´m genuine cologne and would love to see that Nova and Miso make a great match and send the Tommies home! :-)
  9. Don´t kill me, but for me that C64 version sounds more accurate: In the video you see all the settings, perhaps it helps to improve the 8 Bit version. Are you using all 4 channels? And what about a Stereo-version?
  10. If not: I bought some more for exactly that case. I take triple the price... NO, just kidding. If he has no more left, you can buy one of my spares for exactly the same price.
  11. Ja, klar - die kleine Stadt neben Pforzheim ... aus der damals all die Qualitätssoftware kam. Ach, DER Kopierservice?
  12. Sorry, I have unbelieveable much work to do, so this is all I could make so far: http://skriegel.de/nomam2010
  13. And a Logo: A website is on the way - stay tuned. :-)
  14. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, just send it to me. I´ll take care of it.
  15. skr

    VBXE 2

    And I order another one for "Cash" from the ABBUC-Forum. He doesn´t have an account here and don´t want to create one just for that single topic. I know him personally, so I don´t have a problem with doing that for him.
  16. skr

    VBXE 2

    Ok, this time I want to have it too. I´ll take TWO.
  17. I´m sorry for that. But perhaps you can make it n "official visit" because downstairs is a small shop of the same business you are working in. It absolutely depends on you. Laboe is very small and it is just a five to ten minutes walk to the submarine. The beach is even closer. I think I will organise some kind of "guard" for the room, so that we can go on top of the memorial tower as a group and enjoy the great view over the Eastern Sea and the Kieler Förde. The Navy memorial is rather close too and worth a visit. I am going to set up a website with more information. Yeah, I love Bundy´s National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood, but I have to tell you that NOMAM in our case means "Not Only Marvellous Atari Machines".
  18. I am still waiting for the latest items I bought at eBay USA which are: 2 XEGM 1 XEGS They will be delivered to a friend of mine who lives in Utah, because shipping to Germany is too expensive. I have my ways to get it over the ocean cheaper. The items were rather cheap for me due to the week Dollar (compared to the Euro). I did a small job for an American company and got the payment to my PayPal account in US Dollar. If I transfer it to my German bank account I would lose a lot of money because it would be changed to Euro. So I decided to spend the money to do online shopping in the US. :-) In Germany I just won a Falcon, but it did not arrive here yet. :-(
  19. Absofuckinglutely! It´s one of the greatest games of all times. In my opinion. Anyway: I tried it on planetmule, but it crashed three times after about 25 minutes. I still prefer the real hardware. :-)
  20. 3D in general is not too easy in the beginning, but once you understand what it is about, any program should be learnable in acceptable time. I just started about one year ago with Lightwave 3D which was very hard in the beginning. But when I started 3DS Max 6 months ago it was just learning where the tools are hidden here (but honestly: for modelling 3DS Max is a mess, I still prefer Lightwave). Thanks for sharing. I try to work it over and make a LW 3D (*.lwo) object of it. Am I allowed to share that one here too?
  21. You can´t, because there aren´t any. As the picture says it is still work in progress. I am doing work on that too, but it will take some time. Just wanted to show that there are people who care about that issue.
  22. Something like Oliver Rapp did, perhaps? (Follow link on attached picture)
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